)0( Iwant to be remembered as a person of inner balance and strength affirmations)0(

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Heres something to think about.
Heres a affirmations I created says
“I want To Be Remembered, As A Person of Inner Balance and Strength ”

Take a moment to think about this affirmation , or maybe  just think about what you want to be remembered for?  We each go thru different experiences in life that teaches us personal growth. We gain insight to each challenge in life. We need to remind ourselfs to with a little faith we can master things in life.

We matter in life. To those who loves us as we are,  take moment to find what you want to he remembered as a person  of valor?, lovable?, humor? Kind hearted? Outgoing ?
Dont put negative and say “i can say people will remember me as being chaos , or even  insecure .” This is time to change your point of view of yourself. Time to rebalance your life.

What are your weakness? What are your strength? What would change for weakness es to gain strength? How would accomplish it? What’s the first steps?

I believe you can do it if you have self worth and determination to go forward.
Smiled your loved by me and universe

I have faith you can do it.
I’m here if you need me .be love, be light-n



Hello it’s me Norma, you know Forevrgoddess, today let’s talk about,
What has inspired you on your spiritual journey? What started it all? What do you feel you’ve learned?

Heres alittle about me I be been practicing the magickal path and wiccan, since a teenage, im will be 47 yrs this December. I grew of up spainsh catholic , a little stricter than most. I always loved the saints and virgin mary .I learn earlier that my path with church wasnt for me. BUt I dont bash the church I believe for many it can help them find peace with God.

Over the years I learned what it meant to be wiccan .

I consider my self eclectic wiccan I gather much knowledge and experience working with many Goddess and Gods. My altar is mixed of greek, hindu, celtic, Buddhist , santeria and now Norse. I dont claim to know it all or think I’m above others. I’m willing to share with other my knowledge and offer insight for them to look for within themselves.

In the recent years I’ve accepted on being a light worker, to help other find inspiration to their magickal path with in the craft. I try to find inspiring words of wisdom or share positive thoughts and enegries with others.

We can each learn from each other, learn and observe other experiences. Even if come off different or unusual. Each of us have a divine purpose in life .
Remember never stop learning , be humble in your path, be appreciated of others and Goddess who bless your life, know you are loved by me and Goddess

Share with me your journey? What inspires you go beyond? Where do you want to be in year? Or even a few months?
. If ever you need help or insight my door always open. Be love be light-n

#tuesday. transformation


“Live with passion and intention.”

Hello it’s me norma you know, Forevrgoddess . Today for Tuesday transformation. Let’s talk intentions and how to be passionate about them. I got this phrase from dragon wisdom pocket charms I carry in my box set in my boutique.

Each day as we rise with the sun, would it not be fun to do a lil bit of magick with your morning brew. I know I’m up early esp as the last days are for school for son Gabe. Trinity got out of school week for preschool, shell go back in this fall

. The first few things I do to get my day started grab a cup of coffee. The morni g sun shines thru my office window telling me rise and shine. I grumble how bright the sun is some times. I know I’m not the only one. .lol.

i turn to east,walk to my win dow and greet the sun. Feeling it warmth of morning sun my skin . before taking my first sip and taste of my coffee with milk.

” I ask my Goddesses , God , Universe , Angel’s for blessing of a good day. That things are easy and I have pleasant day. I ask for guidiance if I needed today. And I ask for protection as I go about my day at home or in town . Thank you “

Then i hurry to take my morning vitamins and supplements. Make gabe lunch, Get trinity ready to take her brother to school, Then off I go. Rob got gabe ready before waking me,which always helps. Setting our intentions for the day before going about is good way to connect with universe.

You set intentions for job interviews goes well. That prices at market are on sale , if low on cash, ask for protection from noisy neighbor who like to stop you on your walk and ask you personal questions. .

We each deserve to set our intentions for our days.

Remind ourselves to think on the positive things in life. Remember try not to set intention with weak words”would, should, hope ,like” say it in positive sense
” I will have a good day” “I can past my test today” “I am confident “

Visualize your day going as you wish, smile the universe, Goddess, God, Angel’s, heard your prayer. Go out confident and smile for the day to begin.

The more positive we set our intentions and more we do it, it will easy to do. And if I forget to say my prayers as start my day, and get busy I stop for moment breathe . Do it. I promise it will help.

For tomorrow morning intention, what will you ask for? What do you need help with?
Be Love Be Light-n

Tuesday transformation

What part of your life , do you want to transform to positive change?
Hello I hope your having a good day?
Life can get busy for many of us, family, school, work, love relationships,  our healths, what surrounds us  in our world we live in. Sometimes we need to be mindful how to create a positive change in our lives.

Many of us, have tired to change for positive results only to fall back,  been waiting g to try or maybe were afraid to dip our toes in waters of changes. It’s time to transform  our lives in to posit9ve outlook. 

Simple as in morning with coffee have a few moments to meditate, I always meditate with gemstone or 2. I like to use clear crystal quartz for mental clarity, healing, and positive enegry.  Citrine : happiness, manifesting enegry, positive enegry. Tiger eye for inner strength, confidence, manifesting energy,  and protection. Labradorite : focus  on transforming to change in positive manner, connecting with our intuition.  Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in and out.Hold gemstone in hand for a few minutes thing on healing properties and ask the gemstone to bless you for that day. Dont forget to connect with universe, Goddess, God, whom every bbn you pray to  for support.  You can meditate for 10 minutes.  Sit by a window or go outside if weather permits sit under sunlight.  Feel warmth and love of the sun. Ask to be bless for good day, ask for happy change to come into my life, ask positive enegry bring about new way of life. Give thanks and go about your day.

Think about
Wearing colors of pink, yellow or gold
Pink for unconditional love, blue for serenity, healing.  yellow or gold for positive enegry , sunny cheerfulness,.
Consider wearing jewelry of citrine, white crystal quartz, tiger eye and labradorite

Smile as you go out into world even if people arent around . Smile be polite even rude people. Say hello to people you dont usually to. 

Why not Do something special for yourself? Buy yourself flowers, take 30 mins  walk in nature park , have lunch at park, buy a new book, may e even something new to wear.

Ideas for positive changes: declutter the home give away whatvyou dont use or need to women /children or homeless shelter, spring clean and smudge  the home  to invite positive enegry, 

consider looking and trying new food recipes with healthier and high vibrational foods, drink fruit flavor water- my favorite is lemon water with cucumbers.

Find and buy  Create a crystal grid for positive enegry, inner peace, love and harmony.

Make special day to spend time with family go for scenic drive into mountaine or beaches, whatever close to you, and maybe have picnic. 

Whatever you decide be grateful each day for what new blessings or lessons you learn this day. Give thanks at the end of day .

Hopefully this will inspire you to find joy and love . I will be offer positive enegry sessions to help inspire your life with positive outcomes. Be love be light-n

Explore your night sky

Hello ,many of us are excited for warmer weather, I love to go into our hills once the snow melts, we can see what new life has stirred and grows wild in our local hills and mountains.

It’s time maybe to
Explore your world locally. Got into hills or local mountains, for hikes, go the beach, sit by the lake.

Even in urban part of world go a different routie home from work see what has changes for new spring time.

Even pack up kids, friends, family and pets and go for scenic drive. Pack for picnic and find spot and each the view try not to stress be with family enjoy them they are part your world.

Then explore your world beyond home. Maybe take evening pack up in car go outside the city lights and look up into the night sky. Be amazed our lil unique world we live in go to planetarium . Seek and learn about new discoveries made for space and beyond.

Remember were made from stars, let connect with our world and look beyond with new appreciation world we live in find peace within ourselves and love ones. Find and give peace to world outside of us.

May you find the light of your soul reborn under the starlight filled skies.
Be love Be light-n

Witchy inspires ways to celebrate Ostara and Vernal equinox


Updated 3/20/2022 New Ideas to celebrate Ostara

Hello beautiful spirit , it’s Norma you know Forevrgoddess. I’m so excited for Ostara to come this week, here’s some great witchy inspired ideas to invite spring within your home and life. So grab a cup of tea and let’s begin .

Witchy Inspired Ways to celebrate Ostara . Many of us here in Rural  Paris, Idaho live in colder climates. We have had warmer tempts these last few days, the sun is shining . were hoping for more snow to melt a lot of areas are melting.

My little creek called Paris creek next to my house has begun to defrost and filling up with snow run off, it does every year. we watch and keep kids away to be safe till the creek calms down. with flow of water.

With trees are beginning to buds, hillsides and mountain side starting to bloom with new life. We hope for warming of weather to bring us signs of spring. Some of birds have returned from warmer areas. The birds been eyeing my cats foods out back. Make my kitties nervous. lol  I’m counting down the days.  

Here’s a small list of ideas to celebrate Ostara or spring equinox , history on this special holiday is just  below this list.

Imbolc celebration ideas ,these are just some  ideas, to learn more Imbolc celebration ideas  explore our book list  at bottom of article.

  • take a walk in forest, park or arboretum, enjoy looking at the new flowers blossom.
  • Go to Lowes or home depo, even a green house and buy some flowers to plant in your garden or inside home in pot.
  • start a bonfire, create an  herbal blend as offerings to gods,
  • plant flowers( if you cant outside, do so indoors),
  • Spray with essential oils with water to freshen home. As you cleanse home open a window, visualize the old energy move on and bring fresh spring  indoors. {Of course depending the weather in your area}.

•             House/ sacred space cleansing: smudge you home to cleanse and invite positive energy within to bring luck, good health, love,  harmony, and peace.

•             Curl up with Good wiccan themed book by the window in the sun, with Floral earl grey { my favorite is by Tiesta tea Victorian floral earl grey}

•             Do some candle magick to bring good health, love, abundance,  prosperity, confidence, self love,  and protection for  spring travels.

•             Ostara  arts and craft esp. Painting eggs, paint flower pots,  , go on treasure hunt { have fun hiding the coins for little ones in your life ,to find them }  look for gold chocolate coins in your yard or garden and leave offering for the faeries.  include your family and  grandchildren.

•             create house plant blessings, bless your new plants or others you have  

•             crystal gemstones to help you remember your dreams at night, and research about their meanings.my favorite and  Perfect gemstones to use for dreams: rainbow moonstone, labradorite, amethyst.

  • Create a dream journal, keep track of your dreams. Have paper or book by bed and pen, when you awaken the next morning write down you dreams as many details.

•             Ask Goddess Eostre to bless your seeds for coming planting season for flower beds or gardens.

•             Do rituals for protection of home, family, even car

•             Add new Ostara or spring items to your altar add flowers, bunnies, eggs, and other springs themed decor. look to hobby lobby, dollar tree, family dollar even

•             look for spring tarot spread, and see what spring will bring to you.

•             Charge gemstones under light of sun for good luck,, abundance,protection,  love, and harmony. Keep them in pocket, purse or even car.

  • Create a spring ritual to celebrate with witchy friends to welcome spring blessings.

•             Bake and cook Ostara or  spring dishes and celebrate with family and few close friends.

Updated ideas for Ostara.

  • Do Ostara /waxing crescent moon ritual with a few witchy friends. {I will present new spring spell to invite positive energy and abundance into your life , here soon}
  • Spread Happiness by dropping off little Gifts baskets, to friends for this holiday.
  • Go thrifts shop and look for vintage décor for spring for your home, sacred space or work .
  • Paint rocks for your Garden with unique phrase, loving words to uplift, or find small rocks and give them as gifts
  • Dance in the rain with friends or your children. my children the spring rain storms.
  • sit by a window and watch the spring thunderstorms come in, cuddle up with cup of tea.
  • Look to astronomy websites to see upcoming star gazing events.
  • make flower crown with wild flowers with a few friends and take photos to celebrate Ostara
  • Do a walking meditation bare foot in fresh new grass, be a mindful goddess
  • pick wild flowers, and put then in vase to bring in positive energy in your home.

How to use Journal Prompts

Consider finding a journal that pleases you to take on this journey. It can be any color or design. Choose whatever works for you—small to fit in your pocket or purse, or large with space for drawing or lengthy writing. This will help you tune into the moment, sort out your thoughts, be more patient, and connect with your higher self. It allows for introspect (examining your thoughts and feelings). Journaling can be powerful, it can help you see the current motivation or thoughts and review if there is a need to change anything. It show you steps needed to create a new motivation or focus?

Attracting your thoughts from your higher self are valuable. Writing about your experience can help you understand your current motivation and what is going on in your life at that moment. Then you can align yourself with purpose, see when you get sidetracked, and learn how to correct your thoughts to refocus your goals.

 Journal prompts :

What do I want to do this spring ? how will I celebrate Ostara?

What am I ready to transform  within my life? what intentions do I want to set this spring { more self care, eating healthy, exercise, take time for myself, work on being more aware of world and outside influences good or bad , release old stagnant / negative energy cords

Here is a List of Books to read on Ostara, enjoy

  • Sabbats by Edain Mc coy
  • The Wiccan Year By Judy Ann Nock

•             Earth, air, fire water- Scott Cunningham

•             Llewellyn Sabbat essential book : Ostara

•             Llewellyn Sabbat  almanac { any year will  do }or  Witches spell a day

  • Ostara by Edain Mc coy

Here’s a little info Wonderful Sabbat: Ostara

Ostara/ Vernal Equinox/ Spring Equinox/ Lady day

Date : March 20-23

Ostara is named after the Germanic  Goddess Eostre, Goddess of  Spring,

 Also the time Of  the  Maiden courted by the youth god and

She also her sacred totems was the rabbit and eggs- the symbol of new life

There is old legend that this lowly rabbit wanted to please the goddess, so he decorated colorful eggs and presented them to the goddess. She was pleased that she wanted to share with other people . so started the decorating eggs- sabbat- Edain Mc coy

The spring equinox is celebration of balance of day and night. Fertility, lush green land , people and animals letting go of old mind set and make room for new fresh outlook of life, renewal. Seed planting ,house blessings.  Volunteer with others, plant trees, paint  eggs and hold egg hunt.

 Ostara color egg represent :

Green: green grass and pastures fertility, eco magick ritual for earth goddess and woodland god , good fortune, and personal beauty.

Robin blue:  like the egg, purification, Chasity. Yellow wealth, health, intellect, communication, astral travel,

Lavender: love, romance, healing. Pink : romantic love, household  peace

Blood red new life ritual, Goddess ritual, vigor vitality, lust ,passion, Strength courage

Orange: color of God, navel chakras. White: purification, virgin goddess, good fortune

Black, crone goddess, winter death , mourning. Silver :Moon , triple goddess, psychic, spirituality, water

Gold : the sun, the God, Money ,Fire. Brown: autumn, animals, waning year,

Turquoise: spiritual knowledge. Pastels colors : light green, light yellow, pink, baby powder blue

Traditional for Ostara in middle ages.

Color from Sabbats by Edain Mccoy

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a line.

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 If you need any Ostara readings or dream interpretation help ,  we can set up an appointment. Go to my contact page for more info and link to reach me.

we Now offer Inner Goddess of Spring and Spiritual Transformation Session . That includes guided meditation with Goddess Eostre, box of tool and 28 paged work book. go contact pages click the for boutique Ecrater site.

We carry various items for Ostara within my boutique , go my contact page to find a link

Enjoy the Beginning of spring, Blessing of Love and Light – N

Witchy Goddess Inspire Imbolc / Candlemas celebration ideas

FGB Imbolc Blog post updated 2023

    Ways to celebrate Imbolc/ Candlemas  . Many of us here in Rural  Paris, Idaho live in colder climates. We had fresh snow fall today. With trees, hillsides and mountain have a lot of snow and ice.We hope for warming of weather to bring us signs of spring. Some of birds have returned from warmer areas, though were expected this year for early spring , I’m counting down the days.  I’m excited to see the snow melt , trees , plants begin to have buds

2023 – With colder temps this year doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy this beautiful holiday indoor best wishes to you this spring .

 Here’s a small list of ideas to celebrate Imbolc or Candlemas, history on this special holiday is just  below this list.

Imbolc celebration ideas ,these are just some  ideas, to learn more Imbolc celebration ideas  explore our book list  at bottom of article.

  • Simple lighting of candles through the home, to honor the return of sun and Goddess Brigid
  • House/ sacred space cleansing: smudge you home to cleanse and invite positive energy within to bring luck, good health, love,  harmony, and peace.
  • Curl up with Good wiccan themed book by the fire place with green tea
  • Do some candle magick to bring good health, love, prosperity  and protection in coming spring.
  • Imbolc arts and craft esp. Saint Brigid’s cross, include your family and  grandchildren.
  • Go for morning walk in nature, enjoy finding and see what first stirs of spring bring.
  • Do pyro Mancy :  fire scrying with fire place, bonfire or candle
  • Do melting wax  into water divination
  • Do rituals for protection of home, family, even car
  • Other divination ideas:  Liboanmancy -Reading smoke from candles or fire place, dream interpretation, Tasseography – tea leaf reading, runes, crystal ball reading
  •  Charge gemstones under light of sun for good luck, love, protection,  and harmony. Keep them in pocket, purse or even car.
  • Do  Pendulum or tarot readings on love themed reading- since it will valentine’s day soon
  • Bake and cook Imbolc or spring dishes and celebrate with family and few close friends.
  • Blessing for your seeds for garden and flower beds
  • }0{ Update for 2023}0{
  • Do blessings for all your furbabies or pets to ensure a year of good health and protection esp if they go outside
  • spiritual goal setting for Personal Growth, spirituality, Life and Self care
  • Time to cleanse the home and sacred space , declutter, dust, wash walls and altar piece
  • buy some new spring décor, paint or draw o with marker protection, good health, hapiiness sigils to invite and protect home and sacred space.
  • create using crystal grids with crystal quartz, black tourmaline, citrine and amethyst to bring good energy, peace, and happiness
  • use hand bells when smudging the home to cleanse the area and sacred space, we have our children help ring the bells to cleanse the energy. plus my kids like to say out loud ” negativity energy leaves this room and home now”

Here is a List of Books to read on Imbolc and Candlemas, enjoy

  • Celebrate the Earth – Laurie Cabot and Jean mills
  • Season of witchery –  Ellen Dugan
  • Candlemas by Amber K and Azrael Arynn K
  • Earth, air, fire water- Scott Cunningham
  • Llewellyn Sabbat essential book : Imbolc
  • Llewellyn Sabbat  almanac { any year will  do }

Here is some information of Imbolc, this not my creation .I found this on Pagannews, years ago when the website was up.

Imbolc correspondences from  http://www.pagannews.com

 Imbolc is also known as Candlemas, St. Brigits Day, Brides Day, or Groundhogs Day. The word Imboc means “in the belly”. It is the celebration of the return of the maiden of spring. During this time we see the first stirrings of life and spring. The Celtic Goddess Brigit/Brigid, pronounced “Breed”, is honored on this day. She is the triple muse Goddess who brings fertility of the upcoming spring. She is also a fire Goddess who rules over healing, inspiration, poetry and smithcraft. One tradition is to make Brigit a bed. This entails making a corn dolly to represent the Goddess in her maiden form and making a phallic wand and placing them side by side in a basket. The corn dolly is called a biddy. Another tradition is that a Priestess should wear a crown of 13 candles. Some do this to represent the young maiden bringing forth the light of spring and some traditions use this to represent the Mother, because it is the Mother Earth who is quickened at Imbolc.

Lore – It is traditional upon Imbolc, at sunset or just after ritual, to light every lamp in the house, even if only for a few moments. Or you can light candles in each room. This is to honor the Sun’s rebirth. If snow lies on the ground outside, walk in it for a moment and recall the warmth of summer. With your projective hand, trace an image of the sun on the snow.

Colors – White, Yellow & Pink

Symbols – Candles, The Bride, Burrowing Animals, Grain Dolly& Sun Wheels.

Deities – God and Goddess as children, All Virgin Goddess’

Stones – Turquoise & Amethyst

Ritual Oils – Jasmine, Apricot, Carnation, Sweet Pea, Neroli & Olive

Food – Foods appropriate to eat on this day include those from the dairy, since Imbolc marks the festival of calving. Spicy and full bodied foods in honor of the sun are equally attuned. Also peppers, onions, leeks, shallots, garlic and chives are appropriate. Spiced wines and dishes containing raisins, any food symbolic of the sun are traditional. From www.Pagannews.com

May you find joy this Imbolc,

  May the Goddess bring abundance, joy and love this coming spring.

Be love Be light- Norma

look to our website for Imbolc and valentine’s day gifts and ritual sets.

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FGB Manifest Positive energy for the new year 

Hello, I hope your having a good day.  I wanted to give some Witchy inspired Ideas How to manifest Positive energy for the New year within your life .  With New year  just starting, yes, were 3 weeks into the January, you can still manifest positive energy with your life at any point.

New Beginning  for new year , I’m so happy you decided to change a new part in your life.

I’m sharing Info from One of My Manifest kits, I sell within Forevrgoddess boutique, for more info go to my contact page, click the link to online store.

These ideas are  to help you focus you and your home or sacred space to help “ manifest” a new beginning , Invite Positive energy and bringing in the desires in your life.. Banish and release emotions, illness, and other energy needing to be removed from home or person., to prepare of coming of the Spring.

What you will need  5 gemstones( 1 Cluster and 4 other gemstones) and 1 sage or Palo Santo bundle. The bundle is to cleanse area and give it a fresh start with positive energy.   Let’s us discuss first about learning smudging  herbs history, using a smudge bundle {white sage} or Palo Santo sticks  .

You’ve might seen a few smudging her bundles in new age stores, witch shop or online, there are Many to Choose from.

Smudging has been done in ancient world to native American Indian, in Spanish  from mexico ,  central and south America some of these herbs are smudging rituals and used by shamans.  Some of these herbs can also  do blessings, after ritual cleansing of home or person . you can perform a blessings with in home  to invite harmony, love, laughter, tranquility,  happiness and prosperity, or what is needed at the moment. For the personal blessings you can do any of these ideas too.

 Typical you see in store or Online is White sage,  juniper, cedar, Yerba Santa and Palo Santo. Any of these bundles of herbs can be helpful. Combine them with Gemstones and crystal is additional bonus and help give healing / Loving energy to help manifest the properties you need most.

For this Manifest ritual we will use White sage  Bundle or Palo Santo

White Sage:  Can be prefect for magickal working: protection, banishing/ releasing, seek wisdom thru meditations, helps with grief, good health, healing, longevity, and psychic awareness

Palo Santo: or Holy wood:  from Ecuador forests, Palo Santo, Shaman have used it to clear energy, and positive energy. To reestablish peace, balance enhance focus to meditation, heals people physical and spiritual level.

Smudging Ritual :  To prepare, light the white  sage Bundle  or Palo Santo  . you might need to let it burn for moment till smoke starts. To cleanse you sacred space or home. Go to each room go in the circle clock wise, use your hand to push smoke out into each part of room. Feel free to draws a symbol  of power with smoke. { Om symbol, Cross, angel wings, reiki symbols, etc.  } Hold bundle in hand a draws it into the Air . the smoke will make the shape. As you draw imagine it charging symbol to bless and purify room. Once you draw the symbol as the smoke fade hold your power Hand { writing Hand} to charge the symbol . I’ve drawn a pentacle many a times when blessing home as well as saying a prayer to help. Visualize it turning into gold and charging space with positive  white light and coming to life. Feel free after to open window  or door , if weather permits. To help remove stagnant energy and air, and push out old energy invite new. Like spring cleaning.

Gemstones , here is list of gemstone I like to use to help manifest positive energy.  I offer a few more gemstones to consider   two cluster and two manifesting gemstones

Gemstone: Amethyst  Cluster:  all healing ( mind, Body , Spirit) inner peace, calming one’s mind. a sense of spiritual insight when in a deepen stage of meditations,  protective stone esp psychic attacks, helps with grief or loss, releases tension.  .Helps over- come bad habits tendencies, and calm anxiety attacks  . high spiritual vibration, helps guard against psychic attack.

Gemstone: Quartz Crystal  cluster or points  :, amplify of energy. Welcoming positive energy and ,clarity of thought. All healing , psychic protection  Vision Quest, Protection, Cleanse aura,  positive thought,   and meditation. all healing, harmony, psychic awareness, protection, cleanses aura, mirrors to soul ,it helps us to see who we truly are free of limitations. powerful protection stone. Encourages clarity, draws and receives energy , 

Gemstone:   Rose Quartz: Stone of love, tenderness, peace  , self- love, Opens heart to true love and friendship,  Unconditional love, Harmony , soothes anxiety, teaching true essence of love. Gentles healing from traumatic abuse or injury. self Love , Empathy , True Love Crystal Healing. learning to trust again after heartbreak. Raises Self esteem, radiates positive energies

Gemstone: Black Tourmaline :  strong protective energy,  helps clear and cleanse unlock any energy blockages within body or home.  Grounding,  helps focus and strengthen body and spirit. Combined with selenite powerful protection within home and sacred space. . Repels lower energies and creates a protective shield.

Gemstone: Aventurine:  Prosperity, good luck,   Money  ,creativity. Courage,   Heals all, soothes heart ache, emotionally calming, Helps with mood disorders.  Great  for  self -employed or new businesses

Gemstone Citrine: Creativity,  Happiness, cheerful, prosperity, warmth, spiritual growth, clear thinking, energy to manifest your desire to come to life, and initiative

Here are two gemstone that help with manifesting energy to help invite positive energy. You can decide which to use.

Gemstone  : Carnelian : Career success, Grounding, motivation, personal power, helps with creativity.  Good health, protection,  Stop – negative energy, stimulates the conscious mind, Helps you focus on the present and current needs, helps over -come  difficult times, Manifesting energy to have your desire come to life.

Gemstone: Tiger eye (Gold): Tiger eye: Self -confidence, helps getting you thru difficult stages in life. Helps with self- worth,  self –criticism. Protection from ill will of others & Curses. Manifesting energy to have your desires come to life.  Attracts   Harmony, grounding  , personal empowerment Creativity, Good luck, Wealth, wishing,  wisdom, calming, psychic abilities, healing. inner confidence, wealth, wisdom, grounding, protection, psychic-abilities. worn as talisman again I’ll wishing and curses. Placed on third eye it can enhance psychic-abilities in earthy people and balance lower  chakras. .

 Cleanse each gemstone with bundle, to ensure it’s a positive energy to help with your goal you wish to create. It is to ensure the gemstones, when traveling to you  has been  pass  thru so many hands to get to you at home , you might not want others energy that might not fit in. hold stone in hand take bundle and pass it over and under stone to incased it with smoke

Arranging Gemstones

Once stones are cleanse, set up an area where you stone will be seen through the day  ( altar, on mantel, table top , make to keep safe from small children or pets) arrange stones however you wish. I suggest to put cluster in middle and surround other stones around cluster. So the cluster will energize the other stones. Like a mini crystal grid. If you have more gemstones  feel free to add them , to help further your goal in mind. You can use flowers, plants, etc.  the more you bring into your crystal grids more powerful it can become.

Charging your gemstones..

We’ve included another info to go with you to give you an idea how to charge these stones.

Take each stone each in hand or hold hands above the arrangement. Focus on goal of each stones, say a prayer to your God,  Goddess, higher power, or angels, elementals for supporting energy and blessings of stones. Think of affirmation, them write them down. Visualize the white energy coming from your hands to charge stones with energy. When done thanks those who helps bless stones. Don’t forget to leave an offering to those who help bless your stones, evening if it’s burning incense or light a tea candle( any color) , place in flame proof bowl,  let it burn for 1 hour . ( don’t forget to keep away from flammable objects, small children or pets  )

-Once done, go about your day think of how you can watch your life change, like most magicks and its workings. Don’t forget to do your part, write your thoughts, desires, goals what you most desire in a journal. Help the universe to open doors for new parts in your life. If your depressed, try to find some reason to change your look in life, don’t be afraid to go to a therapist to help gather your thoughts. If looking for love, try to go to places and meet people, look on speed dating.  Believe in your heart soon things will come into full circle.as you notice any changes write them down. Go out into the world and try new things even its as small getting a latte and going to a park and look at nature.. think what you want and need most.

Please if you fins this article worth sharing please do. Comment with any questions

Hopefully with this info you can create a Positive change within your life.

May the Goddess bring  Blessings of joy to you and your new steps of life- N

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