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Hello Beautiful spirit It’s Norma you Know ,Forevrgoddess

I wanted to welcome you an Opportunity to be in our Facebook group, come join a group of ladies who wish learn about spirituality and gain insight for their lives and find a good sisterhood connection within our group.

where i share unique lessons from my session with my clients , that may give you inspiration . I share all my affirmation, articles , upcoming features to new services or products from my boutique, and more. All

within my little Forevrgoddess spiritual mentoring for goddess awakening group.

You can find this group on Facebook,

here’s information on my group

Hello beautiful spirit , I’m Forevrgoddess  welcome to this group , here are some of my spiritual mentoring  I offer with Forevrgoddess intuitive spirit sessions. To help guide and invite  you to  find  inspiration in your life.

I will present insight, personal affirmations,  and knowledge from my mentoring sessions  I share with clients,  and  articles I write for my spiritual blog. The topics within this group is  intuitive gifts,  chakras, divination, witchy , astrology,  synchronicity, crystal healing,  energy healing, wiccan, goddess empowerment , working with  4 elements, nature spirits , and more.  I want to share a safe  place  where we as women can  be inspire, be uplifted, be light.  be love by one another in support.

please join us and share your knowledge or hopefully you’ll feel inspired to
learn more from others .women’s only! sorry

I ask a few questions to join to make sure it’s a happy place for everyone , so please answer them so you can join thank you – n

We can Post questions, discussions, pictures, discuss different  topics
thx- Forevrgoddess

Here’s a link to my group

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