Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Moon mantra for today is ” I see the Moons’s reflection in the sea as clearly as I see the Goodness in my soul”.

Love thyself. Accept your self. Become awaken to a new phase of life.

Even if others try to point our your mistakes or Faults. Learn to Rise above those that may hold you back . If there were mistake that happen. Learn from that hidden lesson.and move forward.

We are unique and we each are filled with love and joy and Goodness.

Were perfect in our unique way. Other will judge because they dont accept themselves. And it’s not your job to worry about that.

Take time to honor yourself. Remember to say in mirror ,or even pop up message on your calendar . Any of these phrase.
“I am worthy of love”
“I love myself”
“I am filled with love and light”
“I am accept myself as I am”
“I am generous and kind”
“I am lovable and funny”
“I appreciate myself’

Try not to judge yourself so harsh if you feel to do so. Remember we each chose to come down and learn some lesson to help reach enlightenment or next phase of our life.

If you need help look for friends, loves ones to uplift you and offer support. Dont forgot to offer the same in return. For those who support you.

If you have any questions im here to help

Gemstone chosen were:amethyst for inner peace and protection. Rosequartz carved Goddess for love , tenderness, self love.
Tigereye for inner strength, confidence.
Unakite:balance mood swing, love and comfort.

. Be love be light-n

#wellnesswednesday #innerwitchygoddess series



Hello its norma , you know Forevrgoddess
Let’s talk about our wellness or health.
Sometime we notice some days were tired, drained, cranky, not in good mood. Have you ever thought of change 1 or 2 small changes in your life?

You know I’m trying to lose weight, and it comes with struggles esp as my health was starting to effected.  I doing simple things to change, not drastic changes or fad diets

I considered trying a few diets , I went to  Udemy.com and got some diet and exercise classes. They had some good classes that talk about various diets and what people in modern world were doing .and to see if there was one for me. I admit when i was 16 years younger i tired Atkins diet, yes I lose alot of weight ,but when I went to my dr I realized it wasnt healthy.

Some people can manage alot of different diet changes. Like vegan, paleo, gluten free.  Some people need them and it can help.

After a few classes I decide to do nutrition classes to see what I needed to lose weight. But for this lil bit Wellness this what I found out.

Avoid drinking soda pop or enegry drinks. They can put  on  weight like soda does, or cause heart problems esp with enegry drinks later on in life. 
I still drink coffee or tea. But i try to limit the coffee or tea. Esp if done working out with home gym and tredmill. So I try drink more water.  add fruit to it. There tons of water flavor recipes. Yes some are called detox but trust your body will appreciate as well  your skin.  I like cucumbers,  lemon in my water.

Try to avoid processed foods, yes it’s hard not to have twinkies, potatoes  chips,or oreo cookie
Trust me its main snack in my home for husband and kids.   Remember you want to make your health better, I’m not saying to stop completely,  just try to limit what you put in your body.  I noticed when l do sneaking a sweet treat like  hostess dingdong, one it doesnt taste as good like it used . And 2nd I dont feel so good after wards. I’ll notice that with alot with processed foods.

With the whole covid  shut down of restaurants , I was ok not eating out. I started to noticed as I  cooked at home my tummy wouldnt get upset. Plus we can control how much salt goes in my food. When we have bought our favorite Mexican food at our local restaurant,  I realized how much salt the food had, and then at night how my stomach was upset.

Try to eat more green veggies, believe it or not. It actually raises your vibration when you eat wholesome food and drink water

I try to have 1 small dinner salad , I’ll fry up some fresh meat in olive oil and spice serve with my salad.  My husband always deeper green veggie is the better. So in my salad I’ll put cucumbers,  green leafy lettuce, radishes,  tomatoes,  carrots, sunflowers seed(shell free) , shredded cheese and maybe crouton. The dressings will vary. Ranch , olive oil/red wine vinegar  or just to favorite lemon. There time we have salad for dinner with freshly cooked meat.

I know alot people have different preference of meat or non meat opitions
Do what you like , I love to look for meal prep meals. Simple to do and store in fridge , heat up microwave. 
Saves time plus you can have for 3-4days  and when time is pressed it easy on hard working people who come home to home of hungry families  to figure what to feed everyone.

Plus side of meal prep you can watch how much your portion control.  Which can help lose weight.  Or so you don’t over eat.

This are just small examples  i try to change my diet, just giving you some ideas to think about .

By looking at your diet and changing a few things I have notice how much more energy  I had.  I feeling better, skin looks good, I wasnt cranky or moody. Well balanced
  Well talk more about healthy opitions  be love be light

Witchy Goddess inspired Summer self care

A witchy inspired Summer season  self care

Hello come learn some unique witchy inspired ideas to do self care for Summer solstice , enjoy

Hello it’s me Norma, you know Forevrgoddess, lets talk about summer…

Since the first days of May , it  feels magickal, with Fresh flower blooming from spring time , and now everyone ready to travel to different part of country, or get lost up in local mountains.   I think it’s the perfect time to do Summer  self-care and smudging to cleanse home, sacred space or people. Removes Negative or  stale energy, Banish and release emotions, illness, and other energy needing to be removed from home or person. Have your children or you, ring bells throughout the home to dispel negative energy and invite positive. To prepare of coming of the summer solstice.  

 I love seeing the summer time  décor. I love  feel  the warm sun on my skin as kids pays outside on the swing set.  and I sit on our green grass and  meditate with large crystal in  my lap .Sometimes I like to walk over to small creek next to my home soak our feet to cool down a fun moment of playing with kids or reconnect with water element. lol

Sometimes in this world were so busy  ( school, work, family, etc.)we forget to take a lil bit time for ourselves, self care or personal time. Were here  to help  you :  ground, center, recharge, and refocus on  good things in life.

Greet the Day

 Each of us have different paths that keep us busy everyday,  were either rushing to school  or work,  getting kids up ready for day. We might have a little bit of time before we begin  our day begins.  Rise  early greet the sun, give thanks to solar gods/Goddess for blessing a new day, even if you wake to rain it goddess  feeding her green earth to flourish and grow. Look for beauty in any weather.   Begin your day as usual washing your face , brushing teeth or even a shower.   buy a new  witchy inspire summer water bottle, perfect for the summer season.

Ways to connect with your inner Witchy Goddess..

Create a blessings journal, to write your thoughts of what your grateful for that Goddess and Gods have given so far this summer time season . Even if it’s cool  home, food in fridge and bills paid and family love. Even if it seem little or silly ,it’s ok to do often so days your sad or upset you can look back and be grateful for this world.

•             Get your nails manicured with summer  color and flowers to enjoy.

•             Go get a massage, look for local massage schools, they  give massages from student for half the amount. And you’ll feel like a million bucks.

  •  See if you find appointment with reiki healer so you get chakra aligned and get you flowing energy just right.

•             Find witchy inspired color book, and sit cozy by the bonfire if possible with cup of tea and enjoy the time for color meditation and allow the stress of the day melt away.

•             To take the moment to reconnect, go to  Safe place, park, woods, sea shore, stream, take your shoes off feel the grass , dirt , sand beneath your feet. Feel the wind in your hair, close your eye hear the calls of natures. Even if your in a big city, find a safe spot and reconnect. Meditate even if it’s 10 mins , breathe in love, harmony, light, exhale negative emotions,       sadness, frustration. Ask for guidance, tell her what you need help with, like Gods,  the Goddess , she our very essence She part of us all.

•             Take time to decorate the home with family, children love to decorate fun and festive ideas. Plus it inspire s your inner goddess to nurture those you love. Print out some coloring pages and hang them on fridge or put in frame and hang on bare wall.

•             Create dishes or finds recipes on Pinterest for Summer  favorite comfort foods. perfect time to Feed your Inner Goddess with Good wholesome foods.  Grill some meats, has colorful salads with leafy green veggies, make BLT potatoes salad { our family favorite},  Lavender lemon pound cake ,  with  summer time color sprinkles can maybe enticed the  family to feel like fall.

•             Take the family country scenic drive into forest ,  go have a picnic and have fun. Just simple ways to enjoy this season.

•             If possible go for 20-30 min walk around the block or park if possible for 3 days aweek it great way to help get a little in shape, get your heart pumping, and helps give endorphins make you feel good.  Enjoy the sights and smells of summer

•             Sit in the Sun for 20 mins, wear sunscreen if needed, feel the warmth of the sun, recharge  feel all the solar power banishing the negative, frustration, sad thoughts. Think on the bright side of life.

•             Look at our boutique: find a new candle, incense or smudge blend to set the mood and feel the positive energy about you. Look at any of your gemstones,   be inspired to learn more about them and their healing energy. Look for any books by Judy Hall   she write “crystal bible” and  more books

•             Buy water bottle with a fruit strainer so you can add chopped fruit of this summer  season  inside and enjoy them with water . perfect detox and fresh new approach to drinking water.

  •  Do some summer time crafts with family and friends, outdoors
  • Stargaze, look for constellation with children, friends and family , have moon party.
  • Get some glow in dark fun jewelry or toys to enjoy with family and friends.
  • Do Moon bathing soak the full moon energy.
  • Don’t forget to put out your crystals and gemstones out  to charge in summer solstice even just for 1 hour , let moon that night charge too.
  • Consider doing your own or ask a friend to do a  tarot reading to see what will come to pass this summer for you ,  we offer unique intuitive readings in case your curious.
  • Do spa treatments at home I like Korea paper beauty masks.you look for them on walmart.com
  • Do witchy girls night out at restaurant or outdoors
  • Bake sweet treat with edible flowers my favorite is brownies with rose petals. Serve with tea or ice tea

Dressing for the day – A little bit more about color of the day

Find color of clothing that fit the summertime  season which can give you power  to enchant your day don’t forget the matching accessories.  some places short, t shirts, hiking  boots, and jeans are fine esp. in my neck of woods in rural Paris, Idaho. We see the different weather here, we can  experience snow from march  to time till june . .  Others idea  coloring you hair or nail polish will do.

As you get dressed think to wear the best colors for the day that help color magick and energy: the list below for summer solstice colors are only  small list. Look to our Tuesday transformation blog post for more ideas color magick for empowering  your day. Though don’t be stuck with list provided, there are many colors of rainbow to wear and enchant the color of clothing. Llewellyn.com ( witches Date book or calendar always has each day of week for whole year with info what’s color to wear.)  There are much to learn about color magick and how to apply it to your life and magickal side. If you have gemstones pendants wear them to compliment the outfit or as for specific need at the moment or extra protection from city life or daily errands you might encounter issues arise. ( citrine- uplifting, pink Botswana agate –love, amethyst – protection, etc.)  . 

Colors of Summer solstice  meanings

Purple : spiritual awakening and  guidance, wisdom, spiritual progress, divine knowledge, Magick, inner peace, meditation,  beauty , psychic abilities, spiritual development . :Success, idealism, higher psychic ability, wisdom, progress, protection, honors, spirit contact, break bad luck, drive away evil, divination.

, GREEN: Abundance, fertility, good fortune, generosity, money, wealth, success, renewal, marriage, balance. prosperity, acceptance, action, attractions, balance- emotional, community, change, life, longevity, nature spirits, sleep, relationships, wisdom, trust, love, luck, dragon/faery magick, faith, favor, grounding.

Silver_ Moon energy, intuition, Moon Goddess, feminine Magick, meditations, openness, connection w/ astral plane, manifestation of your dreams, female aspect of the divine, balance, astral energy. Removes negativity, victory, stability, meditation, development of psychic abilities, female deity powers.

Pink: love,self love, emotional love, goodwill, caring, healing emotions, and trauma, peace,  romance, comfort, harmony, friendship, open heart, calm emotions,  warmth tenderness, spiritual awakening :Love, affection, romance, spiritual awakening, healing of the spirit, togetherness, friendship, harmony.

White : divine energy, goddess, all colors within, purity, truth, universal color clarity, spiritual guidance, maiden, meditation, peace, protection, activate/awaken, astral realm, balance, battle war, begininngs, blessings, diviation, guardian, enchantment, happiness, harmony, moon magick, harmony, healing, hope,

Going out into the world     As you go outside to work, errands school , etc.  Take a moment to ground and center again, focus and  visualize blue light a shield protecting you as you go into the world. To keep negative energy  and negative feels, and negative people. Try think and of wonder of the day, there are many blessings to see happening all around us.   Be grateful for simple things , say thank you if someone hold the door for you, or gives you a seat on bus or subway..

Time to reflect this time of year what summer solstice  means  to you, the longest day and short night , try  finding balance within one’s life ( work, family, school, children, etc) and what goals you want to set for this month June , July and preparing for Lammas in August, then to Mabon in September.

 Go to Farmers market, enjoy and but the fruit of this season has to offer, drink Ice tea made under the sun with friends and family , create a day or night for potluck, share sweet goodies,

Collect sunflowers,  Do some summer solstice  crafts with Family and Friends ( look on Pinterest.com for idea) Go to  summer Festival,  Enjoy the fruits and favorite foods we enjoy this time of year, did someone say “  pink lemonade …” Nothing to big , just Go  enjoy the Beauty of summer  .

May this Season of Summer solstice  Bless you with Abundance, love, good health, and little wealth. Brightest blessings – N

 If you like this article consider sharing it. Thanks-n

If you like to see more of Forevrgoddess Boutique items or readings  go to our contact page and look for boutique link and browse our selection.

Inner witchy Goddess series

Remember To Be the Empowered Goddess you have been made to be.

We are each like her
Fierce,confident, protecting Goddess as well as loving, nurturing, passionate, and sensual.

I see this in me, do you see yourself as beautiful goddess? We are each made in Goddess loving shape, we’re gorgeous, Empowered women of joy. I believe you can, just look within pass all the imperfections we tend to see in mirror .

Remember we’re given a unique opportunity to share our love , empower, nurture our soul to care for ourselves and other we share in this life.

Smile your loved by your inner goddess. See her in your mirror everyday, even day you feel ugly with tears on your face, make up all messed up, and feeling broken and hurt.

Remember we are each stronger than we think we are. Rise above the negative comments, hurtful words said by others, or our inner demons that torment us each day.

Be reborn as each day the sun rises , we are each powerful , We can make our lives what we want and desire.

Smile tomorrow another day to embrace those close to you, goddess bless .
Remember to shine your light, grow your fire within , so others can learn to relight their fire within from your example and be reborn as empowered Goddess.
Be love Be light-n.

Do you feel Empowered now? What has been inspired for you?

One day soon we will share more knowledge Inner witchy Goodess , to empower the Goddess within you.



Who is your favorite Goddess you worship?

  We are each Bless by Goddess. Us women are bless with her loving shape. It doesnt matter of color skin, or how big our hips , doesnt matter what spiritual path we follow be it wiccan ,christian, hindu, Buddhist,  santeria, Norse, etc. Were each unique, and even some of us . who are not woman at all ,can be in touch with their feminine side no matter the gender preference. 

We can look to heaven for our Goddess, our mother, who in spirit helps us, guides to find our true purpose. Or give the keys to inspire us to find our true happiness. She share our moments of sadness, and give us comfort when we grieve, she shed tears of happiness when we find love, and joy in our lives esp when we work to so hard to accomplish the hard trials in our lives. .

I have a rather large pantheon  of Goddesses and Gods, That I worship. For this I   will select only 2  Goddess Aphrodite  and Goddess Hekate. 

Greek Goddess Aphrodite ,Goddess of Love and War, Goddess of beauty, pleasure. She rules marriages and the love within them.  She Teaches to love one’s self. Such beautiful Goddess, she prefect if you need spice up your love life with your lover or partner . She comfort those who suffer broken heart, and she  give us  inspiration  to find true  love and give ourselves self love.

Greek Goddess Hekate , Goddess of fertility, moon magick, Queen of the underworld, protectess of witches, she’s known as Goddess of Death and Crossroads. She guides those who have departed from the land of the living to spirit world and beyond.  She teach the knowledge of moon cycles, help us understand our darker sides,  understand death,  guides us  to true potential  we each possess,  be at one with our self to understand ,what balance of darkness and light is.

  I have many more Goddess to look for Gudiance , I refer many of my Goddess to my clients, friends,and many to find their Own special Goddess. .

Goddess Aphrodite: I  grew up not understanding my sensual side , and not  giving myself any love.  She gave me the confidence  to learn to love again, she helped  understand  that what a woman was in every day.  I felt her strength, give me inner strength  so I can inspire to find better relationship with my self and now husband.  She inspires my love life to new heights and playful side too.

With Goddess Hekate I had some spiritual experiences  with spirit that pretended to be my mother spirit , which turned out to be something darker. It was trying to form an attachment  to me.  Goddess Hekate  would show me the true foace of creature the pretended to be my mom . Who sadly past years ago.  She gave me the strength see thru the lies and face  this spirit and give me the knowledge to banish it  and remove its influences  over me.

So may I ask , which Goddess  do you worship ? There never is wrong or right answer. We each experience our Goddess guidiance  in different ways . Some can be simliar, others  not so much.  

Tell me about her ,what experiences have you had with her?

Wellness Wednesday


Hello I hope your having a good day.
Let’s talk about our own personal wellness.
We are each blessed with body, and some written I think buddha says “Our body is a temple” some of us maybe havent tended to temple so well, some maybe listen deep within and we need a change. Remember do something right for yourself. If you have alot of stresses and you feel tired all the time and no matter what you eat, drink or even do . You cant get more enegry.  And it effects your family life, home , school even your work.

You feel drained all the time , maybe it’s time to look at your life. Consider maybe changing a few things.  Let me give you a little back ground about me. When I was 37 year old (10yrs ago) I weight 150 pd  then I had 2 full term pregnancy  I gained up 197pd  with both with gabe and trinity after they  wereborn I dropped 180 pd , aftertired to lose weight but I had my setbacks

. I didn’t  have any health issues for being over weigh, but I didnt watch what I ate. 3 year ago I started to suffer from severe migraines. And dr i suggest me trying to lose weigh help tame these migraines beside meds.  with stress of 2020 and home schooling my kids, which wasnt a problems more getting my children with austism spectrum to calm and focus to do their  school work. Gabe did great, trinity my wild child   was bit tricky. but we got it done. Lol  stresses of worrying for normal stuff even though were in rural southeast idaho , had some setback, but we overcome the stresses and been good.

I realized that break in 2020 walking with my kids and doing moderate  exercise  i was able to lose weigh lt and some of migraines slowly , stopped.  I had some challenges as year went on. But coming this year in January  I decide  tobe  grow stronger.  Invested in my health to get better  lose the weight, help tame these migraines. Yes some times they are bad, but with new meds I’m on it helps. 

Changing my diet by looking for triggers how to over come them and watch myself.
Heres my point to be come more healthier for my self and wanting  to be around longer with out any health problems  with children as they grow.I needed to control  what i did to my body. 

Yes meditation does help, to focus on my goal seeing it comes to life what iwant to do, even short goals I got a tredmill and small home gym to use help tone shape my body as did in my 30s.  Trying to get better no I’m not any diet. I dont believe in that

I took a few classes on health ,nutrition and workouts on online college called Udemy.com and learn alot about what should eat and what steps to help see new goal with my weight. I can refer to a few teacher if your curious.

I made plan to do better, yes I do still eat some of my favorite sweets but I watch my portions, try to treat my self as with good work out not with food .by going shopping for new workout top or pants. I do different types yoga, pilates,  treadmill and weights. 

Each of us can get healtier
Eat more deep greens  veggies, drink more water , drop coffee switch to green tea. Eat healthier snacks , avoid processed foods,  make plan with yourself and family to make a change it doesnt have be overnight,  small changes to start

. I’m not perfect I have cheating days and do indulge in some of sinful stuff  it ok . But know your limits.

I’ll talk more healthier  and spiritually connected to life .make time and look at what you might want to change in life for better you.  You deserve only the best . Be love be light-n

Witchy Goddess Inspired Gift Giving guide

FGB Witchy inspired  mother days, Romantic gifts, or more gift ideas.

Hello Its me Norma  AKA  Forevrgoddess .  I wrote a new article kinda a mother ‘s day or romantic gift giving guide for any special witch in your life. These gift ideas can be giving anytime of year.  Were excited to present this article enjoy hugs

Hello, come learn a few ideas that can inspire your Mother days  or any special loving moments for yourself , friend or  a special witch in your life.

Every year when Beltane comes around you may have seen if not earlier the beginning of every year Mother day  gifts are out. Like me I buy things early so I’m not caught off guard and left with nothing to my special wiccan husband rob and my kids, wonders what to find me for gift. Sometimes he need ideas what to give his loving witch, Me. Lol. Here some ideas. This list can be used for Summer birthdays, surprise gifts, romantic loving moment for gift giving ,  for and new witches, coven members,  or  seasoned witches in your life . don’t think this list is all to be, you expand and explore what you think your love one will like. Don’t forget you can get your love one a special psychic Love  intuitive readings from me, Forevrgoddess

Here a list to enjoy.

Don’t for get we  offer  unique love themed psychic readings with Forevrgoddess, or jewelry and box set from our Forevrgoddess boutique .

So let’s get to the list , this came be used anytime of the year, birthdays, anniversaries,  even to celebrate any wiccan sabbats. I feel this list can fit any witch , wiccan, pagan, new or seasoned,  and maybe a few male witches will approve too. .lol

  • New journal
  • Color pens , pencils, or markers even metallic ones
  • Various candles even tea candle from dollar tree or walmart
  • Witchy inspired coffee cup
  • Tea cup set  with favored tea mine is Paris by harney and sons you can find on Walmart or amazon
  • Heart gemstones
  • Have custom candle created for your love one. My friend Nikki , has beautiful wiccan sabbat candles and more { link is below}
  • New make up with matching  nail polish
  • New oracle deck
  • New tarot deck
  • Vintage tarot deck
  • Vintage psychic or witch posters, art or paintings
  • New pendulums
  • Create mp3 music playlist for them
  • Pagan inspired or New age  music  : fauna ,   Diane or David  Arkenstone, enaid, Blue stone, Sleepthief, these are my favorite
  • Flower plant
  • Buy their favorite flowers
  • New spell book, or new book of shadows journal
  • Witchy coloring book
  • Witchy color pages printed off
  • Body wash with their favorite scent
  • Bath bombs- my friend rachelle make some wonderful scents {below is her email}
  • Jewelry- we carry various wonderful gifts within my Forevrgoddess boutique
  • Moon shaped items
  • Spa treatments facial, bath bubbles pamper your favorite witch
  • Hand made Mothers day card
  • Buy lingerie some witchy love to feel sexy Frederick’s of Hollywood are my favorite.
  • Witchy themed accessories for them to wear
  • Witchy inspired home décor { I find stuff on ebay cheaper than most places}
  • Look for witchy or Halloween themed coffee or wine {I’ve seen some online}
  • Smudge sets
  • Gemstones for love, prosperity, protection, healing, abundance, soothing enegry
  • make jewelry for them
  • Get her a massage booked consider doing couple massage .
  • Essential oils
  • Blanket
  • Plan romantic getaway if even just for 1 night
  • plan a trip to drive somewhere scenic and have picnic, with friends and family.
  • Make homemade  lemonade with lavender
  • Bake them something sweet
  • create romantic dinner
  • Skincare  products, I love and use Andalou naturals for years look on walmart.com

Rachelle Hutchings  for her bath bombs and other essential oil products. BalanceandHarmonyApothecary@gmail.com

Nikki Griffith for her  custom candles  – look at photos above https://www.facebook.com/CraftyLittleWitchesLLC

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a line.

If you like  this post and it was helpful , please share. Thank you

 If would like to look at our services offered  ,  we can set up an appointment. Go to my contact page for more info and link to reach me.

We carry various items for  Beltane within my boutique , go my contact page to find a link

Enjoy the Beginning of spring, Blessing of Love and Light – N

“Find your path to happiness “

” Find your path to Happiness “- Forevrgoddess
Hello , I hope your having a good day. Here a quote ,I wrote years ago. I was a waitress at little restaurant in soda springs, idaho.

I found d to insert little quotes to inspire people in their daily life. I always created a new quote each day as I worked and wrote on bottom of ticket. Some would chuckle, other would smile.

Each of us have an opportunity to find path to happiness. It can be as simple as awaken each morni g to know your alive and breathing and grateful you arise with the sun.

Settle down with your morni g drink of choice , think out your day daily tasks, find ways to sprinkle some joy in your life and maybe in a few others.

Pick joyful color to dress for the day cheerful colors can be yellow, green, pink , if you wear any blue make it turquoise .bright colors are wonderful, And so cheerful.

Decide as you dress for the day set intention and ask blessings from.universe, Angels, Goddess, God ,for your day to be blessed with joy, inner peace , happy moment and abundance in love.

Try to smile at your self in mirror , think to yourself. ” I am beautiful, worthy of happiness, peace ,love and joy. I bless with abundance in all things in life.”

And go about your day. Stop from time to smell the flowers blooming around town ,as you . Take moment to go park and take cup of drink choice . Feel the sunlight warm your skin, feel wind blow , admire the spring time life stir again.

If you can and safely go for walk in woods , arboretum or nature park for even 30 mins ,take a lunch and have picnic bring a friend or family member. if weather permits. . Sit by a running water feel the enegry and connection to you, dont be afraid to dip your feet. Maybe a for a minute depending on water is warm in your area.

If water cold like our is in paris ,idaho. The sitting by it is good enough. Be safe if snow is melting and creek or stream is full water rushing fast , it can be dangerous for small pets or children esp if they fall in. Safety first.

Try to find joy in your day . Smile more , you bless in this world. Find some new hobbies to try, look to pinterest for Crafty spring ideas, to get into a happy mood.

Do some meditations from Insight timers app, even do yoga to make you feel good. accept positive enegry into your life , look for it everyday.

Dont forget give thanks at the end of the day to those you worship for good days , even bad days too, there maybe lessons to learn this day.

If you need me I’m always here, Goddess Bless. Be love Be light-n

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