)0( My life is full when I, remind myself that I live a charmed life)0(

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Heres something to think about.
Heres a affirmations I created say”
” My Life Is Full, when I remind myself that I live a charmed life”

Make a small to positive outco.e this holiday season. Bring the wonder of joy and loving light to you and those within your life.

. if you need me, I’m here to help.
Smile you are loved, Be love be light-n

Happy Thanksgiving and affirmations for the day

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
We want to wish you the best this Thanksgiving evening. Heres something to think about. For this holiday 

Heres a affirmations I created say”
” My Life Is Full, When I appreciate My Love ones and Friends in my life”

Hugs from all of us in Paris Idaho
Smile you are loved, Be love be light-n

Self care for autumn brief list


Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Let’s talk briefly on self care for autumn season. Many of us are busy with daily life( going to school or online college,  work , family life, home life, etc)

we need to take time to reflect bring balance into our lives as autumn equinox  approaches .

We need to figure out what we can bring more balance approach in our lives this autumn season as it becomes winter.

Self care ideas
• Buy a journal to write down , and reflect what lesson you have learned this summer . Consider doing journal prompt question see how far you have spiritual grown this past year. And what goals you want to set for this season.
• Do coloring  meditation with fun coloring book and markers and have fun ,print off copies let kids join in
• Meditate for 10-20mins a day ,I use insight timer app which free look to google play store. I love my app
• Meditate with Crystals and gemstones, use rosequartz,-self love and comfort  amethyst-inner peace and protection, amazonite – help calm mood swings, larimar-bring about peace and harmony
• Soak in Epsom salt bath with lavender or rose essential oils.  For 20 mins
• Bake a treat and share with love ones or friend with tea.
• Go for nature walk and see the changes from late summer to fall
• Snuggle up cozy with books
• Spiritual cleanse home and self with smudging herbs:palo santo, cedar, white sage.

I will share more in article soon . Have any questions im here to help

#tuesday transformation

“Remember to find joy”
Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Here another positive transformational quote ”  Remember to find joy” this come from my pocket charm called brigid heart.

Today let’s talk about finding joy in life. We may find joyful moments inlife and not realized it. This quote can be consider being thankful for things in life.

As summer comes to an end next week I thought to be fitting to create a small list to create to start to enjoy the changing season. I love watch our leaves on tree begin to change colors. And with cool temperatures at night I feel the beginning of fall.my favorite time of year.

List of some ideas you find joy or be inspire to think of moment to be joyful for.plus feeling bit witchy is fun
• Find joy enjoying the first sip of coffee in morning while sitting in sunshine on cool day

* using crystal grid to invite positive enegry in for fall
• Enjoy a autumn picnic  with you loves one, talk positively and laugh.
• Going shopping to find some unique items for autumn, witchy  or Halloween decor for your home
• Having a uplifting conversation with friend or love one.
• Go picking for Apples in orchard with loves ones
• Go for walk in nature , in nature park , forest or even country side collect autumn leaves and acorns  .find some autumn crafts ideas
• Take a moment to do self care for autumn season
• Curl up with good book for spiritual enlightenment,  I can refer some just ask
• Sip a cup of  pumpkin spice mocha or hot coco .I love to get my cup at my local coffee shop.

These are small ideas I will present more in our article for enjoying witchy  autumn season. Have any questions im here to help.

We have autumn box sets as well brigid heart gift set within our Forevrgoddess boutique.  PM me with questions

Go to our contact page to find a link to my boutique.

Be love be light-n

#tuesday transformation

tuesday transformation

Positive quotes for transformation
Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess

Today positive quote for transformation for today is
“I love and appreciate myself just as I am”

Today let’s talk about appreciating yourself, many have a hard time loving ourselves.  We forget to love ourselves.  As I always have said were each unique, we  are bless with different qualities. 

Many people have other that uplift them to feel positive and loved. But so.etime we need to first appreciate ourselves. Even when were have our bad days, we feel out of sort. Depressed ,even mad at ourselves .

But remember we each have opportunities to learn a lesson each day.  each day we can be inspire to understand and move forward from the lesson. 

We each possess Free will, we can make our own choice. Some lesson may comeback again if you didnt fully understand or give meaning to lesson answer is. 

But remember universe, God,Goddess, Angels each want to achieve the best possible life. Your never alone when the problem comes, they are always with you. But you must ask them for help, in signs, symbols even with asking in a prayer to help shed light where to be inspired from.

Remember to love and appreciate yourself.
You should be the first to uplift yourself,  give yourself permission to love you.

If you have any questions im here to help.
Be love be light-n

#thankful thursday


Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Today let’s talk about , affirmations.

We each can benefit from saying little  affirmations to our selves , throughout our day and life.

when we get up in the morning to start our day. as we get ready in front of mirror to get our makeup or brushing  our teeth.

You can affirmation as your drive to work go for a walk do errands  around  town.

Make it as easy as you need. The affirmations, does not need to be long sentences. So quick to remember are easy.

The ones you like take sticky note tape to your mirror in you bathroom or bedroom.

Put it in you car or day planner to remind  you.

You could even  make calendar  post on phone for it to pop each day for certain time period or just certain  days.

Here some affirmations you may like.
I manifest abundance inmy life.
I am grateful for…(fill in blank)
Work, food, roof over head, Bill’s  paid
I am grateful for love of family.
.i am grateful to have positive and uplifting friends
I am.grateful for lessons I learn this day
I am beautiful woman
I am handsome man
I am full positive enegry
I am grateful for food on my  table
I am.grateful for my home I live with my family.

These aRe just few to use
Feel free to look online or pinterest to find more that resonate with you and your life purpose. anyone can do it.

We are each divine beings, we can communicate with higher realms.  We are connected to universe And all who live there . 

May you find light within,  to maybe share with others , to inspire others to soar as far  you go or beyond

Be love be light-n



Hello it’s me norma you know Forevrgoddess.
For today. Let’s talk about inner strength

Many of us carry a very heavy load in life
Working a job from 9-5, going to college  or studying online, dealing with your children or family, even trying to keep a love relationship going. 

We take on alot responsibility  either we carry what our partner doesn’t or cant handle. To being single or even being  single parent with family.  

We can take the hits, remark, rude comments, even just disrespect  from those close to us or within our little world we live.  We are strong deep down, we try to empower ourselves to do impossible, or learn to take comments with ease and just deflect.

But there are times were just to tired to handle anything more. I know how alot of this feels I deal with it in my life in past or present.dont get me wrong my husband rob. Is perfect husband always helping, loving, we rarely fight, were always good.

But someone and some people in my life like cause stress or toxic waves of emotions. Which I try to handle. When I feel knocked down or feel I’m going to cry from frustration.  Rob grabs my hand says “You are stronger than you think you are” he hugs me and gives me kiss on my forehead. He will tell me loves me.  I feel his strength to give me strength.

To stand  stronger than before.  But what those os us who are alone  , or in relationships ship not uplifting or supported.now is the time rise for yourself, rise up for your children. 

As I have Mentioned this be fore “God doesnt challenges  us if he thinks we cant handle it. But it take time to re adjust and try again. Voice your thoughts you have right. Consider reading articles or talking to therapist to find way to help voice your feelings. 

How you want to be treated, how much is enough that you carry now. Remind those in your life, you are strong and complete.  But everyone says dont listen to toxic voices, rude people,  etc

. Its hard some time esp if they know how to trigger your buttons. Look to God, Universe,  Angel’s, Goddess , etc for support and faith thing can get better.make change in your life even a small to.become a big change.

If you need friend im.here
Blessings of love and light-n

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