Breathe love into the world…

Hello sometime we need to remind ourselves to share love with others, world hopefully will be different this year ,

I know were only 2 months in, I pray we can make a difference in world even if just first with family, or close friends.

BringĀ  joy and happiness back in if there is strife with family, friends try to change it for positive enegry to manifest for others.

Give hugs often tell them you love them and why you appreciate them in your life. Surpise with candy bar to tell them your thinking of them..

even if you have family that struggle find a way to help even if you dont like them.or dont get along.bring light into their life .

Bring someone peace and comfort if needed. Feel with your heart, share the love. Make amends even if it takes you to start first . Be the better person and give love a chance.

May it will fill your day with love and kindness. Be love Be light-n

Smile your loved

Hello i hope your having a good day?
I wanted to tell you .” Smile your loved”
In the world lately, i see little of bit of love. When i worked as waitress ,when i was younger .our little cafe in soda springs. Idaho. I had alot of different people .some older coffee drinkers, others grabbing a bite before going back to work etc. I thought to myself why not give each person a little pick me up notes. Both men and women , would receive little notes of inspiration. Even my favorite” Hi beautiful.” That Would always win hearts of women ,esp when they said they had a bad day.or felt ugly, And felt better by our chats as i got their order out. I feel we can uplift others in world. Just with a simple comment. Some old men would chuckle, and said when i would put this phrase on their ticket. Their wife will get jealous. Id laugh and tell them” then you tell her what i said to her from you”. So hopefully that fix the problem, but no woman ever came down to fight me . So i think im everyone deserves to be loved, from baby to grandmother to even the bum on streets. I know i cant save the world, or change what going across our country. But for one moment if we can make someone forget their troubles and bring a smile to their face. Then i feel mission accomplished. Try to be the change in world , just one baby step at a time. Hugs -n
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