)0( winter solstice blessings

Hello beautiful spirit winter solstice and Yuletide blessings to you and your love ones . May this day be bless with joyful moments and loving light, here Lil bit of info enjoy . Be love, be light-n

)0( Love Yourself for Being a Free Spirit…)0(

Hello  beautiful spirit..its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Heres something to think about.

Heres a affirmations I created says
“Love yourself for being a free spirit &be a dynamic force in the world “
  This affirmation can be empowering , I feel true for me. What about you? What inspires you to be  a free spirit? What do you want to be inspired to become life?

How we see ourselves in mirror each day can be, good or bad. We need to remember our strengths on our wealth days. And on good days to soar above anything that tries to hold us back. 

Remember we are each so precious to this world, we are loved by the universe, God, Goddess and Angel’s who want us to see us at our best and shine bright in the world.
Shine your loving light and let others be inspired to do so also.

Be inspired,  be uplifted,  be love , be love
I’m here if you need me .be love, be light-Norma

)0( Love Yourself for the beautiful goddess and divine spirit within you )0(

Hello  beautiful spirit..its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Heres something to think about.
Heres a affirmations I created says
” Love yourself for the Beautiful Goddess and Divine Spirit within you”

Now is the time , to be come aware as a being of divine light. We each as women are connected to sacred cycles of goddess.  

We are the spirited young maiden, unmarried , free to love the world and explore every part to understand how to live a passionate life.

Then we become mother , nurturing, loving unconditional  to all those within our lives, from children, pets and others we love.

Then as we continue on cycle we become the respected wise crone. We  teach the knowledge of Goddess, and  loving wisdom  of life.

You can decide now,   if you are ready to step into your place as divine being of light and be the  empowered Goddess .

I will talk more about the  Goddess  another day. .
I’m here if you need me .
Remember  to Be Inspired, Be Uplifted,
Be Love, Be  Light-n

)0( S affirmations of the day renewed focus )0(

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess,
Spiritual guidance for today and affirmations  I Created Says “I give my Self Permission to be renewed and to have new focus in life”

Some of dont give ourselves  permission to live life to fullest.  We might limit ourselves to be certain ways inlife either influenced by family, friends, even loves ones,  we have relationships  with in life.

There are times when we have made any mistake or setbacks in life with bad  love relationships,  works ,even with relationships with friends and family.

We lock ourselves to chain to prevent us from either making the same mistake  again . There are times we are afraid to move forward, or feel guilt from our past setbacks. And we need to move forward.  

Remember  life as we live here and now , we each have life lessons.

Some time we see the lesson  and learn from It and move on. Other time the lessons repeats and repeats for us to see it but sometime were clouded and cant see it even if it’s right front of you.

  Know Goddess, God, Universe,  Angels , whomever your believe in want to see yoy find success in life , not to live a life of hardship or sorrow or even lock yourself away.

Find your inner spark to break any chain that holds you back. Give yourself  permission to live a good life with those who love you and cherish yoyr life and make a change for your potential in life.

I have faith you can do it. I’m here if you have any questions. Blessings of love and light, to help you move forward. Be love be light-Norma

#thankful thursday


Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Today let’s talk about , affirmations.

We each can benefit from saying little  affirmations to our selves , throughout our day and life.

when we get up in the morning to start our day. as we get ready in front of mirror to get our makeup or brushing  our teeth.

You can affirmation as your drive to work go for a walk do errands  around  town.

Make it as easy as you need. The affirmations, does not need to be long sentences. So quick to remember are easy.

The ones you like take sticky note tape to your mirror in you bathroom or bedroom.

Put it in you car or day planner to remind  you.

You could even  make calendar  post on phone for it to pop each day for certain time period or just certain  days.

Here some affirmations you may like.
I manifest abundance inmy life.
I am grateful for…(fill in blank)
Work, food, roof over head, Bill’s  paid
I am grateful for love of family.
.i am grateful to have positive and uplifting friends
I am.grateful for lessons I learn this day
I am beautiful woman
I am handsome man
I am full positive enegry
I am grateful for food on my  table
I am.grateful for my home I live with my family.

These aRe just few to use
Feel free to look online or pinterest to find more that resonate with you and your life purpose. anyone can do it.

We are each divine beings, we can communicate with higher realms.  We are connected to universe And all who live there . 

May you find light within,  to maybe share with others , to inspire others to soar as far  you go or beyond

Be love be light-n



How do you start the week and invite positive enegry?
Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
” how do you start the week and invite  positive enegry? How do you bring abunadance in your life? “

Each of us are lucky we can change our plan at will, yes some have to work 9-5 job, get up with kids, even do online school or work from.home. in this day and age. We can accomplish so much in short time.

With me I know to start the day I get kids up , I heat up a cup tea in kettle.  I love earl grey tea or paris tea. And munch on piece of toasts, I sit in my office which faces east .enjoy morning  sunshine spill thru. The room .Listen to birds, day time noises

I can see the far mountain of Wyoming.  And in pasture behind my home I see cows and horses.  Serene view .

I like to set intention for the day with light heart prayer to those I worship

Asking for agood day ,ask for guidinace with what ever I may do. From working  reading for clients,  inspiration for my daily blog post ideas, jewelry order inspiration , I ask to keep my emotions in check esp. With mischievous children and pets . 

I will 5 -10 mins  meditate with crystal quartz for mental clarity and inspiration , I dont meditate  for long trinity and gabe always need something.  when done give thanks.

I will as go thru my morning to check my aura and chakras see if they need to he cleanse and realign. I notice when I’m having a moody day , I likely chakra need cleanse  and aura field effected.  I use my pendulum to dect where I need a cleanse.

As I look at a list of things I must do I take one step at a time.

To invite positive area in home during week. Here a few ideas

*Sage or palo santo smudging helps. If you have kids at home have ring hand bells throught out the house. To cleanse of negative enegry. If you cant do smoke use white sage spray with essential oil

  • crystal a small crystal grid in main living g room to help bring positive enegry  use aventurine,  tiger eye,  amethyst, and rose quartz  to bring abundance, good luck, inner peace and love.

*do a small tarot or oracle reading(1-2cards will do) to gain insight for the day. Write down insight gain in journal that night evening for reflection

*light a candle that has pleasant fragrance.  If you cant use a candle battery one works well.
Meditate with candle for a 10 minutes.

*charge  water with positive enegry adding  a small crystal point in bottle of water (just becareful not to drink crystal point in bottle ) charge in moonlight or cool morning sun.

*Wear jewelry with citrine, amethyst and rose quartz.  To bring happiness “cheerfulness,  inner peace and self love

  • Wear color of green for abundance and spiritual growth, yellow for happiness,  pink for self love and warmth.

*remember to do mirror affirmations
Doing it for even 10 minutes will do even as you put on your makeup
Repeat anybody theses
“I am loved.” “I am bless with abundance ” “I can manifest good thing in my life” “I am beautiful ” ” I am empowered woman ” “I am handsome man” “,I am nurturing and loving” as my friend marlene quoted to me “k.i.s.s. keep it simple silly” you cant beat that ..lol

These are just simple ideas to inspire you
If you have any question or want to offer yoyr insight please do. Thank you for Sharing your knowledge too.

Be love be light-n.

Witchy Goddess inspired Summer self care

A witchy inspired Summer season  self care

Hello come learn some unique witchy inspired ideas to do self care for Summer solstice , enjoy

Hello it’s me Norma, you know Forevrgoddess, lets talk about summer…

Since the first days of May , it  feels magickal, with Fresh flower blooming from spring time , and now everyone ready to travel to different part of country, or get lost up in local mountains.   I think it’s the perfect time to do Summer  self-care and smudging to cleanse home, sacred space or people. Removes Negative or  stale energy, Banish and release emotions, illness, and other energy needing to be removed from home or person. Have your children or you, ring bells throughout the home to dispel negative energy and invite positive. To prepare of coming of the summer solstice.  

 I love seeing the summer time  décor. I love  feel  the warm sun on my skin as kids pays outside on the swing set.  and I sit on our green grass and  meditate with large crystal in  my lap .Sometimes I like to walk over to small creek next to my home soak our feet to cool down a fun moment of playing with kids or reconnect with water element. lol

Sometimes in this world were so busy  ( school, work, family, etc.)we forget to take a lil bit time for ourselves, self care or personal time. Were here  to help  you :  ground, center, recharge, and refocus on  good things in life.

Greet the Day

 Each of us have different paths that keep us busy everyday,  were either rushing to school  or work,  getting kids up ready for day. We might have a little bit of time before we begin  our day begins.  Rise  early greet the sun, give thanks to solar gods/Goddess for blessing a new day, even if you wake to rain it goddess  feeding her green earth to flourish and grow. Look for beauty in any weather.   Begin your day as usual washing your face , brushing teeth or even a shower.   buy a new  witchy inspire summer water bottle, perfect for the summer season.

Ways to connect with your inner Witchy Goddess..

Create a blessings journal, to write your thoughts of what your grateful for that Goddess and Gods have given so far this summer time season . Even if it’s cool  home, food in fridge and bills paid and family love. Even if it seem little or silly ,it’s ok to do often so days your sad or upset you can look back and be grateful for this world.

•             Get your nails manicured with summer  color and flowers to enjoy.

•             Go get a massage, look for local massage schools, they  give massages from student for half the amount. And you’ll feel like a million bucks.

  •  See if you find appointment with reiki healer so you get chakra aligned and get you flowing energy just right.

•             Find witchy inspired color book, and sit cozy by the bonfire if possible with cup of tea and enjoy the time for color meditation and allow the stress of the day melt away.

•             To take the moment to reconnect, go to  Safe place, park, woods, sea shore, stream, take your shoes off feel the grass , dirt , sand beneath your feet. Feel the wind in your hair, close your eye hear the calls of natures. Even if your in a big city, find a safe spot and reconnect. Meditate even if it’s 10 mins , breathe in love, harmony, light, exhale negative emotions,       sadness, frustration. Ask for guidance, tell her what you need help with, like Gods,  the Goddess , she our very essence She part of us all.

•             Take time to decorate the home with family, children love to decorate fun and festive ideas. Plus it inspire s your inner goddess to nurture those you love. Print out some coloring pages and hang them on fridge or put in frame and hang on bare wall.

•             Create dishes or finds recipes on Pinterest for Summer  favorite comfort foods. perfect time to Feed your Inner Goddess with Good wholesome foods.  Grill some meats, has colorful salads with leafy green veggies, make BLT potatoes salad { our family favorite},  Lavender lemon pound cake ,  with  summer time color sprinkles can maybe enticed the  family to feel like fall.

•             Take the family country scenic drive into forest ,  go have a picnic and have fun. Just simple ways to enjoy this season.

•             If possible go for 20-30 min walk around the block or park if possible for 3 days aweek it great way to help get a little in shape, get your heart pumping, and helps give endorphins make you feel good.  Enjoy the sights and smells of summer

•             Sit in the Sun for 20 mins, wear sunscreen if needed, feel the warmth of the sun, recharge  feel all the solar power banishing the negative, frustration, sad thoughts. Think on the bright side of life.

•             Look at our boutique: find a new candle, incense or smudge blend to set the mood and feel the positive energy about you. Look at any of your gemstones,   be inspired to learn more about them and their healing energy. Look for any books by Judy Hall   she write “crystal bible” and  more books

•             Buy water bottle with a fruit strainer so you can add chopped fruit of this summer  season  inside and enjoy them with water . perfect detox and fresh new approach to drinking water.

  •  Do some summer time crafts with family and friends, outdoors
  • Stargaze, look for constellation with children, friends and family , have moon party.
  • Get some glow in dark fun jewelry or toys to enjoy with family and friends.
  • Do Moon bathing soak the full moon energy.
  • Don’t forget to put out your crystals and gemstones out  to charge in summer solstice even just for 1 hour , let moon that night charge too.
  • Consider doing your own or ask a friend to do a  tarot reading to see what will come to pass this summer for you ,  we offer unique intuitive readings in case your curious.
  • Do spa treatments at home I like Korea paper beauty masks.you look for them on walmart.com
  • Do witchy girls night out at restaurant or outdoors
  • Bake sweet treat with edible flowers my favorite is brownies with rose petals. Serve with tea or ice tea

Dressing for the day – A little bit more about color of the day

Find color of clothing that fit the summertime  season which can give you power  to enchant your day don’t forget the matching accessories.  some places short, t shirts, hiking  boots, and jeans are fine esp. in my neck of woods in rural Paris, Idaho. We see the different weather here, we can  experience snow from march  to time till june . .  Others idea  coloring you hair or nail polish will do.

As you get dressed think to wear the best colors for the day that help color magick and energy: the list below for summer solstice colors are only  small list. Look to our Tuesday transformation blog post for more ideas color magick for empowering  your day. Though don’t be stuck with list provided, there are many colors of rainbow to wear and enchant the color of clothing. Llewellyn.com ( witches Date book or calendar always has each day of week for whole year with info what’s color to wear.)  There are much to learn about color magick and how to apply it to your life and magickal side. If you have gemstones pendants wear them to compliment the outfit or as for specific need at the moment or extra protection from city life or daily errands you might encounter issues arise. ( citrine- uplifting, pink Botswana agate –love, amethyst – protection, etc.)  . 

Colors of Summer solstice  meanings

Purple : spiritual awakening and  guidance, wisdom, spiritual progress, divine knowledge, Magick, inner peace, meditation,  beauty , psychic abilities, spiritual development . :Success, idealism, higher psychic ability, wisdom, progress, protection, honors, spirit contact, break bad luck, drive away evil, divination.

, GREEN: Abundance, fertility, good fortune, generosity, money, wealth, success, renewal, marriage, balance. prosperity, acceptance, action, attractions, balance- emotional, community, change, life, longevity, nature spirits, sleep, relationships, wisdom, trust, love, luck, dragon/faery magick, faith, favor, grounding.

Silver_ Moon energy, intuition, Moon Goddess, feminine Magick, meditations, openness, connection w/ astral plane, manifestation of your dreams, female aspect of the divine, balance, astral energy. Removes negativity, victory, stability, meditation, development of psychic abilities, female deity powers.

Pink: love,self love, emotional love, goodwill, caring, healing emotions, and trauma, peace,  romance, comfort, harmony, friendship, open heart, calm emotions,  warmth tenderness, spiritual awakening :Love, affection, romance, spiritual awakening, healing of the spirit, togetherness, friendship, harmony.

White : divine energy, goddess, all colors within, purity, truth, universal color clarity, spiritual guidance, maiden, meditation, peace, protection, activate/awaken, astral realm, balance, battle war, begininngs, blessings, diviation, guardian, enchantment, happiness, harmony, moon magick, harmony, healing, hope,

Going out into the world     As you go outside to work, errands school , etc.  Take a moment to ground and center again, focus and  visualize blue light a shield protecting you as you go into the world. To keep negative energy  and negative feels, and negative people. Try think and of wonder of the day, there are many blessings to see happening all around us.   Be grateful for simple things , say thank you if someone hold the door for you, or gives you a seat on bus or subway..

Time to reflect this time of year what summer solstice  means  to you, the longest day and short night , try  finding balance within one’s life ( work, family, school, children, etc) and what goals you want to set for this month June , July and preparing for Lammas in August, then to Mabon in September.

 Go to Farmers market, enjoy and but the fruit of this season has to offer, drink Ice tea made under the sun with friends and family , create a day or night for potluck, share sweet goodies,

Collect sunflowers,  Do some summer solstice  crafts with Family and Friends ( look on Pinterest.com for idea) Go to  summer Festival,  Enjoy the fruits and favorite foods we enjoy this time of year, did someone say “  pink lemonade …” Nothing to big , just Go  enjoy the Beauty of summer  .

May this Season of Summer solstice  Bless you with Abundance, love, good health, and little wealth. Brightest blessings – N

 If you like this article consider sharing it. Thanks-n

If you like to see more of Forevrgoddess Boutique items or readings  go to our contact page and look for boutique link and browse our selection.



Who is your favorite Goddess you worship?

  We are each Bless by Goddess. Us women are bless with her loving shape. It doesnt matter of color skin, or how big our hips , doesnt matter what spiritual path we follow be it wiccan ,christian, hindu, Buddhist,  santeria, Norse, etc. Were each unique, and even some of us . who are not woman at all ,can be in touch with their feminine side no matter the gender preference. 

We can look to heaven for our Goddess, our mother, who in spirit helps us, guides to find our true purpose. Or give the keys to inspire us to find our true happiness. She share our moments of sadness, and give us comfort when we grieve, she shed tears of happiness when we find love, and joy in our lives esp when we work to so hard to accomplish the hard trials in our lives. .

I have a rather large pantheon  of Goddesses and Gods, That I worship. For this I   will select only 2  Goddess Aphrodite  and Goddess Hekate. 

Greek Goddess Aphrodite ,Goddess of Love and War, Goddess of beauty, pleasure. She rules marriages and the love within them.  She Teaches to love one’s self. Such beautiful Goddess, she prefect if you need spice up your love life with your lover or partner . She comfort those who suffer broken heart, and she  give us  inspiration  to find true  love and give ourselves self love.

Greek Goddess Hekate , Goddess of fertility, moon magick, Queen of the underworld, protectess of witches, she’s known as Goddess of Death and Crossroads. She guides those who have departed from the land of the living to spirit world and beyond.  She teach the knowledge of moon cycles, help us understand our darker sides,  understand death,  guides us  to true potential  we each possess,  be at one with our self to understand ,what balance of darkness and light is.

  I have many more Goddess to look for Gudiance , I refer many of my Goddess to my clients, friends,and many to find their Own special Goddess. .

Goddess Aphrodite: I  grew up not understanding my sensual side , and not  giving myself any love.  She gave me the confidence  to learn to love again, she helped  understand  that what a woman was in every day.  I felt her strength, give me inner strength  so I can inspire to find better relationship with my self and now husband.  She inspires my love life to new heights and playful side too.

With Goddess Hekate I had some spiritual experiences  with spirit that pretended to be my mother spirit , which turned out to be something darker. It was trying to form an attachment  to me.  Goddess Hekate  would show me the true foace of creature the pretended to be my mom . Who sadly past years ago.  She gave me the strength see thru the lies and face  this spirit and give me the knowledge to banish it  and remove its influences  over me.

So may I ask , which Goddess  do you worship ? There never is wrong or right answer. We each experience our Goddess guidiance  in different ways . Some can be simliar, others  not so much.  

Tell me about her ,what experiences have you had with her?

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