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Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess,
Spiritual guidance for today and affirmations  I Created Says” I Release what holds me back from Happiness, and I invite positive enegry to transform my life ”

Have you ever noticed how something can drain the joy  from you or even Happiness?

I ‘ve had   people, that unknown for years, family, even Jobs I did a lot of waitressing  job that can be hard for alot of of people. That just sucks the joy out of life. It can even someone says snarky remark , when going shopping  at out town area.  I dont usually dwell on it, just try to focus on the positive and find a way to remove negativity from my life.

If it’s people who cause drama or disruption I say a prayer to Universe,  Angel’s, Goddess,even God to help me find solution quietly remove people out of my life. Though  my hubby says he can do it for me..lol I try to find non drama path. Just cut them out, and move on. Other with my job that sucked I start looking for new job that can pay better or find something totally different. 

Some would say I just aviod confronting  situations with people.  I dont want to fight, I stand up for my self if i need to bot afraid of that. But why hassle with shouting or back biting and get rude  stuff out. I want to set better example  for my children.  I hate long out drama fest with people.  They say stuff and then I do. Not worth my breath.

Life can have its challenges in many forms. Remeber we can set up limiting beliefs in our minds, we cant find happiness. This can be negative programming from early time  In Life from family, relatives even friends.

It’s not all our fault, but if we can take a little bit of responsibility, and just change our perspective  about our life. Turn upside down. And look at different point of view even for half and hour. We may see the triggers we need to change or thought patterns  ,or just make a small vow not to react like we have past and try different ways to maybe change our life for the better. 

This part of change isnt easy. It would not be a challenge  if it was. But small baby steps. Do what makes you feel good. Set up healthy boundaries  with yourself and others. Learn to say “NO”, or find another ways  to protect yourself , even protect those you care and love  in your life.

Write a list even a small one to see what would make you happy.  It could be finding a better job,  learn to cook  a new recipe and share with those who appreciate you.

go walking or work out  with friends,find hobby to enjoy, use your artistic talents in a creative way.  Maybe consider doing meditation  even for 10 mins anywhere.

The Universe,  Angel’s, Goddess and God doesnt want us to suffer all the time or be in depression.  We need to find happiness within ourselves first, then explore our world and make a better place for you and your love ones. I know you can do it. I believe in you.

If you have any questions im here to help.
Be love be light-n

)0( Today Affirmations, uplifting )0(

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess Today affirmations I created says”may I surrounded by uplifting friends and family ”

Remem ber to find time to appreciate those who are inlife uplift you in time of sadness or low points inlife.

Share and express your love and support for those in you r life that are cheer group to help move forward to your success in all aspect in life. But don’t for get to do the same to them no matter what. Love them and cherish them if they be family, friends, coworkers, etc.

You may help them in moment of need of a friend or shoulder to lean on during hard time,or even just big hug. I’m grateful of those who help find my inner when I need it most.

Say a prayer to universe invite more positive vibration people into your life and detach from the toxins people.

Be love be light-n



Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess

find the inspiration to give kindness to everyone. Try to remember kindness is apart of us all. Gift of love and light can be hard to find within world esp these days

Try to be a change, think for greater good, be kind to others , be kind to yourself . We can sometimes forget that .

Be love be light-n



How to invite a little bit of magick, in to your evening  routine.

Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
How to Invite a little bit of magick into your evening routine.  Here some some ideas I use to do a little magicks around  the home.
I’Ve discussed In past about morning routine let’s talk about evenings

As you may know I have 2 hyper little children that keep me on my toes they both special needs blessed with austism
They are each unique , playful and some times bit too mischievous. Lol I never have normal day and each day is different.

Since it’s the summer time ,kids are home . Beside normal house chores,  We have therapy appointments and 4 H classes to keep them.busy. 

The days were home  we get kids settled for the day from morning. If I sense the kids fighting alot or jusy too much enegry.
It’s time to break the enegry.

I tell my kids to grab the 2 hand bells, I light my palo santo stick and begin to smudge each room as I say blessings of peace and calm within each room as cleanse with palo santo smoke.

The kids will begin to ring the bells throughout the whole house every room we ring the bells to break up tension,  cranky or negative enegry built up from the last few days.

As I cleanse and say the blessibgs I ask Goddess to fill the room with glowing positive light and happiness.

So by the time my husband rob comes home from work kids are calm and house is cleansed. We begin to settle down for evening.

  Another part to put a little magick is when cooking dinner, as you add the spices to bless the dinner. I stir in  a lil prayer that tummy are full and be able to settle down for quiet evening  and restful sleep.  I some will bake a sweet treat ask for blessings of love and joy.

After eating dinner and watching  a movie. If time look to read abook for little  while or look to what i will post for next day article.

I prepare to go get things ready for bed for our family .

When time to shower I take quiet time to do shower meditation allowing  all the stress to be release into water and float down the drain .

I will use essential oils to shower water at the bottom of tub to help room steam air with healing power
I use lavender . Even using  lavendar body wash or shampoo works wonders on sense. Help relax you for the night.

Then I do  my evening routines of facials creams, take vitamins, etc

Then I get every one ready  and tuck into bed. Read the kids book.

Then  I like to nightly prayers thanking  everyone(God, Goddess, Universe,  Angel’s, Elementals, that bless us with any blessings and offer us guidance for the day.. I ask for goodnight sleep for husband, children.and our pets, Give them a good day tomorrow.  I send blessings and healing to  friends , family,  clients, our  community and world

Then when done that prayer,  I ask for my self to be given good sleep and wake up to the next  beautiful day. Im always Excited to see what new things to learn the next day.

Simple stuff , I know . But magick can be what ever you wish even if living  alone or with partner . You can still invite magick daily. 

#thankful thursday


Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Today let’s talk about , affirmations.

We each can benefit from saying little  affirmations to our selves , throughout our day and life.

when we get up in the morning to start our day. as we get ready in front of mirror to get our makeup or brushing  our teeth.

You can affirmation as your drive to work go for a walk do errands  around  town.

Make it as easy as you need. The affirmations, does not need to be long sentences. So quick to remember are easy.

The ones you like take sticky note tape to your mirror in you bathroom or bedroom.

Put it in you car or day planner to remind  you.

You could even  make calendar  post on phone for it to pop each day for certain time period or just certain  days.

Here some affirmations you may like.
I manifest abundance inmy life.
I am grateful for…(fill in blank)
Work, food, roof over head, Bill’s  paid
I am grateful for love of family.
.i am grateful to have positive and uplifting friends
I am.grateful for lessons I learn this day
I am beautiful woman
I am handsome man
I am full positive enegry
I am grateful for food on my  table
I am.grateful for my home I live with my family.

These aRe just few to use
Feel free to look online or pinterest to find more that resonate with you and your life purpose. anyone can do it.

We are each divine beings, we can communicate with higher realms.  We are connected to universe And all who live there . 

May you find light within,  to maybe share with others , to inspire others to soar as far  you go or beyond

Be love be light-n



How do you start the week and invite positive enegry?
Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
” how do you start the week and invite  positive enegry? How do you bring abunadance in your life? “

Each of us are lucky we can change our plan at will, yes some have to work 9-5 job, get up with kids, even do online school or work from.home. in this day and age. We can accomplish so much in short time.

With me I know to start the day I get kids up , I heat up a cup tea in kettle.  I love earl grey tea or paris tea. And munch on piece of toasts, I sit in my office which faces east .enjoy morning  sunshine spill thru. The room .Listen to birds, day time noises

I can see the far mountain of Wyoming.  And in pasture behind my home I see cows and horses.  Serene view .

I like to set intention for the day with light heart prayer to those I worship

Asking for agood day ,ask for guidinace with what ever I may do. From working  reading for clients,  inspiration for my daily blog post ideas, jewelry order inspiration , I ask to keep my emotions in check esp. With mischievous children and pets . 

I will 5 -10 mins  meditate with crystal quartz for mental clarity and inspiration , I dont meditate  for long trinity and gabe always need something.  when done give thanks.

I will as go thru my morning to check my aura and chakras see if they need to he cleanse and realign. I notice when I’m having a moody day , I likely chakra need cleanse  and aura field effected.  I use my pendulum to dect where I need a cleanse.

As I look at a list of things I must do I take one step at a time.

To invite positive area in home during week. Here a few ideas

*Sage or palo santo smudging helps. If you have kids at home have ring hand bells throught out the house. To cleanse of negative enegry. If you cant do smoke use white sage spray with essential oil

  • crystal a small crystal grid in main living g room to help bring positive enegry  use aventurine,  tiger eye,  amethyst, and rose quartz  to bring abundance, good luck, inner peace and love.

*do a small tarot or oracle reading(1-2cards will do) to gain insight for the day. Write down insight gain in journal that night evening for reflection

*light a candle that has pleasant fragrance.  If you cant use a candle battery one works well.
Meditate with candle for a 10 minutes.

*charge  water with positive enegry adding  a small crystal point in bottle of water (just becareful not to drink crystal point in bottle ) charge in moonlight or cool morning sun.

*Wear jewelry with citrine, amethyst and rose quartz.  To bring happiness “cheerfulness,  inner peace and self love

  • Wear color of green for abundance and spiritual growth, yellow for happiness,  pink for self love and warmth.

*remember to do mirror affirmations
Doing it for even 10 minutes will do even as you put on your makeup
Repeat anybody theses
“I am loved.” “I am bless with abundance ” “I can manifest good thing in my life” “I am beautiful ” ” I am empowered woman ” “I am handsome man” “,I am nurturing and loving” as my friend marlene quoted to me “k.i.s.s. keep it simple silly” you cant beat that ..lol

These are just simple ideas to inspire you
If you have any question or want to offer yoyr insight please do. Thank you for Sharing your knowledge too.

Be love be light-n.

Inner witchy goddess series

Innerwitchy goddess series

Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess

We are each divine, we can connect with our goddess within. In some of us she hiding, since we dont accept her or dont honor ourselves.

Even in this fast paced world. We need to step back and reflect within to learn about inner rich world.

We are each loving, nurturing , smart, talented, sensual ,intuitive Goddesses.

We are strong within, we are beautiful in goddess loving shape, no matter size we come every color.

Remember we are most perfect women in this world. No body can change that. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

You are smart, beautiful, funny , romantic, brave within this world.

Be the beautiful Goddess you born to be.

Blessings of love and light-n

#tuesdaytransformation #trendytuesday

#tuesday transformation #trendytuesday

Hello I hope your having a good ? For today topic;color magick ,empowering your day with color

Many of dont realize how important it can be to empower your day with colors and gemstones. You may have heard some people saying my favorite is yellow. It’s so bright cheerful like the sun. And yes it’s True, this color is known for cheerfulness, happiness, and clarity. Maybe another time you may hear of baby nursery /bedroom to use soft or muted colors. Even blue to calm and soothe a baby to rest., instead of vibrant colors .

You got job interviews and want to work at a bank you want to wear orange for attracting the job opportunity you want.
Or Green for money.

We have certain colors of week you can use for work, self healing, love, inspiration, calming mood swings. Nothing is ever set in stone.

Let’s start with sunday: yellow/ Gold just for gold means attraction, beauty, confidence, divine connection, consciousness, money, happiness, healing and more .

Monday: white or silver let’s look at white meaning: change, calming, clarity, awaken, creativity, love, light, peace, harmony , healing and more.

Tuesday:red / scarlet / orange : orange means: attracting,transforming, freedom, justice, intelligence, money, balance,business, success.

Wednesday: violet / purple : meaning for purple : blessings, power, passion,calming manifesting, healing, self work, spiritual, transformation, wisdom.

Thursday: green : abundance, healing, independence, well being, sleep, optimism, fertility, generosity, balance

Friday: pink / blue /Aqua blue , I , let’s look at blue meaning : healing, business, change, home, friendship, knowledge, forgiveness, wisdom, hope, sleep, spiritual, transformation,

Saturday; black/ grey/ Indigo
Let’s look to black: acceptance, dignity, ending, protection, transformation, power, grounding, control, grief, authority.

Look to pinterest for color ideas to combine.Now know these are only a small portion of colors.

I can refer a book or two to later in this article , about power of color magick.
There is my favorite witchy calendar by Llewellyn worldwide publishing they carry 1 calendar and day book that shows color of the day. .
Llewellyn Witches calendar or date book they make each year I’ve try to buy my every year. But know they sell out quick.
I love the Information it give plus gives lunar cycle, astrology, solar eclipse s and more .

I will present more info on trendy Tuesday,next week we’ll talk about healing and empowering gemstones , how they can empower your day or week .
Got a question, I’m here to help
Be love be light-n

Books : color magick for beginners by Richard Webster.
Practical color magick by Raymond Buckland

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