)0( Love Yourself for the beautiful goddess and divine spirit within you )0(

Hello  beautiful spirit..its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Heres something to think about.
Heres a affirmations I created says
” Love yourself for the Beautiful Goddess and Divine Spirit within you”

Now is the time , to be come aware as a being of divine light. We each as women are connected to sacred cycles of goddess.  

We are the spirited young maiden, unmarried , free to love the world and explore every part to understand how to live a passionate life.

Then we become mother , nurturing, loving unconditional  to all those within our lives, from children, pets and others we love.

Then as we continue on cycle we become the respected wise crone. We  teach the knowledge of Goddess, and  loving wisdom  of life.

You can decide now,   if you are ready to step into your place as divine being of light and be the  empowered Goddess .

I will talk more about the  Goddess  another day. .
I’m here if you need me .
Remember  to Be Inspired, Be Uplifted,
Be Love, Be  Light-n

12+ Best Affirmation for valentine’s day

Hello Beautiful spirit , it’s Norma You know  Forevrgoddess . I have to share these unique Affirmation of love . Feel free to share with friends and love one to inspire them to feel the love this valentine day.

 Hello , I hope your having  good day. I wanted to present these unique, one of kind affirmation I created to celebrate love, friends, family, and soul-tribe you share daily life with.

Even though yesterday was Valentine’s day . I still wanted to share a few Affirmations  I created,  to help feel the love within your life. And maybe share with others. We each deserve it, as well as others you may wish share it.

 I wanted to share something I found from Rob Alex, he wrote a short  video class  online I found about  “ wake up positive” he talked about different methods to be inspires to wake up in positive mood to set the day from usual day to day morning routine. He pointed out, sleep early, breakfast, exercise,   giving yourself loving comments to yourself in mirror.

One of ideas I like was , sharing positive things in life with others,  you share your world with on daily Basis . as you may have noticed these past few month I’ve have been inspired to create unique one of kind Affirmation to inspire you find the light within.

Every morning before or after my morning workout , I have a  group of 13+ women who have been close friends, clients and family  . I text them up to 5 days a week,  to see how their day is going. The  Ideas I got from Rob Alex class,  I decide to share my affirmation I share for blog post with my friends. Many love the affirmation , some say they needed  it to inspire them that day. Some enjoy and love to see more. I’m grateful for their support some day I got a lot to do but it good hear from them many as across the Usa. So it feels like a coffee talk with friends even if it’s just thru a text.

 I usually post these affirmation with small paragraph or two here within my  blog  ,  my  Instagram Forevrgodessboutique  , or my Facebook page for my FG Forevrgoddess  Psychic readings

 I love share insight to help others,  find the light within their  day.  It feel good to share a little bit of happiness with others.

“We each deserve, to be inspired to have a more positive lifestyle . and sharing with those in ,you are  giving  them uplift on hard days  esp. when need it and it will uplift your positive vibration within. “

 Here’s photo of my affirmations. Some are about self love, loving others, friendship/ sisterhood, loving empowerment.

 Feel free to  save a photo . you can set them as cell phone or laptop  home screen, write the words on calendar post to pop on your phone for a few days or 1 x week at certain times of the day you may need to see it.

Bringing a little of positive energy can inspire you find a happy step in life.

So bring something inspiring to your day, I know you can do it, it’s not silly . It will remind you, that you are worthy of so much, and you have the potential this special day.

May this month of February remind you of the love you have within, remember to shine bright.

 Blessings of love and light

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)0( “Iam worthy of so much in the world”)0(

Hello beautiful spirit, its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Heres something to think about.
Heres a affirmations I created says
“I am worthy of so much in the world”

I know some of us experience life even days ,not so great. We feel beat up by the world or we do it to ourselves

Heres kind reminder, our life cant always be perfect. We must choose to uplift ourselves, shake off the toxic words in our minds.

Remeber you are unique and special dont let the words of negativity ,tell you any different, you matter in the world.

Please Dont negativity creep, into your soul. Esp on bad days or if you in drama. Make a point to move forward from this commit to do something positive for your self.

Each of us are worthy in world, we must love ourselves first, take of yourself, nourish your mind, body , spirit. Take it easy for today cuddle up with someone special partner, furbaby, your children even grandchildren. These idea make me feel good on off day.

I believe you can do it. Blessings of love and light-n

)0( I want to connect with others on a soul level , that I Resonate with )0(

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Sorry for not posting lately, been busy with clients for Intuitive spirit coaching sessions

Heres something to think about.
Heres a affirmations I created says
” I want to Connect with Others on a soul Level, that I Resonate with “

We each deserve to meet and connect deeply with friends, family and beyond. Finding those in your life that are support and are there during hard time is in deed a blessing. I’m lucky to have many I call friends and some are like family within my life. I offer support and love all the time, they do the same for me.

If you want to find people you can connect with, say quick prayer to universe, Angel’s, Goddess, God to help invite people into your that have simliar interests , or will be good companions. Say this prayer before you go about your day around your areas you live in.put positive enegry I to your thought.

Even use this affirmation to inspire your day see who you connect with or even just say Hi to others as you go about your day. It will help attract others Into your life.

I know universe , Angels, Goddess , God would not want you travel this world alone , take the time to look, and meet others. Smile your loved by me

I’m here if you need me .be love, be light-n


)0( Goddess empowerment affirmation )0(

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Heres something to think about.
Heres a affirmations I created says
” Be The Empowered Goddess, Strength within us all, strong women ,Goddess empowerment “

we are each Beautiful ,Caring,  Loving. We ate made in The Goddess loving shape No matter the color , shape or size. We are each unique,no 2 alike. We can be strong women in our mindset,physical, heart and spiritual.

We must remember in time of self doubt or pain, we can over come any challenges we may face . You carry a flame of strength within , that  can grow bright and fierce in times of need.

You have the potential to do anything you mind sets to task. If the challenge is large ,then plan out a strategy to make small goals to help reach the main goal.

Things take time , inner strength cant goes overnight ,remember to look in mirror at yourself accept what you look like, you are made of love .

Do not accept the negatives,  we see  the imperfections , the self doubt, the flaws we see in each of us . Let it go

love who you are, you are unique to this world we live in, be inspired to go beyond your  normal limits and soar high.

Remeber your strengths ,  accept and find ways  to change your weaknesses into positive light .

I believe in you, I know  you can reach your goals  And accomplish them. I know can change for best inthe world.

When you find your inner flame, uplift other women .  share your flame and help them light their own inner flame . Give them the tips, you were inspired to move forward with strength

I have in the past wrote on my blog about goddess empowerment , I have many articles. Look for my series inner witchy goddess

We are Now booking appointment for” journey to Finding your Inner Love Goddess “Sessions, private 1 on 1 reading and spiritual guidance session with to help inspire you find love and being divine goddess within your life.

PM me with any questions. thank you

I’m here if you need me .be love, be light-n

)0( Iwant to be remembered as a person of inner balance and strength affirmations)0(

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Heres something to think about.
Heres a affirmations I created says
“I want To Be Remembered, As A Person of Inner Balance and Strength ”

Take a moment to think about this affirmation , or maybe  just think about what you want to be remembered for?  We each go thru different experiences in life that teaches us personal growth. We gain insight to each challenge in life. We need to remind ourselfs to with a little faith we can master things in life.

We matter in life. To those who loves us as we are,  take moment to find what you want to he remembered as a person  of valor?, lovable?, humor? Kind hearted? Outgoing ?
Dont put negative and say “i can say people will remember me as being chaos , or even  insecure .” This is time to change your point of view of yourself. Time to rebalance your life.

What are your weakness? What are your strength? What would change for weakness es to gain strength? How would accomplish it? What’s the first steps?

I believe you can do it if you have self worth and determination to go forward.
Smiled your loved by me and universe

I have faith you can do it.
I’m here if you need me .be love, be light-n

)0( new year Resolution 2022 make this your year…)0(

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess    Were snowed in for day.in paris idaho. No school for kids and relaxing day by the fire. Heres something to think about.

Heres a affirmations I created say”
”  New year Resolution 2022 “Make this year to be Adventurous,  try new things and explore your world with gratitude and love”

For many of us it’s time to consider what goals we want to see for this new year. Each has the ability to decide what we want to choice to do in life.

Consider setting some small goal to break you out to into this new year . Here list of ideas
•  Buy a journal and start to journal thought of the new year. What do you want to acoomplish?
• Start a workout routine with friend to get the body moving ,  you will  feel better and it help with seasonal depression or anxiety
• Try to meditate for 10 mins a day  I use insight timer app it’s free and download play store
• Meditate with  crystal and stones. Think of their healing properties
• Do coloring meditation with colored pen and new coloring book
• Plan to do family fun activities this month even ame night or movie and popcorn. Invite friends to join you as well their family.
• Go outside play in snow or walk in park.
• Go to arboretum or museum
• Consider taking art classes bn or look to craft classes
• Do a spa night with group of friends do facials, paint your nail ,etc
• Find some unique tarot spread and a a reading with friend.  Or use pendulum to divine for the coming month .
• Meditate and learn to connect with your spirit guides, Angel’s and Goddesses.
• Look to book on spiritual journey . See what may interest you look to amazon and explore their book even used paperback can be found cheap if take the time to look.

. if you need me, I’m here to help.

Happy new year  from our snowy paris to you all
Smile you are loved, Be love be light-n

Happy new year 2022

Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess. We wanted to wish a happy new year
May this new year  bring joy, peace and loving light to you and your loved ones.
Be love be light-n

)0( Holiday affirmations for positive enegry)0(

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Happy holidays from our family to you in snowy paris idaho.

Heres something to think about.
Heres a affirmations I created say”
”  I open my self up to find joyous,  peaceful and loving moments this holiday seaon”

I know it’s Christmas eve today here I nour little town as well the rest of part of world. Other the next has happen and everyone is celebrating. 

Try to take a moment and enjoy this day with family and friends that appreciate you, and love you and your loves ones

. Give hugs smiles and even tell them how you feel about them and why. Even if you you could nt get them something special , write a letter write their name why each letter in the means to you. . Make them a card with what ever you have in 0hone with markers, color pens, even use stickers.  Have fun and explore.

Try to find the happiness , and Make a small to positive outcome even when challenged. Remember to smile today, and maybe a short walk in the snow can help . See the wonder this holiday can bring.

. if you need me, I’m here to help.

Happy holidays from our snowy paris to you all
Smile you are loved, Be love be light-n

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