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“Live with passion and intention.”

Hello it’s me norma you know, Forevrgoddess . Today for Tuesday transformation. Let’s talk intentions and how to be passionate about them. I got this phrase from dragon wisdom pocket charms I carry in my box set in my boutique.

Each day as we rise with the sun, would it not be fun to do a lil bit of magick with your morning brew. I know I’m up early esp as the last days are for school for son Gabe. Trinity got out of school week for preschool, shell go back in this fall

. The first few things I do to get my day started grab a cup of coffee. The morni g sun shines thru my office window telling me rise and shine. I grumble how bright the sun is some times. I know I’m not the only one. .lol.

i turn to east,walk to my win dow and greet the sun. Feeling it warmth of morning sun my skin . before taking my first sip and taste of my coffee with milk.

” I ask my Goddesses , God , Universe , Angel’s for blessing of a good day. That things are easy and I have pleasant day. I ask for guidiance if I needed today. And I ask for protection as I go about my day at home or in town . Thank you “

Then i hurry to take my morning vitamins and supplements. Make gabe lunch, Get trinity ready to take her brother to school, Then off I go. Rob got gabe ready before waking me,which always helps. Setting our intentions for the day before going about is good way to connect with universe.

You set intentions for job interviews goes well. That prices at market are on sale , if low on cash, ask for protection from noisy neighbor who like to stop you on your walk and ask you personal questions. .

We each deserve to set our intentions for our days.

Remind ourselves to think on the positive things in life. Remember try not to set intention with weak words”would, should, hope ,like” say it in positive sense
” I will have a good day” “I can past my test today” “I am confident “

Visualize your day going as you wish, smile the universe, Goddess, God, Angel’s, heard your prayer. Go out confident and smile for the day to begin.

The more positive we set our intentions and more we do it, it will easy to do. And if I forget to say my prayers as start my day, and get busy I stop for moment breathe . Do it. I promise it will help.

For tomorrow morning intention, what will you ask for? What do you need help with?
Be Love Be Light-n

Inner witchy Goddess series

Remember To Be the Empowered Goddess you have been made to be.

We are each like her
Fierce,confident, protecting Goddess as well as loving, nurturing, passionate, and sensual.

I see this in me, do you see yourself as beautiful goddess? We are each made in Goddess loving shape, we’re gorgeous, Empowered women of joy. I believe you can, just look within pass all the imperfections we tend to see in mirror .

Remember we’re given a unique opportunity to share our love , empower, nurture our soul to care for ourselves and other we share in this life.

Smile your loved by your inner goddess. See her in your mirror everyday, even day you feel ugly with tears on your face, make up all messed up, and feeling broken and hurt.

Remember we are each stronger than we think we are. Rise above the negative comments, hurtful words said by others, or our inner demons that torment us each day.

Be reborn as each day the sun rises , we are each powerful , We can make our lives what we want and desire.

Smile tomorrow another day to embrace those close to you, goddess bless .
Remember to shine your light, grow your fire within , so others can learn to relight their fire within from your example and be reborn as empowered Goddess.
Be love Be light-n.

Do you feel Empowered now? What has been inspired for you?

One day soon we will share more knowledge Inner witchy Goodess , to empower the Goddess within you.

Wellness Wednesday


Hello I hope your having a good day.
Let’s talk about our own personal wellness.
We are each blessed with body, and some written I think buddha says “Our body is a temple” some of us maybe havent tended to temple so well, some maybe listen deep within and we need a change. Remember do something right for yourself. If you have alot of stresses and you feel tired all the time and no matter what you eat, drink or even do . You cant get more enegry.  And it effects your family life, home , school even your work.

You feel drained all the time , maybe it’s time to look at your life. Consider maybe changing a few things.  Let me give you a little back ground about me. When I was 37 year old (10yrs ago) I weight 150 pd  then I had 2 full term pregnancy  I gained up 197pd  with both with gabe and trinity after they  wereborn I dropped 180 pd , aftertired to lose weight but I had my setbacks

. I didn’t  have any health issues for being over weigh, but I didnt watch what I ate. 3 year ago I started to suffer from severe migraines. And dr i suggest me trying to lose weigh help tame these migraines beside meds.  with stress of 2020 and home schooling my kids, which wasnt a problems more getting my children with austism spectrum to calm and focus to do their  school work. Gabe did great, trinity my wild child   was bit tricky. but we got it done. Lol  stresses of worrying for normal stuff even though were in rural southeast idaho , had some setback, but we overcome the stresses and been good.

I realized that break in 2020 walking with my kids and doing moderate  exercise  i was able to lose weigh lt and some of migraines slowly , stopped.  I had some challenges as year went on. But coming this year in January  I decide  tobe  grow stronger.  Invested in my health to get better  lose the weight, help tame these migraines. Yes some times they are bad, but with new meds I’m on it helps. 

Changing my diet by looking for triggers how to over come them and watch myself.
Heres my point to be come more healthier for my self and wanting  to be around longer with out any health problems  with children as they grow.I needed to control  what i did to my body. 

Yes meditation does help, to focus on my goal seeing it comes to life what iwant to do, even short goals I got a tredmill and small home gym to use help tone shape my body as did in my 30s.  Trying to get better no I’m not any diet. I dont believe in that

I took a few classes on health ,nutrition and workouts on online college called Udemy.com and learn alot about what should eat and what steps to help see new goal with my weight. I can refer to a few teacher if your curious.

I made plan to do better, yes I do still eat some of my favorite sweets but I watch my portions, try to treat my self as with good work out not with food .by going shopping for new workout top or pants. I do different types yoga, pilates,  treadmill and weights. 

Each of us can get healtier
Eat more deep greens  veggies, drink more water , drop coffee switch to green tea. Eat healthier snacks , avoid processed foods,  make plan with yourself and family to make a change it doesnt have be overnight,  small changes to start

. I’m not perfect I have cheating days and do indulge in some of sinful stuff  it ok . But know your limits.

I’ll talk more healthier  and spiritually connected to life .make time and look at what you might want to change in life for better you.  You deserve only the best . Be love be light-n

“Find your path to happiness “

” Find your path to Happiness “- Forevrgoddess
Hello , I hope your having a good day. Here a quote ,I wrote years ago. I was a waitress at little restaurant in soda springs, idaho.

I found d to insert little quotes to inspire people in their daily life. I always created a new quote each day as I worked and wrote on bottom of ticket. Some would chuckle, other would smile.

Each of us have an opportunity to find path to happiness. It can be as simple as awaken each morni g to know your alive and breathing and grateful you arise with the sun.

Settle down with your morni g drink of choice , think out your day daily tasks, find ways to sprinkle some joy in your life and maybe in a few others.

Pick joyful color to dress for the day cheerful colors can be yellow, green, pink , if you wear any blue make it turquoise .bright colors are wonderful, And so cheerful.

Decide as you dress for the day set intention and ask blessings from.universe, Angels, Goddess, God ,for your day to be blessed with joy, inner peace , happy moment and abundance in love.

Try to smile at your self in mirror , think to yourself. ” I am beautiful, worthy of happiness, peace ,love and joy. I bless with abundance in all things in life.”

And go about your day. Stop from time to smell the flowers blooming around town ,as you . Take moment to go park and take cup of drink choice . Feel the sunlight warm your skin, feel wind blow , admire the spring time life stir again.

If you can and safely go for walk in woods , arboretum or nature park for even 30 mins ,take a lunch and have picnic bring a friend or family member. if weather permits. . Sit by a running water feel the enegry and connection to you, dont be afraid to dip your feet. Maybe a for a minute depending on water is warm in your area.

If water cold like our is in paris ,idaho. The sitting by it is good enough. Be safe if snow is melting and creek or stream is full water rushing fast , it can be dangerous for small pets or children esp if they fall in. Safety first.

Try to find joy in your day . Smile more , you bless in this world. Find some new hobbies to try, look to pinterest for Crafty spring ideas, to get into a happy mood.

Do some meditations from Insight timers app, even do yoga to make you feel good. accept positive enegry into your life , look for it everyday.

Dont forget give thanks at the end of the day to those you worship for good days , even bad days too, there maybe lessons to learn this day.

If you need me I’m always here, Goddess Bless. Be love Be light-n

Forevrgoddess intuitve services “Love Edition”

Hello ,I hope your having Good day? I wanted to present what love themed intuitive/psychic readings I offer. Some of you may be going In different part of love from exploring the world to see who your soul mate?  Dating people,  what you think of certain guy? ,  Is He iNto Me? How to create passionate spark rekindled  in couple or create deeper connection together.  Find Understanding of your lover,  theirs thoughts, actions ,even their feeling so  you can go forward

  I’m Also  here for those going thru break up or divorce. We look and see where maybe we can heal the parts broken and find insight how to move forward and maybe when ready allow love in again.  What Next in Love  for me?

We gain insight from looking to you past life soul mate and see if there are any connection effecting your present love life.  To Looking to Goddess of Love , Aphrodite  to give us advice to help you find connection in love.

We can also explore your Numerlogy love compatibility. To see where your numbers in your date of birth ,give insight how you love  and maybe look to your lover info as well to see if love can be possible or overcome come any obstacles to grow stronger from this insight.

  These Intuitive/psychic readings
Are for  Anyone wanting to explore their Love Life.
offering Discounts on all our readings,
$5.00 off any intuitive reading valued $12.00 or more . ITs half off some readings. DM me with any questions, if you cant find what your looking for don’t hesitate to ask ,I’m here to help

We also offer other unique reading  numberlogy reading, 4 elements, come meet your Goddesses . Angels, faeries and other wonderful readings offered. . Use promo code:PSYCHIC$5
coupons expires Feb 28, 2021
Blessings of love and light -n
Here the link.

Find out More ,click on facebook service page and link to my boutique, to see what psychic services we provide

Something to think about…..

Hello , for many us have walked path, that we feel as though everything has been destroyed either a relationship, work, friends and even love ones.

I know it’s not easy, trust me I’ve been thru many thing in life that has set me back for days even weeks. But I always remember what a woman once told me my ex grandma. She and her son came to visit to look for my ex ,he was gone with another woman. She saw I was visibly upset . She said .”God would not give you these challenges and hardship or trials if you were not strong enough. “
I felt surpised at the words , and I began to smile.

I felt deep down ,Dont turn back! move forward with life , say prayer to heaven and move on. I’ve had my struggles in life more than I can count on both hands. But I always remember her words. Any setback I felt . I remember her words and felt a spark within. I felt fire to be stronger than before. And I knew I always deserved better , know my worth. I’ll wipe my tears away and look to heaven with silent prayer for guidiance. Sit and meditate , So I can see where I need to go next .

Remember your worthy of so much if you dont give up. Be stronger , be wiser of those you draw close, dont be afraid to tell others how you like to treated. And when you have setback. Then remember grandma words. See how they can empower you to go beyond and leave those who wish to destroy you behind.

If you see a repeating pattern of destruction or see the same problem happen again and again it’s time to look deeply those in your life.that you may need to leave or detox from for your self, family and love ones. You deserve to be love and cherish.

Create your magickal space.

I’m always here if ever you need me . BE love be light-n

)0(inspiring quotes)0(

Hello we are each unique and what drives us for our purpose in life can be magickal and meaningful. Try to be gentle on others, try not to judge or remark some one , even enemy . We each deserves a prayer. We might not know what other going thru, what hardship were put on this earth to face, challenges to overcome to see the light. I’ve had many people who parted in anger with me or our line communications never worked out . It’s amazing how some comeback to find their true light and make amends with me. I’ve be come cautious who I keep in my life. I cherish those who have my support be it friends, family even client. Be open to all , send a prayer to those all who are in your life , kin or even stranger on the street. I’m here if ever you need me . May the Goddess bless you with the love and light-n

Halloween charm

Hello I wanted to share this beautiful Halloween charm i discovered years from one of my favorite Authors Gerina Dunwich.

Her book, “The Pagan book of Halloween “

It’s simple Halloween charm to recite before doing any divination or scrying this Halloween or Samhain. this from her book

May the Answers that you seek , with this charm be fruitful. Be love Be light-N

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