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Forevrgoddess Mini Intuitive Reading Sessions

Forevrgoddess mini intuitive reading sessions

Hello beautiful spirit , my name is Norma you know as Forevrgoddess. I wanted to share these little mini intuitive reading sessions i offer. this year I’ve presented many unique intuitive/ Psychic  reading  session that i created . I wanted to offer a little taste of services i provide. these price are modest prices. I  charge a fair price so you understand and receive this spiritual guidance you need for this moment. and not worry about price . Let us soul connect  and explore what guidance is needed for your life. we can always talk about each reading session, and find the right one for you. 

I do Offer personal enlightenment mentoring sessions. feel free to reach out and ask.  

 we can offer discounts if 2 or more  session are  wanted ,  Be inspired, Be uplifted, Be love , Be light-N

mini pendulum reading ( 1 topic 8 questions)$10

mini Aura reading( color only) $10

mini 3 card reading( 1topic) $10

mini palm reading ( life and heart lines only) $7

mini 1 month forecast (combines numerology/ tarot ) $10

mini 1 full moon reading $ 10

mini 1 month reading $10

mini dream interpretation ( basic theme to one dream )$ 7

mini Venus ( urgent reading) $12

PM me if interested I’m excited to start this journey with you. or click  my link that takes you to my website ,blessings of love and Joy_ N

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