)0( affirmations of the day release what hold me )0(

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess,
Spiritual guidance for today and affirmations  I Created Says” I Release what holds me back from Happiness, and I invite positive enegry to transform my life ”

Have you ever noticed how something can drain the joy  from you or even Happiness?

I ‘ve had   people, that unknown for years, family, even Jobs I did a lot of waitressing  job that can be hard for alot of of people. That just sucks the joy out of life. It can even someone says snarky remark , when going shopping  at out town area.  I dont usually dwell on it, just try to focus on the positive and find a way to remove negativity from my life.

If it’s people who cause drama or disruption I say a prayer to Universe,  Angel’s, Goddess,even God to help me find solution quietly remove people out of my life. Though  my hubby says he can do it for me..lol I try to find non drama path. Just cut them out, and move on. Other with my job that sucked I start looking for new job that can pay better or find something totally different. 

Some would say I just aviod confronting  situations with people.  I dont want to fight, I stand up for my self if i need to bot afraid of that. But why hassle with shouting or back biting and get rude  stuff out. I want to set better example  for my children.  I hate long out drama fest with people.  They say stuff and then I do. Not worth my breath.

Life can have its challenges in many forms. Remeber we can set up limiting beliefs in our minds, we cant find happiness. This can be negative programming from early time  In Life from family, relatives even friends.

It’s not all our fault, but if we can take a little bit of responsibility, and just change our perspective  about our life. Turn upside down. And look at different point of view even for half and hour. We may see the triggers we need to change or thought patterns  ,or just make a small vow not to react like we have past and try different ways to maybe change our life for the better. 

This part of change isnt easy. It would not be a challenge  if it was. But small baby steps. Do what makes you feel good. Set up healthy boundaries  with yourself and others. Learn to say “NO”, or find another ways  to protect yourself , even protect those you care and love  in your life.

Write a list even a small one to see what would make you happy.  It could be finding a better job,  learn to cook  a new recipe and share with those who appreciate you.

go walking or work out  with friends,find hobby to enjoy, use your artistic talents in a creative way.  Maybe consider doing meditation  even for 10 mins anywhere.

The Universe,  Angel’s, Goddess and God doesnt want us to suffer all the time or be in depression.  We need to find happiness within ourselves first, then explore our world and make a better place for you and your love ones. I know you can do it. I believe in you.

If you have any questions im here to help.
Be love be light-n

Crystal &Gemstone Healing for Children

Hello come learn about certain crystals and gemstone helpful for children. Maybe this list can inspire you do some crystal healing for your little ones.  Be love Bel light- N

Hello it’s Norma ,you know Forevrgoddess. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite gemstones and crystal for healing ,  I used with my children. I have two special needs children both on  austism  spectrum and ADHD or ADD.  I use crystal and gemstone to help calm them to help focus for during the day, then letting them get bit chaotic. This not recommend not to take any prescribed  medicine or not see a doctor. I encourage parents to keep them on their medicine, because I know with right set of medicine help the child live a successful life.

I have seen with my children with balancing good food diet , medicine and exercises the benefit a child can have with these things, and bring  in positive energy of crystal and gemstone healing does benefit the child no matter the age. Though I know every child in each family has different ways of life.  These just helpful small to give healing benefit to your child.

My son Gabriel always has had interest in my gemstones, at earlier age. His first chew toy for a few hours  was his crystal quartz double point, he picked from a basket on floor, where  we purchase it from our close friends ,  new age store in lava hot springs , Idaho. It wasn’t  sharp very dull edge he chewed on the sided for little bit when was teething. We took photos then gave his real chew toy.. lol cute times.

 and certain gemstone benefit him. He loves to learn about them he takes book from my personal library and read crystal healing  books by Judy hall and  Karen franzer . He loves to read about them benefits of gemstones, we can discuss at time what good stone can be helpful.

Now within my home I offer in person crystal healing with friends, clients and relatives, so I know I can help other release what no longer service and attracts what positive and bring about balance. I recently had friends up from Washington visiting, they allowed me to perform chakra and Aura cleansing and realignment of their chakra. As I was working with my friend, Deanna , my daughter trinity joined in to help me cleanse Deanna Aura energy. She jump right in, my daughter I feel strongly has healing gift like her father. Which I know will comfort to others later in time.

Gabriel has a few little girls in his class he friends with over the years , he has shared friendship necklaces with plus adding some crystal healing to mix.  He always loves to use amethyst, for inner peace and calming, rose quartz for friendship and love, Citrine for happiness are some if gemstones  you will see in photo I post.

Another in crystal you will see is Gabriel heart shape crystal we found he dug up in crystal park , Montana. He had a lot of fun digging crystals up in the dirt ,  even my daughter trinity has fun digging them up too.

Crystal are beautiful to have many a beneficial to our children and family no matter the age.

I offer various crystal healing kits for children within my boutique. all age ranges even to school bag protection and healing charms for school aged even thru college kids.

 I make sterling silver Baby bracelet for protection and soothing babies during the change from being within the womb to life outside with mama and family. I also suggests using amethyst cluster to bring peaceful energy, soothes baby quite well from different clients and relative who purchased from me have mentioned.

To child who has nightmares amethyst  can help. Also celestite

 or Angelite which is said to connect with Angels help soothe stressed or fearful child.

Children can benefit from crystals and gemstones, they are growing in a new world for them to  explore, meet new things or people. And some need help to handle school, home or activate lifestyle.

** Cleanse stones from time to remove and dispel any negative energy , situation, or emotions.. And recharge them. Have the child hold the stone in power hand or writing hand, ask for a blessings from God/ Goddess, Universe, Higher Power, Angels, Etc*

Teach them how to Cleanse and charge stone, so when they feel the need to recharge they can do so  alone*.I will put more information cleansing charging gemstones and crystals.

Here is small list to gain insight from, though it doesn’t mean this is only list. Feel free to  do  more research, see and feel with crystal to find out what you child needs. I will place a small reading list at bottom of article.

  • Amethyst: inner peace, calm emotions in children, healing
  • Labradorite: banishes fear and insecurities, calms mind from being  overactive
  • Citrine: happiness, encourages sharing raise self- esteem, overcomes  depression. Removes negative  destructive mentality.
  •  Sodalite: Good for studies and brings mental clarity and harmony.
  •   Snowflake Obsidian:  Teaches values lesson of mistakes to become success.
  •  Carnelian: encourages love between child and  parent. Helps with low self  esteem.
  •   Quartz crystal point: helps with harmony, healing and negative emotions. 
  • Rose quartz: all forms of love, friendship ,gentle healing, soothes stress and    anxiety.
  • Tiger eye: courage , protection, grounding,  self confidence. 
  • Black Obsidian: Helps with depression, and helps to face fears deep within and give strength to over comes them.
  • Hematite: dispels negative energy, protecting stone.
  • Rhodnite: brings patience to a child

To cleanse any of these gemstones or crystal is simple

Cleanse under running water, kitchen or bathroom sink.  we have small creek next to my home, I use a little organza bag hold firmly, place into moving water. let the water wash over gemstone or crystal for 1-3 minutes. { certain gemstones cannot be put in water or they will dissolve, I know one gemstone is  selenite}

•             Cleanse using smudge ritual take white sage bundle,  Palo Santo or any other smudging herb pass over the smoke or push the smoke to  the stone.  You can do it for few  minutes is fine.

•             Pass over incense that burning  {any kind will do, my favorite is  Lavendar or sage }

•             Pass over a candle flame.

•             Put in small bowl of dirt or potted plant for 5-10 minutes •             Moonlight or sunlight I do both since it charge them with both sunlight and moonlight

so it always charged. Plus note gemstone citrine or amethyst can fade in long periods in sunlight light. 10 minutes for sunlight ,perfect unless you want longer it’s your choice.

Once you feel your gemstone  or crystal is ready and cleanse let’s charge with intent your gemstone of choice.

Charge with intention- normal charging with intention by an adult or teenage if they wish

 when charging or programming, you gemstone, keep in mind the goal or desire you wish to bring into your life. Help manifest this desire to life, say a prayer to your  Goddess, God, Angels, Elementals,   ask  them for their support to bless this new path you wish to journey on. Keep them in your pocket, bra, purse or coin pocket as reminder what healing qualities you wish to be blessed at moment .  Remember to cleanse your crystal or gemstone, they may appear dirty after a while esp. if you in negative areas or situations in life. They may need a simple cleanse running water does the trick every time or you can put in bowl  of water near window to charge by moonlight and sun.

 Please note : citrine and amethyst can fade if long time spend in the sunshine.  10 minutes for either is fine in sunlight.

Keeping any of these gemstone can bring positive energy within yourself , sacred space, or home.

Closing : there is so much to bring positive healing energy of crystal and gemstones into their lives. if we can benefit from the use of crystals so can our children. well talk about pets next time . Like always use caution and  watch for children esp. little ones. So they don’t hurt them selves.

Where to go from here?  look online Pinterest, google, read other people  protection gemstone blog posts, here’s a 2 of books to look for help about crystal healing .

here a list of book me and children enjoy using for crysal healing . maybe you can share with your family.

  • Crystal bibles or any of her books  by  Judy hall{ just recently ms hall just passed away so some of her books may go up in price look around and see where you can find the best price.} ,  has many books for crystal healing and how use them, I love her books.
  •  Crystal ,gems, metal magic by Scott Cunningham .
  • My son favorite book for crystal healing  is Crystal for healing by Karen Frazier
  • My daughter favorite book is for crystal healing is  Crystal tips& cures by Philip Permutt

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If you have any question, Comment below or PM with any questions –thanks-Norma

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#innerwitchygoddess series #selflove


Hello it’s Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Today this quote I wrote sometime is the truth for many of us. “Rekindle love with yourself. Remember  Self love is so important . We forget or avoid this part at time within our lives.  It’s hard this day and age with how fast this world is going , we tend to forget about ourselves.  Were busy with work or career, school, college,  family, children and maybe a little bit of romance in mix. We have ourselves pulled in so many directions.

With virus and world wide shut down of 2020. Many of us did our part to create our own inner world. Many talked of doing self care, self love and healing journey within.

When I was younger I believed that being with some who I love would , complete me and I would feel love.  But like something in life ,relationship dont work that way,  and some ended badly.  

We are born complete the day we take our first  breath . We are made of love, we can give love, and we need to remember we can nurture love within ourselves.

  As time moved on I realize something when I came I to my relationship with my husband rob. Self love was important.  He reminded me of that. To truly love  someone else is to first love ourselves.

We need to love our selves for who we are. We may not be perfect , I know I’m not . But it make us unique ,  if we can forgive ourselves for the mistakes we’ve done . Learn from lessons that were shown from our mistakes we can grow.  Self love is good for soul.

If you notice  people put you down for any reason . It’s not you  , they hate themselves. Dont get me wrong some of hateful words from other can cause damage, but only so long . Remove them from your life. Even if love relationship ,family, even friends. Know when it good time to walk away. 

Tonight grab a paper and pen. Write what are your strength? What are you good at? What are your weakness?  If you can change any of them , how would you do it?

Write list  of self care   to love your self and add a few things each  day. Check off thing that you did , and write 2 new self love tasks to do next.

Binge watch your favorite show  on netflix
Buy some  new make up , out fit, maybe lovely scented bath bomb,  I have friend who makes some lovely bath bombs
Listen to music, dance, sing -what make you feel good
Meditate to music .pop in some ear phone got sit in park or place of nature and listen to soothing music for 15-20 mins

Go for walk -doing excerise  make you feel good even for 20 mins
Find fun coloring  book  or print off pages online,  and do color theraphy  and post them on facebook or Instagram  to show friends and family.
Snuggle with pet , your children or eve love ones. Hugs and snuggle truly heal the soul.

Look for self care journal,  or self care book I’ve seen a few on amazon.com

Doing a few things a week for yourself is good .  Smile your loved even by me. 

Well talk more about self love ideas to inspire more soon. Be love be light -n

#tuesday. transformation


“Live with passion and intention.”

Hello it’s me norma you know, Forevrgoddess . Today for Tuesday transformation. Let’s talk intentions and how to be passionate about them. I got this phrase from dragon wisdom pocket charms I carry in my box set in my boutique.

Each day as we rise with the sun, would it not be fun to do a lil bit of magick with your morning brew. I know I’m up early esp as the last days are for school for son Gabe. Trinity got out of school week for preschool, shell go back in this fall

. The first few things I do to get my day started grab a cup of coffee. The morni g sun shines thru my office window telling me rise and shine. I grumble how bright the sun is some times. I know I’m not the only one. .lol.

i turn to east,walk to my win dow and greet the sun. Feeling it warmth of morning sun my skin . before taking my first sip and taste of my coffee with milk.

” I ask my Goddesses , God , Universe , Angel’s for blessing of a good day. That things are easy and I have pleasant day. I ask for guidiance if I needed today. And I ask for protection as I go about my day at home or in town . Thank you “

Then i hurry to take my morning vitamins and supplements. Make gabe lunch, Get trinity ready to take her brother to school, Then off I go. Rob got gabe ready before waking me,which always helps. Setting our intentions for the day before going about is good way to connect with universe.

You set intentions for job interviews goes well. That prices at market are on sale , if low on cash, ask for protection from noisy neighbor who like to stop you on your walk and ask you personal questions. .

We each deserve to set our intentions for our days.

Remind ourselves to think on the positive things in life. Remember try not to set intention with weak words”would, should, hope ,like” say it in positive sense
” I will have a good day” “I can past my test today” “I am confident “

Visualize your day going as you wish, smile the universe, Goddess, God, Angel’s, heard your prayer. Go out confident and smile for the day to begin.

The more positive we set our intentions and more we do it, it will easy to do. And if I forget to say my prayers as start my day, and get busy I stop for moment breathe . Do it. I promise it will help.

For tomorrow morning intention, what will you ask for? What do you need help with?
Be Love Be Light-n

Witchy Goddess inspired Summer self care

A witchy inspired Summer season  self care

Hello come learn some unique witchy inspired ideas to do self care for Summer solstice , enjoy

Hello it’s me Norma, you know Forevrgoddess, lets talk about summer…

Since the first days of May , it  feels magickal, with Fresh flower blooming from spring time , and now everyone ready to travel to different part of country, or get lost up in local mountains.   I think it’s the perfect time to do Summer  self-care and smudging to cleanse home, sacred space or people. Removes Negative or  stale energy, Banish and release emotions, illness, and other energy needing to be removed from home or person. Have your children or you, ring bells throughout the home to dispel negative energy and invite positive. To prepare of coming of the summer solstice.  

 I love seeing the summer time  décor. I love  feel  the warm sun on my skin as kids pays outside on the swing set.  and I sit on our green grass and  meditate with large crystal in  my lap .Sometimes I like to walk over to small creek next to my home soak our feet to cool down a fun moment of playing with kids or reconnect with water element. lol

Sometimes in this world were so busy  ( school, work, family, etc.)we forget to take a lil bit time for ourselves, self care or personal time. Were here  to help  you :  ground, center, recharge, and refocus on  good things in life.

Greet the Day

 Each of us have different paths that keep us busy everyday,  were either rushing to school  or work,  getting kids up ready for day. We might have a little bit of time before we begin  our day begins.  Rise  early greet the sun, give thanks to solar gods/Goddess for blessing a new day, even if you wake to rain it goddess  feeding her green earth to flourish and grow. Look for beauty in any weather.   Begin your day as usual washing your face , brushing teeth or even a shower.   buy a new  witchy inspire summer water bottle, perfect for the summer season.

Ways to connect with your inner Witchy Goddess..

Create a blessings journal, to write your thoughts of what your grateful for that Goddess and Gods have given so far this summer time season . Even if it’s cool  home, food in fridge and bills paid and family love. Even if it seem little or silly ,it’s ok to do often so days your sad or upset you can look back and be grateful for this world.

•             Get your nails manicured with summer  color and flowers to enjoy.

•             Go get a massage, look for local massage schools, they  give massages from student for half the amount. And you’ll feel like a million bucks.

  •  See if you find appointment with reiki healer so you get chakra aligned and get you flowing energy just right.

•             Find witchy inspired color book, and sit cozy by the bonfire if possible with cup of tea and enjoy the time for color meditation and allow the stress of the day melt away.

•             To take the moment to reconnect, go to  Safe place, park, woods, sea shore, stream, take your shoes off feel the grass , dirt , sand beneath your feet. Feel the wind in your hair, close your eye hear the calls of natures. Even if your in a big city, find a safe spot and reconnect. Meditate even if it’s 10 mins , breathe in love, harmony, light, exhale negative emotions,       sadness, frustration. Ask for guidance, tell her what you need help with, like Gods,  the Goddess , she our very essence She part of us all.

•             Take time to decorate the home with family, children love to decorate fun and festive ideas. Plus it inspire s your inner goddess to nurture those you love. Print out some coloring pages and hang them on fridge or put in frame and hang on bare wall.

•             Create dishes or finds recipes on Pinterest for Summer  favorite comfort foods. perfect time to Feed your Inner Goddess with Good wholesome foods.  Grill some meats, has colorful salads with leafy green veggies, make BLT potatoes salad { our family favorite},  Lavender lemon pound cake ,  with  summer time color sprinkles can maybe enticed the  family to feel like fall.

•             Take the family country scenic drive into forest ,  go have a picnic and have fun. Just simple ways to enjoy this season.

•             If possible go for 20-30 min walk around the block or park if possible for 3 days aweek it great way to help get a little in shape, get your heart pumping, and helps give endorphins make you feel good.  Enjoy the sights and smells of summer

•             Sit in the Sun for 20 mins, wear sunscreen if needed, feel the warmth of the sun, recharge  feel all the solar power banishing the negative, frustration, sad thoughts. Think on the bright side of life.

•             Look at our boutique: find a new candle, incense or smudge blend to set the mood and feel the positive energy about you. Look at any of your gemstones,   be inspired to learn more about them and their healing energy. Look for any books by Judy Hall   she write “crystal bible” and  more books

•             Buy water bottle with a fruit strainer so you can add chopped fruit of this summer  season  inside and enjoy them with water . perfect detox and fresh new approach to drinking water.

  •  Do some summer time crafts with family and friends, outdoors
  • Stargaze, look for constellation with children, friends and family , have moon party.
  • Get some glow in dark fun jewelry or toys to enjoy with family and friends.
  • Do Moon bathing soak the full moon energy.
  • Don’t forget to put out your crystals and gemstones out  to charge in summer solstice even just for 1 hour , let moon that night charge too.
  • Consider doing your own or ask a friend to do a  tarot reading to see what will come to pass this summer for you ,  we offer unique intuitive readings in case your curious.
  • Do spa treatments at home I like Korea paper beauty masks.you look for them on walmart.com
  • Do witchy girls night out at restaurant or outdoors
  • Bake sweet treat with edible flowers my favorite is brownies with rose petals. Serve with tea or ice tea

Dressing for the day – A little bit more about color of the day

Find color of clothing that fit the summertime  season which can give you power  to enchant your day don’t forget the matching accessories.  some places short, t shirts, hiking  boots, and jeans are fine esp. in my neck of woods in rural Paris, Idaho. We see the different weather here, we can  experience snow from march  to time till june . .  Others idea  coloring you hair or nail polish will do.

As you get dressed think to wear the best colors for the day that help color magick and energy: the list below for summer solstice colors are only  small list. Look to our Tuesday transformation blog post for more ideas color magick for empowering  your day. Though don’t be stuck with list provided, there are many colors of rainbow to wear and enchant the color of clothing. Llewellyn.com ( witches Date book or calendar always has each day of week for whole year with info what’s color to wear.)  There are much to learn about color magick and how to apply it to your life and magickal side. If you have gemstones pendants wear them to compliment the outfit or as for specific need at the moment or extra protection from city life or daily errands you might encounter issues arise. ( citrine- uplifting, pink Botswana agate –love, amethyst – protection, etc.)  . 

Colors of Summer solstice  meanings

Purple : spiritual awakening and  guidance, wisdom, spiritual progress, divine knowledge, Magick, inner peace, meditation,  beauty , psychic abilities, spiritual development . :Success, idealism, higher psychic ability, wisdom, progress, protection, honors, spirit contact, break bad luck, drive away evil, divination.

, GREEN: Abundance, fertility, good fortune, generosity, money, wealth, success, renewal, marriage, balance. prosperity, acceptance, action, attractions, balance- emotional, community, change, life, longevity, nature spirits, sleep, relationships, wisdom, trust, love, luck, dragon/faery magick, faith, favor, grounding.

Silver_ Moon energy, intuition, Moon Goddess, feminine Magick, meditations, openness, connection w/ astral plane, manifestation of your dreams, female aspect of the divine, balance, astral energy. Removes negativity, victory, stability, meditation, development of psychic abilities, female deity powers.

Pink: love,self love, emotional love, goodwill, caring, healing emotions, and trauma, peace,  romance, comfort, harmony, friendship, open heart, calm emotions,  warmth tenderness, spiritual awakening :Love, affection, romance, spiritual awakening, healing of the spirit, togetherness, friendship, harmony.

White : divine energy, goddess, all colors within, purity, truth, universal color clarity, spiritual guidance, maiden, meditation, peace, protection, activate/awaken, astral realm, balance, battle war, begininngs, blessings, diviation, guardian, enchantment, happiness, harmony, moon magick, harmony, healing, hope,

Going out into the world     As you go outside to work, errands school , etc.  Take a moment to ground and center again, focus and  visualize blue light a shield protecting you as you go into the world. To keep negative energy  and negative feels, and negative people. Try think and of wonder of the day, there are many blessings to see happening all around us.   Be grateful for simple things , say thank you if someone hold the door for you, or gives you a seat on bus or subway..

Time to reflect this time of year what summer solstice  means  to you, the longest day and short night , try  finding balance within one’s life ( work, family, school, children, etc) and what goals you want to set for this month June , July and preparing for Lammas in August, then to Mabon in September.

 Go to Farmers market, enjoy and but the fruit of this season has to offer, drink Ice tea made under the sun with friends and family , create a day or night for potluck, share sweet goodies,

Collect sunflowers,  Do some summer solstice  crafts with Family and Friends ( look on Pinterest.com for idea) Go to  summer Festival,  Enjoy the fruits and favorite foods we enjoy this time of year, did someone say “  pink lemonade …” Nothing to big , just Go  enjoy the Beauty of summer  .

May this Season of Summer solstice  Bless you with Abundance, love, good health, and little wealth. Brightest blessings – N

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#tuesdaytransformation #trendytuesday

#tuesdaytransformation #trendytuesday
Hello it’s me Forevrgoddess  let talk gemstone last week we spoke about  what colors to wear in your outfit to empower your day. Here another part to how to empower your wardrobe.  Let’s talk about jewelry. The photo above shows what gemstone collection of my personal jewelry
I’ve bought myself or created for  myself , being giving as gifts from friends ,and what my husband has made  for me .every piece has meaning to gemstones I wears.

There are healing gemstones for every need. I will give list you can look for,  consider doing DIY project and made your self some jewelry to wear. Pinterest and I bet you tube has great tutorials how to create your jewelry.

Plus making your own, create enegry you bond to stone or piece of jewelry with can charge the piece for the purpose you desire. Or we carry various jewelry piece within my boutique. So Let’s start,

Earrings , almost everyone have their ears pierced,  we can where fashionable piece  that can Inspire our outfits. I love to wear earrings, it fun to create the perfect to match my outfit or make outfit pop with color.

magic of jewelry
Earrings  are said to protect from negativity and disease.
Rings were consider protection  and magical guardto ward of negativity.  Some Goddess and Gods wore rings. In magical sense aearing a ring “binds” you  power , with enegry. . Necklace wearing a necklace of stone increase their enegries because you are surrounding yourself (binding yourself) with their power-Scott Cunningham  book- encyclopedia of Crystal’s, gem, and metals.

Bracelets. I once dated a chinese gentlemen and he would tell me wearing kwan yin pendant or wearing jade bracelet would bring me good luck.  Plus i think we each have “good luck” bracelets on our wrist  ,were each born with them . Look to end of your hand. See them there the more rings you have on your wrist the more luck you have.

Gemstones , within this world. We blessed to various gemstones displayed in museums,  jewelry stores, metaphysical boutique and more. Each gemstone is unique, some can be shaped or carved the or grown but 2 stones are ever alike . Each has unique pattern or color hue or shape.

Here a small list of various stones
Love : everyone know about gemstones to invite true love. Rosequartz  is most common used for love .  Here are other love stones: strawberry quartz,  Botswana pink agate, pink calcite mangano

Healing : we all have need for different types of healing gemstones from migranies to other health problems. Sodalite is common to use for healing . Here are others: blue quartz, bloodstone, crystal quartz,  hematite, lapis lazuli. Rainbow flourite, aventurine.

Inner peace, calming gemstones: we maybe at one point or for another ,we find our lives  are stressed . Have need for relief and maybe unwind alittle.
Amethyst is most common used for inner peace. Here are other peaceful gemstones: celestite/angelite /selenite are said to calming and connect with angels. Larimar , turquoise,  blue lace agate, amazonite.

Protection:some time we need protection from our daily life just walking around town going into schools, store, restaurants or even work . We need one form or another of protection from psychic protection to guard against negativity.
Black obsidian /Apache tears is most common used for this . Here a list for other protection stones. Amethyst, black tourmaline,  Tigereye (gold, red) , crystal quartz,  rainbow moonstone,  lapis lazuli,  jade,garnet.

Any stone you connect with can help you
If you dont like wearing jewelry . Tuck tumbled stones in your pocket or purse . I wear organza bag with small tumbled gemstone pinned and tucked in my bra.

Wear what ever works for you, charge gemstones with intent. Use the sun and moon to bless them . Say prayers to Goddess, God, Angel’s or universe  ask them to bless the gemstones for your need.  Cleanse  them when you around alot of negativity.  Or feel the need.

  look pinterest,  or google for more meaning of stones. Any book by Judy hall  will give great insight on gemstones.  Find her books on amazon.com
If you have any questions im here to help
Be love Be light-n

Wellness Wednesday


Hello I hope your having a good day.
Let’s talk about our own personal wellness.
We are each blessed with body, and some written I think buddha says “Our body is a temple” some of us maybe havent tended to temple so well, some maybe listen deep within and we need a change. Remember do something right for yourself. If you have alot of stresses and you feel tired all the time and no matter what you eat, drink or even do . You cant get more enegry.  And it effects your family life, home , school even your work.

You feel drained all the time , maybe it’s time to look at your life. Consider maybe changing a few things.  Let me give you a little back ground about me. When I was 37 year old (10yrs ago) I weight 150 pd  then I had 2 full term pregnancy  I gained up 197pd  with both with gabe and trinity after they  wereborn I dropped 180 pd , aftertired to lose weight but I had my setbacks

. I didn’t  have any health issues for being over weigh, but I didnt watch what I ate. 3 year ago I started to suffer from severe migraines. And dr i suggest me trying to lose weigh help tame these migraines beside meds.  with stress of 2020 and home schooling my kids, which wasnt a problems more getting my children with austism spectrum to calm and focus to do their  school work. Gabe did great, trinity my wild child   was bit tricky. but we got it done. Lol  stresses of worrying for normal stuff even though were in rural southeast idaho , had some setback, but we overcome the stresses and been good.

I realized that break in 2020 walking with my kids and doing moderate  exercise  i was able to lose weigh lt and some of migraines slowly , stopped.  I had some challenges as year went on. But coming this year in January  I decide  tobe  grow stronger.  Invested in my health to get better  lose the weight, help tame these migraines. Yes some times they are bad, but with new meds I’m on it helps. 

Changing my diet by looking for triggers how to over come them and watch myself.
Heres my point to be come more healthier for my self and wanting  to be around longer with out any health problems  with children as they grow.I needed to control  what i did to my body. 

Yes meditation does help, to focus on my goal seeing it comes to life what iwant to do, even short goals I got a tredmill and small home gym to use help tone shape my body as did in my 30s.  Trying to get better no I’m not any diet. I dont believe in that

I took a few classes on health ,nutrition and workouts on online college called Udemy.com and learn alot about what should eat and what steps to help see new goal with my weight. I can refer to a few teacher if your curious.

I made plan to do better, yes I do still eat some of my favorite sweets but I watch my portions, try to treat my self as with good work out not with food .by going shopping for new workout top or pants. I do different types yoga, pilates,  treadmill and weights. 

Each of us can get healtier
Eat more deep greens  veggies, drink more water , drop coffee switch to green tea. Eat healthier snacks , avoid processed foods,  make plan with yourself and family to make a change it doesnt have be overnight,  small changes to start

. I’m not perfect I have cheating days and do indulge in some of sinful stuff  it ok . But know your limits.

I’ll talk more healthier  and spiritually connected to life .make time and look at what you might want to change in life for better you.  You deserve only the best . Be love be light-n



Hello I hope your having agood day?
I wanted to see if I can get some of you to soulconnect with me. Let talk about Gemstones. If you have 2 gemstones that’s your favorite which ones is it? Why? I’d love to hear a out it.
Do you know their meaning? I provided some info in the photos. But I know alot about them too.

Let’s start my favorite gemstone is
Amethyst and labradorite

Amethyst -my favorite purple gemstone
Means inner peace, serenity, help with psychic protection, help increase psychic awareness ,connect mind and body and soul, all healing. Know for chakras
3rd eye, crown. I have many jewelry pieces with it.

Labradorite:- is my favorite greenish blue stone. I’ve always love its color of blue or gold sheen caught inside this stone. Meaning connects with spirit world, increase psychic awareness, help connect and purifies with enegry of light, opens all chakras.

So what yours favorites? If you know meaning no worries i can help. I’m excited to learn your 2 favorite gemstones .

Blessings of love and light-norma

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