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Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Heres something to think about.
Heres spiritual guidance and affirmations I created todays says
” I Can Focus And Create The Life I Am Meant for “

Focus, determination,  hard work, Dedication. 
These can be the key words to help seek and create ways to be better your life for you and your love ones. 

Making the Time to set aside ,create your Goals to accomplish in life that helps us benefit from.

Ideas to inspire from
• Create a vision board with your ideas. Use words ,photos, set things motion by meditate by your vision board every morni g before you start your day.
• Use gemstone meditation,  with tone to help focus and channel your enegry to the  task you need to achieve your goals.
• Journal your goal and desires, journal each progress to reflect on later when in doubt or have set back to see where you can gain insight again to move forward.
• Research and study on your goals to see how you can inspire ideas from . Or gain insight how to  push you to success.
• Talk to therapist to see what challenges or road block held you back before, so you can know how toove pass them and succeed.
• Create motivation ideas and quotes ,put them on paper around your home.  Put note in your cell phone calendar  to remind you throught dayvor week.
• Create a crystal grid to help focus positive enegry to your goal. Use support crystal and gemstone like citrine, carnelian,  Tigereye,  and aventurine. To help set positive enegry to your goals.
• Do tarot or oracle reading, have friend help you. It’s way to see what the universe , Guides , Angel’s,  Goddess, sisters of fate , have I store for you and gain insight from
• Look into the  lessons of law of Attraction . See maybe if you can understand  and create the ideas from.

We each can accomplish goals to bring about a positive change and blessings  . It might not happen over night, so take time even years esp. If your studying g online college for degree. Consider creating  smaller  goals  to help make big goal  not seem so hard to finish
Each path that lead to larger view in life can take time.
I know you can do this i have faith in you.
If you need help , I’m here
Be love be light-n

Crystal Morning Meditation

Hello come learn a unique morning meditation with crystal and gemstones. it can be done any time of the day. enjoy

Hello it’s Norma you Know Forevrgoddess, I wanted to share this unique  morning meditation with you. You can do this meditation any time of day esp. if you work or do errands , different hours of the day. I try the remember to do every morning before I venture out in the world, or even before I work out or anything I do. Take only a few minutes you can do as long as you like even just 5 minutes.

Enjoy . any questions I’m here to help be love, be light-n

Start your day , Crystal Morning meditation.

Get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and grab a crystal or gemstone,, if you can sit by window, look at the world around you , even if it’s your backyard. Feel the light fill the  room. Put coffee or tea down pick up or hold your gemstone or crystal of choice.  Take  3 deep breathes in and out.

Look at your stone or crystal, if there is sunlight let the sunlight shine on stone, see the color highlights shown by sun. Close you eyes while holding the  stone or crystal ,  think of the healing properties of the stone ( rose quartz: love, comfort. Crystal quartz: healing, positive thoughts, etc. we provided the meanings of your stones with healing info.)feel the loving energy come thru the stone to up your arm into  your heart.

See the positive change and blessings this stone has to offer.  Try to focus on your energy for  10mins if possible . Even if your having a bad morning , or sleepless night before try to reconnect with the stone. 

Take few deep breathes again while focusing on energy stone coming up your arm to your heart. You may feel warm and fuzzy or energized, take a moment to enjoy the feel.

Think about your things you must do today, don’t stress just see you doing them with positive  love and light. See each task complete, greet those you love or encounter with a smile and friendly “Hello”.

Even if they don’t respond back smile knowing you’ve greet day in positive way. Slowly come back to your body, open your eye and start your day. If there is extra time light some favorite incense, say a morning prayer to  your patron gods and goddesses.  

If have and sunny day  go to somewhere  your yard where you wont be disturb for 10-15 mins  feel the grass between your toes.   rub grass with your hands try to reconnect with earth goddess.

 If your stressed. See your self like a tree with roots, push down all the negative energy, thoughts, anger, frustrations into ground,  once done feel the loving soothing energy come up from below, raise your hands above to the sun and sky

welcome positive sun rays and warmth into your body grounding , recharging, refocus your mind set to the positive thoughts. If you still holding your stone , enjoy the healing energy .

come back into body and listen to birds chirp or sounds of day beginning.

  Go inside and begin your day.  Consider doing yoga and basic stretches Feel free to expand and use other gemstones, we have a few within the boutique. or just message me with any questions. 

This was taken from my box set: Mind Body, Soul . please go  to our contact page find the link, and look within the boutique,  In one of gift section.

 May the Goddess Bless your  Morning to be bright cheery , full of love and light.-

Goddess bless- Norma

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