)0( Iwant to be remembered as a person of inner balance and strength affirmations)0(

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Heres something to think about.
Heres a affirmations I created says
“I want To Be Remembered, As A Person of Inner Balance and Strength ”

Take a moment to think about this affirmation , or maybe  just think about what you want to be remembered for?  We each go thru different experiences in life that teaches us personal growth. We gain insight to each challenge in life. We need to remind ourselfs to with a little faith we can master things in life.

We matter in life. To those who loves us as we are,  take moment to find what you want to he remembered as a person  of valor?, lovable?, humor? Kind hearted? Outgoing ?
Dont put negative and say “i can say people will remember me as being chaos , or even  insecure .” This is time to change your point of view of yourself. Time to rebalance your life.

What are your weakness? What are your strength? What would change for weakness es to gain strength? How would accomplish it? What’s the first steps?

I believe you can do it if you have self worth and determination to go forward.
Smiled your loved by me and universe

I have faith you can do it.
I’m here if you need me .be love, be light-n

)0( affirmations of the day release what hold me )0(

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess,
Spiritual guidance for today and affirmations  I Created Says” I Release what holds me back from Happiness, and I invite positive enegry to transform my life ”

Have you ever noticed how something can drain the joy  from you or even Happiness?

I ‘ve had   people, that unknown for years, family, even Jobs I did a lot of waitressing  job that can be hard for alot of of people. That just sucks the joy out of life. It can even someone says snarky remark , when going shopping  at out town area.  I dont usually dwell on it, just try to focus on the positive and find a way to remove negativity from my life.

If it’s people who cause drama or disruption I say a prayer to Universe,  Angel’s, Goddess,even God to help me find solution quietly remove people out of my life. Though  my hubby says he can do it for me..lol I try to find non drama path. Just cut them out, and move on. Other with my job that sucked I start looking for new job that can pay better or find something totally different. 

Some would say I just aviod confronting  situations with people.  I dont want to fight, I stand up for my self if i need to bot afraid of that. But why hassle with shouting or back biting and get rude  stuff out. I want to set better example  for my children.  I hate long out drama fest with people.  They say stuff and then I do. Not worth my breath.

Life can have its challenges in many forms. Remeber we can set up limiting beliefs in our minds, we cant find happiness. This can be negative programming from early time  In Life from family, relatives even friends.

It’s not all our fault, but if we can take a little bit of responsibility, and just change our perspective  about our life. Turn upside down. And look at different point of view even for half and hour. We may see the triggers we need to change or thought patterns  ,or just make a small vow not to react like we have past and try different ways to maybe change our life for the better. 

This part of change isnt easy. It would not be a challenge  if it was. But small baby steps. Do what makes you feel good. Set up healthy boundaries  with yourself and others. Learn to say “NO”, or find another ways  to protect yourself , even protect those you care and love  in your life.

Write a list even a small one to see what would make you happy.  It could be finding a better job,  learn to cook  a new recipe and share with those who appreciate you.

go walking or work out  with friends,find hobby to enjoy, use your artistic talents in a creative way.  Maybe consider doing meditation  even for 10 mins anywhere.

The Universe,  Angel’s, Goddess and God doesnt want us to suffer all the time or be in depression.  We need to find happiness within ourselves first, then explore our world and make a better place for you and your love ones. I know you can do it. I believe in you.

If you have any questions im here to help.
Be love be light-n

How To See Your Past Life, Tips and Ideas to Have Magickal Time.

update 10/23/22

Hello beautiful Spirit come learn a unique way to see your own past life. We each possess the ability to look into the past . here are tips and ideas, how you can be successful with it.

Hello beautiful Spirit it’s Norma you know Forevrgoddess. A Last year I wrote an article “Witchy celebrating Autumn season or Samhain  Ideas” . I made mention of posting an article” how to see your own past life”

I offer this past life reading service within my boutique , for clients, friends, even relatives to look into their past lives to see what blockages or patterns that may repeat this life , where the lesson wasn’t learn or  to see why people who come into our can disturb things, why we can’t let go of them . it may be the reason  why certain people you feel a deep connection to  in this current life now.

I will share some info I found out how to do my own past life reading, when I was teenager. So let’s begin shall we?

This meditation was first brought to my attention in 1990s, it was part of a booklet, long lost by a psychic . my father wanted to do past life readings to uncovers moment or parts of his life. The meditation is simple. Anyone on any level can do it, have paper and pen near by. Or even digital recorder if easier.

This meditation is fire Scrying.  This meditation can take up to 1 hour or more depending how long you want to  work on it. Turn off phone or put on vibrate, tell everyone you want to not disturbed if you lives with others. Or wait when baby asleep or family in bed for the night. This your  private time.

 Couple things you might consider  to do before for  meditations , may benefits,  you can work with the moon cycle working with new moon to full moon.  Or Use during time of  seasonal cycles, equinox or solstice ,  1 day before, 1during equinox or solstice,1 day afterwards.  Ted Andrews suggest to do up   3 days in row to feel and try to connect and get information.  Use1-3 days for new moon  to full lunar cycle .  So decide what time work s best for you.

Take ritual bath or shower to get feel  cleansed and refreshed or smudge yourself with sage or Palo Santo, I use more Palo Santo than sage it helps connects on spiritual more psychic connection than sage. But do what feels best to you.

Candle colors : white, purple, violet, pink, indigo, you’ll  only need one , unless you have fireplace then make a fire , you can use the  light of the   fire  for meditation.

Drink tea of Mugwort: to increase psychic abilities and visons and  vivid dreams . Buddha tea make Mugwort tea. It will be bitter add 1 tbsp. of honey to help sweeten. But  make sure with taking any flower or herbal teas. Make sure it doesn’t interact with any meds you currently taking. Look on google to check for interacting meds Mugwort conflicts with and not.  Mugwort tea does work for women with certain female conditions.

If you wish you use incense: lavender, sage, frankincense,  patchouli , sandalwood. I prefer lavender or sandalwood.

Crystals use any of these gemstones or crystals I have many of these can make past life healing gemstone kits .

Herkimer diamond, Rhodinite, Lapis lazuli, Amethyst, Double terminated quartz [ 1 one point on each end of crystal quartz ]  You might want to charge them in moonlight or sunlight, I use both so you extra power and strength from gemstone or crystal.

Goddess/ God. / Elementals/ angel:  call upon your patron Goddess or God for help or ask Odin, Hecate, Arianrhod, Babd . Oya, Isis, Fortuna . phoenix,  arch angel Gabriel ,to help with past life reading 

Go into your private room or sacred space, bless the room by smudging it, gather your candle, incense or gemstones. Pen/ paper /or even  recorder .  You will need one candle, unless your using fireplace, the make a fire. Feel free to smudge the room if needed if not then proceed,  Cast circle of protection or say protection prayer to make it safe for you, always a benefit to be safe and protected. Ask your Patron goddess or god to step in surround you with protection a guidance during this Scrying

 Take a moment light the candle and incense, grab a crystal or gemstone if you want , if not it’s fine too.  relax your body, let go of daily tasks you preformed to day, tell your mind to quiet down. Take few deep breaths.  in then  out  relax your mind . make sure your sitting comfortable.  Sit by the candle you have lit, look at the candle flame , as you wake your deep breath in and out you, try not  to  blow out the flame. Watch flame move and dance remember to set the intention out loud or quietly in mind you want to look into past life. Watch the flame for a few minutes as you visualize  into the flame ,  allow a door to appear deep within the flame. All the way into back of flame. Red or yellow as the flame color, see your self walking into the flame a reaching the door the room is warm but not over hot or burning. You reach down to grab the door handle which isn’t hot, but warm as you grab and turn the handle see the door open inwards, the light of sun fills the door way and walk through the door way.

 See yourself surrounded in moment of you past life. Look to  look around the room or town , time era, clothing, languages spoken, if there are cart, cars,  or horse drawn carriages.  See if you notice a written word of the  location, shops, look down to you your own clothes you wear make mental note. Look at hands, notice skin tone, shape.

Try to find a something reflective, a puddle of water,  water trough, mirror, even reflective shop window , so you can see yourself. Always Make mental notes of everything you see ,even hear esp. languages or words used.   As you noticed your self reflection, look hair color eyes, skin tone, shape of face , hair color.

Look to your hands, note and jewelry a wedding ring, color of gemstones. Also  see if your hands are ,  soft or rough looking { if soft fine refine life style or  merchant , hard rough hands of worker or farmer]. Shape of body even color of clothing , what was the style. I know its a lot to think but some of these can help you identify a time era , and state of class you were in.

See if your jewelry will show a religious symbol or amulet? To show maybe your belief you worshipped then. If you some one approaches see if they say your name, try to talk to them  see where it goes.

When done, take a moment ask for your goddess, god, angel, etc. to have a door appear red or yellow, walk up to it , feel the handle, turn it open door, walk through. feel the warmth of fire surround you and door behind you, gentle closes. Walk through the flame back to your body go return to sitting position. Awaken feel your toes and fingers move them a bit.

Give thanks to those who helped you , don’t forget to give an offerings, look to book to find suitable offerings , I give mine gemstones , hand made items, and food.  Move slowly just case your off balance. Then grab you paper / pen or recorder.

Write down or give all info from what you’ve seen and hear. Don’t worry if everything doesn’t come quick. it can comeback in a few days be prepared to write it down you have a lot to process, I know it will be exciting as I see it too. Any questions feel free ask me. 

Do the meditation again try to go back into that past life reflections. if you don’t make new notes of new life your exploring . . know even if you find out who you are to find it in history might be challenge with technology  and looking into history thing can be possible but remember the further back you go the records might not be accurate. Remember in history we had many wars: not just world war I or world war II, thing can get lost or destroyed . but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Remember to get grounded after such psychic work, eat something dark chocolate, salad, go sit outside in grass, be with sun or moonlight for sometime.  Even if you feel light taking a shower you can ground with water as touches your skin. And go to bed, sleep can help you unlock what you see. Have paper pen by the bed as mentioned before.

 I wish you the best of luck, if you need help or anything else let me know ok ?

If you would like to Book Past life reading appointment, PM me as can talk or look to my contact page for links where to make your appointment.  or if you need anything from My Boutique

Remember Be Uplifted, Be Inspired, Be love, Be light- N-Norma


moonmantra #forevrgoddessboutique

Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess.
Today I will present this beautiful full moon quote. I recently last week had close friends come visit for spiritual healing and spiritual mentoring. Our family was grateful and enjoy our friends visit. I will be posting more this week , slowly going back to work . I’m grateful I can offer energy healing from my home besides , intuitive/psychic reading and unique boutique items. Your family enjoyed Sharing meal and discussion spiritual topics and enjoy beautiful countryside of life in rural paris idaho. Blessings of love and light-n


Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Moon mantra for today is ” I see the Moons’s reflection in the sea as clearly as I see the Goodness in my soul”.

Love thyself. Accept your self. Become awaken to a new phase of life.

Even if others try to point our your mistakes or Faults. Learn to Rise above those that may hold you back . If there were mistake that happen. Learn from that hidden lesson.and move forward.

We are unique and we each are filled with love and joy and Goodness.

Were perfect in our unique way. Other will judge because they dont accept themselves. And it’s not your job to worry about that.

Take time to honor yourself. Remember to say in mirror ,or even pop up message on your calendar . Any of these phrase.
“I am worthy of love”
“I love myself”
“I am filled with love and light”
“I am accept myself as I am”
“I am generous and kind”
“I am lovable and funny”
“I appreciate myself’

Try not to judge yourself so harsh if you feel to do so. Remember we each chose to come down and learn some lesson to help reach enlightenment or next phase of our life.

If you need help look for friends, loves ones to uplift you and offer support. Dont forgot to offer the same in return. For those who support you.

If you have any questions im here to help

Gemstone chosen were:amethyst for inner peace and protection. Rosequartz carved Goddess for love , tenderness, self love.
Tigereye for inner strength, confidence.
Unakite:balance mood swing, love and comfort.

. Be love be light-n

#tuesday transformation

tuesday transformation

Positive quotes for transformation
Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess

Today positive quote for transformation for today is
“I love and appreciate myself just as I am”

Today let’s talk about appreciating yourself, many have a hard time loving ourselves.  We forget to love ourselves.  As I always have said were each unique, we  are bless with different qualities. 

Many people have other that uplift them to feel positive and loved. But so.etime we need to first appreciate ourselves. Even when were have our bad days, we feel out of sort. Depressed ,even mad at ourselves .

But remember we each have opportunities to learn a lesson each day.  each day we can be inspire to understand and move forward from the lesson. 

We each possess Free will, we can make our own choice. Some lesson may comeback again if you didnt fully understand or give meaning to lesson answer is. 

But remember universe, God,Goddess, Angels each want to achieve the best possible life. Your never alone when the problem comes, they are always with you. But you must ask them for help, in signs, symbols even with asking in a prayer to help shed light where to be inspired from.

Remember to love and appreciate yourself.
You should be the first to uplift yourself,  give yourself permission to love you.

If you have any questions im here to help.
Be love be light-n



Hello it’s norma you know Forevrgoddess
Its Thursday  and we always talk gratitude.  I know for a while you’ve heard what I’ve been grateful for in my life. Which give you a perspective to my life.

Today I’m curious to know what your grateful for?  If you list 3 things what would they be?
It can be anything, that makes you happy .
Or if you feel silly and not sure what to say .here  short list  grateful for job to pay Bills , food on table and roof over my head.

When I was going thru a rough time I was told to write gratitude journal.
Each day write 3 things your grateful for.

Consider buya pretty journal and creating a gratitude journal . Write 3 things a day for week.

Those who make you smile? book you love to read?, favorite dish? what’s season of the year your love? What inspiration are you grateful for?
whats gives you comfort? favorite people?, who gives the best hugs? , who’s support your grateful for?.  Who  or what makes you smile or laugh? What’s best part of the day ? 

Dont be surpise within a week,  how long of list you have.   Dont forget to tell those in your life how appreciate them.  Find ways of showing them , maybe do dinner party. Summer perfect for outdoor gathering. Or just take a few friends out for coffee.

Spend time with those who support you
There are many things to grateful for..
So share with me. Let’s soul connect what are you grateful for?  Be love be light-n

#innerwitchygoddess series #selflove


Hello it’s Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Today this quote I wrote sometime is the truth for many of us. “Rekindle love with yourself. Remember  Self love is so important . We forget or avoid this part at time within our lives.  It’s hard this day and age with how fast this world is going , we tend to forget about ourselves.  Were busy with work or career, school, college,  family, children and maybe a little bit of romance in mix. We have ourselves pulled in so many directions.

With virus and world wide shut down of 2020. Many of us did our part to create our own inner world. Many talked of doing self care, self love and healing journey within.

When I was younger I believed that being with some who I love would , complete me and I would feel love.  But like something in life ,relationship dont work that way,  and some ended badly.  

We are born complete the day we take our first  breath . We are made of love, we can give love, and we need to remember we can nurture love within ourselves.

  As time moved on I realize something when I came I to my relationship with my husband rob. Self love was important.  He reminded me of that. To truly love  someone else is to first love ourselves.

We need to love our selves for who we are. We may not be perfect , I know I’m not . But it make us unique ,  if we can forgive ourselves for the mistakes we’ve done . Learn from lessons that were shown from our mistakes we can grow.  Self love is good for soul.

If you notice  people put you down for any reason . It’s not you  , they hate themselves. Dont get me wrong some of hateful words from other can cause damage, but only so long . Remove them from your life. Even if love relationship ,family, even friends. Know when it good time to walk away. 

Tonight grab a paper and pen. Write what are your strength? What are you good at? What are your weakness?  If you can change any of them , how would you do it?

Write list  of self care   to love your self and add a few things each  day. Check off thing that you did , and write 2 new self love tasks to do next.

Binge watch your favorite show  on netflix
Buy some  new make up , out fit, maybe lovely scented bath bomb,  I have friend who makes some lovely bath bombs
Listen to music, dance, sing -what make you feel good
Meditate to music .pop in some ear phone got sit in park or place of nature and listen to soothing music for 15-20 mins

Go for walk -doing excerise  make you feel good even for 20 mins
Find fun coloring  book  or print off pages online,  and do color theraphy  and post them on facebook or Instagram  to show friends and family.
Snuggle with pet , your children or eve love ones. Hugs and snuggle truly heal the soul.

Look for self care journal,  or self care book I’ve seen a few on amazon.com

Doing a few things a week for yourself is good .  Smile your loved even by me. 

Well talk more about self love ideas to inspire more soon. Be love be light -n



Hello it’s me Norma, you know Forevrgoddess, today let’s talk about,
What has inspired you on your spiritual journey? What started it all? What do you feel you’ve learned?

Heres alittle about me I be been practicing the magickal path and wiccan, since a teenage, im will be 47 yrs this December. I grew of up spainsh catholic , a little stricter than most. I always loved the saints and virgin mary .I learn earlier that my path with church wasnt for me. BUt I dont bash the church I believe for many it can help them find peace with God.

Over the years I learned what it meant to be wiccan .

I consider my self eclectic wiccan I gather much knowledge and experience working with many Goddess and Gods. My altar is mixed of greek, hindu, celtic, Buddhist , santeria and now Norse. I dont claim to know it all or think I’m above others. I’m willing to share with other my knowledge and offer insight for them to look for within themselves.

In the recent years I’ve accepted on being a light worker, to help other find inspiration to their magickal path with in the craft. I try to find inspiring words of wisdom or share positive thoughts and enegries with others.

We can each learn from each other, learn and observe other experiences. Even if come off different or unusual. Each of us have a divine purpose in life .
Remember never stop learning , be humble in your path, be appreciated of others and Goddess who bless your life, know you are loved by me and Goddess

Share with me your journey? What inspires you go beyond? Where do you want to be in year? Or even a few months?
. If ever you need help or insight my door always open. Be love be light-n

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