Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Today let’s talk about mindfulness.  And how to connect mind, body , and soul.

I know many of us have busy days :going to 8 ton5 pm jobs, studying school online, busy with summer family visiting , or staying home with kids. It’s kinda crazy

. I usually busy during the day too.  Start waking up having quick cup coffee , feed kids breakfast, maybe light workout, prepare my husband lunch,  call my husband to see where he will in paris to drop off his lunch, get kids ready for special needs  therapy appointments.  Then get after wards help kids do their chores, prepare dinner, sit down with kids and husband for dinner, some days  i go help my husband water the cemetery  with kids . while he .mosquito sprays our town.  then once home go water garden in back and then  relax after hubby gets home.  Yes this how busy I am with my family. Whew I’m tired..lol

I havent even add time I share with my clients in reading I perform online or over phone, create and make more jewelry for my boutique, finish any orders I have received for my psychic reading or items from my wiccan boutique

So I know many can be hectic
Here are simple ways I connect mind, body and soul.  Maybe it will inspire you?

For the mind: I like to snuggle up with book, depends what read: book on paranormal experiences people have or article I find on pinterest . Reread one of my favorite wiccan books

Turn on tv get on netflix and watch “NAILED IT” Bad baking show. But funny
Trinty favorite “Floor is Lava” game show
Gabe favorite “Pokemon sun and moon”
My husband rob prefer horror movies and so do the restof us.
We enjoy watching the show with dinner to relax.
For the Body: it’s been so hot here lately ,unfortunately were havi g a bad drought this year , it’s very dry here.
Make sure everyone has cool drink to drink
Ice tea, gatorade, water, apple juice.

Plus with heat I dont want to do alot oven cooking . So I make quick taco meat steak, pork or chicken.  Then make some rice and beans, and small fresh salad . I put meat in one spot, rice and beans in another spot and fill small garden salad.  All this in one bowl they call this burrito bowl. You can find the recipe on pinterest  it’s simple quick to make and yummy in 20 mins. I make enough meat and rice and beans to last a few days. Reheat in micro wave.

For the Soul: take moment to give thanks for lessons and blessings you had today. Even just saying thank you to universe, Angel’s, Goddess God ,whom ever you worship.even if you dont feel bless, just be grateful your here in this world.

Take a shower meditation at bed time as the water washes away any toxic, negative enegry from or stress from the day. Use sweet smelling body wash to uplift you with citrus  or help soothe you to sleep with lavender .

Remember to connect with Angel’s,  universe, high power, God, Goddess  to get sign or guidiance I’d you need help in life thru your dreams. Dont forget to have paper and pen next to bed to write them down.and interpret what is being said.

I wish you all good day. And if you need me I’m here to help. Blessings of love and light-n



Hello its norma , you know forevrgoddess
Knowledge,  is the key to universe-I wrote that quote years go as Ientioned before as waitress to help inspire people to live a magickal life.  To find inspiration in books

Growing up I always had books in my hands, I loved to go to books stores even used books store. I read alot of stuff , I used to love to read old books, poetry and medieval  manuscripts, legends of king Arthur his knights of the round table,   and more . I loved anything of old world. I never felt I was meant for modern time, but I guess Goddess, God, Universe, and sisters of fate had other ideas. Lol

when I started on this spiritual path at 15 yrs old, I went to new age/occult books store, found books to read inspire my life. I know there was more to life, than a non magickal . I was glad to take the first step and never look back.

In this day and age we have access to so much more,than paper back book from buying  books on kindle, pdf version of books to used paper back. I love reading old classic of craft.

Some of these books inspired and shaped my knowledge with understand my magickal life. For beginners  to wiccan path .

I started with  dj conway -celtic magicians dancing  with dragons

Celtic magick -inspired me to look within my world, see the elementals and to work and learn of the old world magick.worship of old ones.
Dancing with dragons. Introduced to work with dragons as elementals. My husband owns the same book we always giggle since were close to our dragons that reside within our home  as well faeries. They can keep us lively here..lol

Scott Cunningham    earth magick,earth, air ,fire,water. Then living  wicca book 1 and 2
Earth magick and earth, air, fire, water
Taught me to work with elements of magick and learn various old world nature divination.
Living g wiccan book 1 and 2 taught to understand wiccan and knowledge  following g this path for rituals, seasons, magick and more.

Raymond buckland- secrets of gypsy  fortune telling.and bucklands book of gypsy magick.

I wanted to learn gypsy magick always was fascinated with palm reading tea leaf reading and more.
Buckland books were the first books after reading I was able to start palm reading for family and friends , then started  work on to tarot reading.

Laurie cabot books are another favorite
Witch in every woman- is great for women empowerment.

I know most of these books are old and you can find some  thru llewellyn publishing books.  Or amazon or even ebay.

I’m always excited to find more books
These are the one who helped me start my path. The knowledge share was worth so much Inspire my path. I promise to share more books .

My husband and I agree working with nature, celebrate her seasons as they come, celebrate phase of our lives with our family. Work with nature and her elementals are such a blessings. Were never lonely I’ll tell you in our little home in paris idaho. Fun little things make laugh ,  enjoy being one with mother earth and all her wonderous children. Enjoy celebrating  this part of life with rob, sometime he helps get out of tunnel vision and see magick in every thing we do. Be love be light-n



Hello it’s me Norma , you know Forevrgoddess. 
“Laughter is the key … to life”
I wrote this quote a long time ago as waitress. I’d leave the message at bottom of my Bill’s for my tables I waited on. In small restaurant in soda springs. I would write these words to inspire others to find happiness.  I wrote a several pages of various stuff. 

We have many forms of stress in life to work ,school, family, children , friends,etc
My husband rob works for local city in paris he does work hard .he comes home tired alot. So to unwind from the day .

he will you tube video his new kick is little johnny jokes by little boy and his dad tell the jokes. Rob will watch dumb thing pepe do thru life from bicycling into cars   to  people at work. I will look up nailed  it or fail baking or bad  makup jobs
We laugh and joke even watching g the kids movie we talk some funny stuff.

Laughing  help relieve  stress and release tension.

Gabe will watch funny cat or video games videos or memes and sometime of thomas the train -his fav.  Trinity watches some funny kids cartoons on netflixs. Her shark,weasel, and mermaid. I can’t remember the name of show .

Remember dont take life so serious find a away to unwind from world. Laughter lightens the soul and brings new perspective  in life.

So what makes you laugh? please share  your funny things you enjoy to unwind.
Be love be light-n

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