Something to think about…

Hello beautiful spirit it’s never hurts to protect yourself first, you deserve to be respected, and loved . Remember it’s ok today “No” to Toxic or Negative enegry
Smile your loved by me and universe and those above we only want you to be cherished. Hugs
Remember to be inspired, be uplifted, be love, be light-n

)0( Mini Goddess Glow tip 1

Hello beautiful spirit it’s Norma you know Forevrgoddess.

Today I wanted to share my 1st Goddess glow tips, I am excited to join with you on your journey,

The stars in the heavens above may have aligned for you today, It’s time for you to explore this unique experience to Find you Inner Love Goddess. We each deserve to be reminded, we are unique Divine beings of light, by understanding who you are as Divine being of light ,you can share your light with others to give them the strength within, to glow and shine bright like the stars in heaven above.

Sometime we see and learn from Women in Our Family line who are Strong . Or we look up to others in history, of Women who were fierce in life, had Confidence, Grace, Beauty, and were Empowered.

This my wish to give to you is To Look into a mirror to see your own reflection,

you are beautiful, you have a beautiful body, like mine, we are like the Goddess , loving shape of soft curves , soft hair, bright shining eyes and beautiful smile. We are the blessed women, we are all sisters within this world. Embrace those that uplift and remind you are loved every day.

Let’s talk about appreciating yourself as well of others within your life. Many of us , as I mentioned before live in fast paced lifestyle, always on the go from dealing with family, school work even doing what you enjoy in life. We need to take 5- 10 minute to stop and take a moment of pause. Reflect how to begin your day, what for the first few minutes as you enjoy a bit of tea or coffee, to think about blessings your day.

As you prepare to get ready fro day, washing you face or putting make up on  think of these 4 reminders to inspire you today As you look at yourself in mirror today say any these words to encourage you to have the best day. and repeat 5x , each time feeling a connect with Goddess of you repeat each one feel connected as divine being of light.  Smile as you say these words.

Try to say 1 new  sentence with each day. Or focus on all of the words of wisdom.

each day , even repeat 3 x throughout the day, or 3 x at bedtime.

Put notes around the house ,your office, your car , phone. laptop, to remind yourself . set it to your calendar on your phone, to pop up at times during the week to remind you of your power you carry on your daily  life. Maybe to inspire strength.

  • Compliment yourself every time you look in mirror, and give compliments to other women. See how that makes you feel, I know I have in past whenever I greet people throughout town to shop ,many of girls and women, always share with me big smiles and say thank you. I remember a time I went to visit a friend bakery shop inside antique the sale lady Elaine I say “hello beautiful” a lady looking at some antique cup nearby and  dressed in blue  chirp up “me?” even though I meant Elaine . I smiled towards her  and said “yes, and you too” the lady smiled brightly and giggled. I moved forward to talk to Elaine ,before looking for my friend Kim in bakery.  As I’m shopping through out my day , I tell women how beautiful they look when I feel they need a pick me up. it make me feel good cheer another woman up
  • Be respectful and kind , see the beauty in all things and people. Some day we may we have  busy days and some days can be slow. Take a moment to pause and look at beautiful in things in life. If walking around if you see flowers in your home, garden , even shopping take a moment to smell the flowers, touch the petals, look each flower, see its colors .be at wonder how each flower smells different or how it was made by mother nature in beauty. As you go through out your be respectful and kind to another may they be animals, people, elders or children. Even if people can test your patience, take moment to step back or and pause if you feel something mean or nasty want to pop from your mouth is really worth it? or will cause more problems?  Maybe it will be better to walk away and say nothing.
  • “Love and Accept yourself, Don’t settle for less.” We forget sometimes to love ourselves, and we need to take a moment to find space to unwind from busy day. Or take day of rest for just you. I  know it can be hard trust me if you have a family. I have darling husband, and 2 special needs kids who have autism, they keep me on my toes some days. But take a moment when house calm to relax. Enjoy a good cup of tea release any worries, or stress. Maybe curl up with good book, do come coloring therapy with fun coloring book or print off art from online and color, break out the color pencils or markers. Avoid social media or tv for day or even a few hours.
  • “You are Worthy of so much in this world” don’t ever let anyone tell you , you are not worthy of anything I life. We truly are worthy, not matter how many times you’ve been knocked down stand dust off and go forward. I was told by many my mistakes in life or even past experiences will weight me down and I will not be worthy of anything. At first I did believe, and for time I wondered why? Being lost for a bit , I can’t remember where I heard it from I think it was close friend reminded me. That I was worthy, I was important, I deserve to be cherish and loved. Nobody in this world can take that from me. The only person is just me. If someone tell you this remember that their opinion, not yours. Do better for yourself and  your love ones. Some lessons are hard to see we are given in life by God, Goddess, Sisters of fate, even universe. You are never alone in this world, the Goddess, Angels, and  more . they are always here to help , give inspiration to your life, but only if you ask. That part of free will, we need to ask for help. No one in world or beyond can help if we don’t ask. By asking it does not make us weak, but it give us hope and inner strength to do more for us and our loves ones. Have faith you got this beautiful, I know you can do it.

Closing:  I’m here if you have any questions, well here are just a few  Goddess glow tips to remember, maybe something to inspire from to give you hope and light. I will share more insight another day.  Some of these ideas come from my Inner Goddess sessions of Love. Look to link below to learn more information and to book your private Inner Goddess Session with me.

Share your experiences with me , I’d love to hear about it.

Remember to be inspired, Be uplifted, Be love,  be light-Norma

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Inner Goddess of Love Session

Inner Goddess of Love ,  intuitive reading and Goddess  empowerment sessions

As women as  begin our life as child a grow in teens  as our cycle of life begin and we continue to grow in womanhood.  We are each a Divine woman, I also like to call us women,  Goddesses within our own right.
With this Intuitive reading , it is Goddess empowerment , learning the Feminine  enegry we carry within ,  learn new forms of love ,  how to share our love with the world and those within our lives , that  in turn makes us a Goddess Love.

Let’s souls connect with  unique tarot reading combine  with personal enlightenment session to learn the keys of your Goddess empowerment. 
Included with session is 1  Free Goddess pendant with Goddess charm . The gemstones are selected to help your specific need . Workbook, about ideas and tips to be an inner goddess, 3 gemstone and our custom blend smudge, abalone shell, all of these items  to help gain strength as a goddess.

Plus Insightful information will be add as part of your reading notes.
( Affirmations,  connect with your Goddess ritual, goddes ideas,  and more ) to remind you of your own feminine divinity .

Goddess pendants Will be mailed to you ,  box set and work book 
We have 1 new inner goddess sessions  coming in march :goddess of spring

Goddess pendants gemstone will vary ,to fit your specific needs and 1 goddess charm your choice .

Asking for donation of $16.00 +a small shippingfee
Appointment available PM me if interested.  Be love be light-n

)0( “Iam worthy of so much in the world”)0(

Hello beautiful spirit, its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Heres something to think about.
Heres a affirmations I created says
“I am worthy of so much in the world”

I know some of us experience life even days ,not so great. We feel beat up by the world or we do it to ourselves

Heres kind reminder, our life cant always be perfect. We must choose to uplift ourselves, shake off the toxic words in our minds.

Remeber you are unique and special dont let the words of negativity ,tell you any different, you matter in the world.

Please Dont negativity creep, into your soul. Esp on bad days or if you in drama. Make a point to move forward from this commit to do something positive for your self.

Each of us are worthy in world, we must love ourselves first, take of yourself, nourish your mind, body , spirit. Take it easy for today cuddle up with someone special partner, furbaby, your children even grandchildren. These idea make me feel good on off day.

I believe you can do it. Blessings of love and light-n

)0( I want to connect with others on a soul level , that I Resonate with )0(

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Sorry for not posting lately, been busy with clients for Intuitive spirit coaching sessions

Heres something to think about.
Heres a affirmations I created says
” I want to Connect with Others on a soul Level, that I Resonate with “

We each deserve to meet and connect deeply with friends, family and beyond. Finding those in your life that are support and are there during hard time is in deed a blessing. I’m lucky to have many I call friends and some are like family within my life. I offer support and love all the time, they do the same for me.

If you want to find people you can connect with, say quick prayer to universe, Angel’s, Goddess, God to help invite people into your that have simliar interests , or will be good companions. Say this prayer before you go about your day around your areas you live in.put positive enegry I to your thought.

Even use this affirmation to inspire your day see who you connect with or even just say Hi to others as you go about your day. It will help attract others Into your life.

I know universe , Angels, Goddess , God would not want you travel this world alone , take the time to look, and meet others. Smile your loved by me

I’m here if you need me .be love, be light-n


)0( Goddess empowerment affirmation )0(

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Heres something to think about.
Heres a affirmations I created says
” Be The Empowered Goddess, Strength within us all, strong women ,Goddess empowerment “

we are each Beautiful ,Caring,  Loving. We ate made in The Goddess loving shape No matter the color , shape or size. We are each unique,no 2 alike. We can be strong women in our mindset,physical, heart and spiritual.

We must remember in time of self doubt or pain, we can over come any challenges we may face . You carry a flame of strength within , that  can grow bright and fierce in times of need.

You have the potential to do anything you mind sets to task. If the challenge is large ,then plan out a strategy to make small goals to help reach the main goal.

Things take time , inner strength cant goes overnight ,remember to look in mirror at yourself accept what you look like, you are made of love .

Do not accept the negatives,  we see  the imperfections , the self doubt, the flaws we see in each of us . Let it go

love who you are, you are unique to this world we live in, be inspired to go beyond your  normal limits and soar high.

Remeber your strengths ,  accept and find ways  to change your weaknesses into positive light .

I believe in you, I know  you can reach your goals  And accomplish them. I know can change for best inthe world.

When you find your inner flame, uplift other women .  share your flame and help them light their own inner flame . Give them the tips, you were inspired to move forward with strength

I have in the past wrote on my blog about goddess empowerment , I have many articles. Look for my series inner witchy goddess

We are Now booking appointment for” journey to Finding your Inner Love Goddess “Sessions, private 1 on 1 reading and spiritual guidance session with to help inspire you find love and being divine goddess within your life.

PM me with any questions. thank you

I’m here if you need me .be love, be light-n

)0( Iwant to be remembered as a person of inner balance and strength affirmations)0(

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Heres something to think about.
Heres a affirmations I created says
“I want To Be Remembered, As A Person of Inner Balance and Strength ”

Take a moment to think about this affirmation , or maybe  just think about what you want to be remembered for?  We each go thru different experiences in life that teaches us personal growth. We gain insight to each challenge in life. We need to remind ourselfs to with a little faith we can master things in life.

We matter in life. To those who loves us as we are,  take moment to find what you want to he remembered as a person  of valor?, lovable?, humor? Kind hearted? Outgoing ?
Dont put negative and say “i can say people will remember me as being chaos , or even  insecure .” This is time to change your point of view of yourself. Time to rebalance your life.

What are your weakness? What are your strength? What would change for weakness es to gain strength? How would accomplish it? What’s the first steps?

I believe you can do it if you have self worth and determination to go forward.
Smiled your loved by me and universe

I have faith you can do it.
I’m here if you need me .be love, be light-n

18+  Witchy Gift Ideas to give to your sweetheart this valentine day .

Recently Update for 2023

Hello beautiful spirit , come learn  18+ ideas that can inspire your Valentine day ‘s or  any special loving moments for yourself , friend or  a special witchy or spiritual person  in your life.

Hello beautiful spirit it’s norma, you know Forevrgoddess. come learn  18+ witchy ideas that can inspire your Valentine day ‘s or  any special loving moments for yourself , friends or  a special witch or spiritual person  in your life.

Every year when Imbolc { Feb 2nd} comes around you may have seen if not earlier the beginning of every year valentines day’s   gifts are out. Like me I buy things early so I’m not caught off guard and left with nothing to give my special wiccan husband rob a gift. Sometimes he need ideas what to give his loving witch, Me Lol. Here some ideas. This list can be used for Spring  birthdays, surprise gifts, romantic loving moment for gift giving ,  for  not only just witches,  spiritual people, people who love Goddess or crystal loving vibe  in your life . don’t think this list is all to be, you expand and explore what you think your love one will like.

Here a list to enjoy.

Don’t forget we offer unique love themed psychic readings with Forevrgoddess, or jewelry and box set from our Forevrgoddess boutique .

  • Coffee cup or metal tumbler cup – I got my tarot card tumbler from etsy
  • Flower, or potted spring flower. Decorate or paint the flower pot yourself
  • Gift cards to their favorite shopping places like: Amazon or Starbucks
  • Does your sweet heart have a favorite author or favorite topic of books I love any crystal healing book by Judy Hall
  • Look for gift certificates from their favorite new age or metaphysical store { we carry gift certificate for our little boutique, inquiry if curious}
  • Stuff animal and chocolates
  • Fresh spring flowers if rose are to overrated
  • Surprise them with favorite sweet treat from favorite bakery and coffee shop
  • If they drink tea look to my favorite tea,  “Harney’s and son” Paris tea from amazon or Walmart.
  • Buy them a crystal kits or  their favorite stones,  some metaphysical or rock shops have deals on heart shaped carved  gemstone . my husband carves  a new heart  for me every year with our rock grinder.  
  • Do they like incense look to morning star a Japanese incenses light and fragrant my favorites are : rose, jasmine and lotus
  • Purchase a unique smudge set  with Palo Santo, cedar  or white sage bundles ,  abalone shell and  feather
  • Jewelry,hand made jewelry is always unique esp. if you made for them with loving intention.  look their  favorite healing gemstone pendant, to help them relax if stress with amethyst or to feel loved with rose quartz , tiger eye for confidence and inner strength.
  • New Oracle  or Tarot cards/ I have a few I like various sets by Colette bard reed, and Lucy Cavendish
  • Essential oils, look blends that they can enjoy with home diffuser or even portal able car version.
  • dried herbs: white sage, cedar, jasmine , roses, to use in full moon rituals
  • Journal, colors pens, markers,
  • Coloring book my favorite is Goddess and mythology coloring book by Selina Fench or Tarot  coloring book by Theresa Reed
  • Hand  make a card and write poetry  , write a love letter, or tell them why you think they are unique to you
  • }0{ Update 2023 ideas}0{
  • look to their amazon gift list and purchase a new witchy inspired book : i love books by : Cyndi dale, Melissa Cynova, Tess Whitehurst, Sherrie Dillard
  • I have friend Nikki Mukherjee that make beautiful beeswax candles { link on bottom article}
  • Bath bombs, I have friend who is aromatherapist  Rachelle Hutchings who makes heavenly scent bath bombs and more { link bottom of article}
  • look to unique bath products which favorite scent I love lavender or rose in my favorite shampoo set by love beauty and planet
  • Andalou naturals facial products { 1,000 roses or Age defying} i’ve been using this product for over 10 years I love it you can bargains for this product on eBay
  • we are offering Love Intuitive readings special this month for February buy any 2 intuitive reading { value $10 or More} and receive 1 FREE Mini Reading of Choice Love to our page here for types of reading available

well i hope this list gave you ideas to inspire from to help you find the perfect gifts for your sweetheart or even just for yourself. Follow us for More articles and inspiring posts.

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Nikki Mukherjee candle products and more

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