Forevrgoddess Intuitve Spirit services for summer

Our Summer Intuitive Mentoring sessions and Reading

We have appointments available for this summer with all our intuitive spirit services . Here is just a few to show a bit of variety.

Hello beautiful spirit I hope your having a good day.  I’m taking limited appointments for intuitive  readings.
I do have session appointments available for box sets for inner goddess of spring&spiritual transformation , inner goddess of love, setting intention for love,  setting intention for abundance.

Selected readings available some of popular mentoring session with box set.   Aura reading, mini pendulum reading,  meet your goddesses,  meet your angels,  4 elements reading, dream Interpretation

Prices are 
Sessions with box sets (comes with tools to help you work thru your workbook) 1 hour  intuitive mentoring session with me  , and 20+page  workbook
$18.00  +a small shippingfee-  inner goddess of spring &spiritual transformation
$17.00 +a small shippingfee –  inner goddess of love
$17.00 +a small shippingfee – for setting intentions for love
$17.00 +a small  shippingfee-setting intention for abundance.

Intuitve reading…
$18.00 Aura reading – detail reading on your chakras, and aura colors and chakra lifestyle fixes. To bring back balance

$15.00 meet your Guardian Angel, come explore to finding g I formation about your personal guardian angel  know their name , what they look like and more

$15.00 meet your Goddess. Come explore to see if there have been signs in your life where yoyr personal goddess has tired reach out or at night in dreams you’ve sense her

$12.00 4 elements  reading understanding your birth element and learn intuitive lesson that may help give insight in your life

$10.00 dream interpretation  let us explore your dreams , and see if there is hidden message or understanding  common dream symbols meaning  to bring insight in your life now.

$10.00 mini pendulum reading. Let’s see how the pendulum swing  in your favor to give insight for 10 question topics you need to know now. And I will share whata else can come forth to help.

PM me Today and let’s  to book your appointment . I cannot wait to soul connect with you.

I can Offer Discounts  for more than 2 reading or box  session sets.
Be inspired, be uplifted,  be love, be light-n

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