Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess

find the inspiration to give kindness to everyone. Try to remember kindness is apart of us all. Gift of love and light can be hard to find within world esp these days

Try to be a change, think for greater good, be kind to others , be kind to yourself . We can sometimes forget that .

Be love be light-n



How do you start the week and invite positive enegry?
Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
” how do you start the week and invite  positive enegry? How do you bring abunadance in your life? “

Each of us are lucky we can change our plan at will, yes some have to work 9-5 job, get up with kids, even do online school or work from.home. in this day and age. We can accomplish so much in short time.

With me I know to start the day I get kids up , I heat up a cup tea in kettle.  I love earl grey tea or paris tea. And munch on piece of toasts, I sit in my office which faces east .enjoy morning  sunshine spill thru. The room .Listen to birds, day time noises

I can see the far mountain of Wyoming.  And in pasture behind my home I see cows and horses.  Serene view .

I like to set intention for the day with light heart prayer to those I worship

Asking for agood day ,ask for guidinace with what ever I may do. From working  reading for clients,  inspiration for my daily blog post ideas, jewelry order inspiration , I ask to keep my emotions in check esp. With mischievous children and pets . 

I will 5 -10 mins  meditate with crystal quartz for mental clarity and inspiration , I dont meditate  for long trinity and gabe always need something.  when done give thanks.

I will as go thru my morning to check my aura and chakras see if they need to he cleanse and realign. I notice when I’m having a moody day , I likely chakra need cleanse  and aura field effected.  I use my pendulum to dect where I need a cleanse.

As I look at a list of things I must do I take one step at a time.

To invite positive area in home during week. Here a few ideas

*Sage or palo santo smudging helps. If you have kids at home have ring hand bells throught out the house. To cleanse of negative enegry. If you cant do smoke use white sage spray with essential oil

  • crystal a small crystal grid in main living g room to help bring positive enegry  use aventurine,  tiger eye,  amethyst, and rose quartz  to bring abundance, good luck, inner peace and love.

*do a small tarot or oracle reading(1-2cards will do) to gain insight for the day. Write down insight gain in journal that night evening for reflection

*light a candle that has pleasant fragrance.  If you cant use a candle battery one works well.
Meditate with candle for a 10 minutes.

*charge  water with positive enegry adding  a small crystal point in bottle of water (just becareful not to drink crystal point in bottle ) charge in moonlight or cool morning sun.

*Wear jewelry with citrine, amethyst and rose quartz.  To bring happiness “cheerfulness,  inner peace and self love

  • Wear color of green for abundance and spiritual growth, yellow for happiness,  pink for self love and warmth.

*remember to do mirror affirmations
Doing it for even 10 minutes will do even as you put on your makeup
Repeat anybody theses
“I am loved.” “I am bless with abundance ” “I can manifest good thing in my life” “I am beautiful ” ” I am empowered woman ” “I am handsome man” “,I am nurturing and loving” as my friend marlene quoted to me “k.i.s.s. keep it simple silly” you cant beat that ..lol

These are just simple ideas to inspire you
If you have any question or want to offer yoyr insight please do. Thank you for Sharing your knowledge too.

Be love be light-n.



What part of the Witchy path do you love?
Hello its Norma You know Forevrgoddess
Today for Monday,  let’s see if I can get you share your experiences on Crafty path

Many us called ourselves ” witch, wiccan ,pagan, druid,follower of old Gods,  bruja” ,  etc. The names could be endless, I feel. When we walk the path yes I mean witchcraft or as I call it “craft” . We each have unique experiences to teach us the magick of old, old world knowledge, and more.  We each learn our basics: harm none, law of 3, be good to world, learn how to understand signs our Goddess, Gods and beyond offer us knowledge,  cast magick wisely, develop our spiritual gifts, have experiences with divine. 

To each is own path,some mayfollow a group or coven ,which beautiful in it’s own way and to those work alone. And gather only special occasions.

I’ve been on witchy path since 15yrs, I felt there was change for beyond the catholic church grew up in, I dont offend or say things bad about church. They can help many people,  that what counts.   For me i saw beyond my own personal connection with divine ws sacred to me. The  part that still draws to being part of this path is a few things.

I work with 4 elements: earth, air , fire and water”, I work with elementals that dwells there. We live in country in paris, were surrounded by nature’s. We even have a small creek next to my home, where I talk to water sprites. We create a loving home for many elementals to share our lives. . I’m close to faery and dragons.  So is my husband and family .Never dull moment I tell you. Lol.  Dj conway celtic magick taught me alot of fae. Even brian Froud  books has much to share.

Divination: yes of course being intuitive or psychic  reader. I love using all.various tools
From working with tarot cards, oracle decks, pendulums, palm reading tea leaf reading ,learn to develop my psychic abilities. And more. Each new divination I learn , I want to learn more. I started with buckland gypsy fortune teller books, and scott Cunningham earth air fire water has various divination magick to learn .

Crystals and gemstones healing and the use of Crystal in magick.  is another part I love started with Scott Cunningham books. Trust  me each of his books have alot of Info gemstones, then close friend of mine introduce me to judy hall and her wonderful crystal bible. Trust me she has more more. Even crystal prescription for even health or spiritual health issue.

There are parts I enjoy, but we can talk about that another day

What part of craft do you love the most?
What inspire your inner witchy goddess to soar?  What would like to learn more about?

I have various books within my home I’ll be happy to share  with you.

Want to learn faery magick?  Want learn what to cook for witchy sabbats? Arts and crafts?

create your own rituals? Astrology?moon magick Esbats?
Want do you to learn more about …….?

I would love to learn something even from.you.. so please share. Blessings of love and light-n



Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Today let’s talk about mindfulness.  And how to connect mind, body , and soul.

I know many of us have busy days :going to 8 ton5 pm jobs, studying school online, busy with summer family visiting , or staying home with kids. It’s kinda crazy

. I usually busy during the day too.  Start waking up having quick cup coffee , feed kids breakfast, maybe light workout, prepare my husband lunch,  call my husband to see where he will in paris to drop off his lunch, get kids ready for special needs  therapy appointments.  Then get after wards help kids do their chores, prepare dinner, sit down with kids and husband for dinner, some days  i go help my husband water the cemetery  with kids . while he .mosquito sprays our town.  then once home go water garden in back and then  relax after hubby gets home.  Yes this how busy I am with my family. Whew I’m tired..lol

I havent even add time I share with my clients in reading I perform online or over phone, create and make more jewelry for my boutique, finish any orders I have received for my psychic reading or items from my wiccan boutique

So I know many can be hectic
Here are simple ways I connect mind, body and soul.  Maybe it will inspire you?

For the mind: I like to snuggle up with book, depends what read: book on paranormal experiences people have or article I find on pinterest . Reread one of my favorite wiccan books

Turn on tv get on netflix and watch “NAILED IT” Bad baking show. But funny
Trinty favorite “Floor is Lava” game show
Gabe favorite “Pokemon sun and moon”
My husband rob prefer horror movies and so do the restof us.
We enjoy watching the show with dinner to relax.
For the Body: it’s been so hot here lately ,unfortunately were havi g a bad drought this year , it’s very dry here.
Make sure everyone has cool drink to drink
Ice tea, gatorade, water, apple juice.

Plus with heat I dont want to do alot oven cooking . So I make quick taco meat steak, pork or chicken.  Then make some rice and beans, and small fresh salad . I put meat in one spot, rice and beans in another spot and fill small garden salad.  All this in one bowl they call this burrito bowl. You can find the recipe on pinterest  it’s simple quick to make and yummy in 20 mins. I make enough meat and rice and beans to last a few days. Reheat in micro wave.

For the Soul: take moment to give thanks for lessons and blessings you had today. Even just saying thank you to universe, Angel’s, Goddess God ,whom ever you worship.even if you dont feel bless, just be grateful your here in this world.

Take a shower meditation at bed time as the water washes away any toxic, negative enegry from or stress from the day. Use sweet smelling body wash to uplift you with citrus  or help soothe you to sleep with lavender .

Remember to connect with Angel’s,  universe, high power, God, Goddess  to get sign or guidiance I’d you need help in life thru your dreams. Dont forget to have paper and pen next to bed to write them down.and interpret what is being said.

I wish you all good day. And if you need me I’m here to help. Blessings of love and light-n



Hello it’s me Norma , you know Forevrgoddess. 
“Laughter is the key … to life”
I wrote this quote a long time ago as waitress. I’d leave the message at bottom of my Bill’s for my tables I waited on. In small restaurant in soda springs. I would write these words to inspire others to find happiness.  I wrote a several pages of various stuff. 

We have many forms of stress in life to work ,school, family, children , friends,etc
My husband rob works for local city in paris he does work hard .he comes home tired alot. So to unwind from the day .

he will you tube video his new kick is little johnny jokes by little boy and his dad tell the jokes. Rob will watch dumb thing pepe do thru life from bicycling into cars   to  people at work. I will look up nailed  it or fail baking or bad  makup jobs
We laugh and joke even watching g the kids movie we talk some funny stuff.

Laughing  help relieve  stress and release tension.

Gabe will watch funny cat or video games videos or memes and sometime of thomas the train -his fav.  Trinity watches some funny kids cartoons on netflixs. Her shark,weasel, and mermaid. I can’t remember the name of show .

Remember dont take life so serious find a away to unwind from world. Laughter lightens the soul and brings new perspective  in life.

So what makes you laugh? please share  your funny things you enjoy to unwind.
Be love be light-n



Hello it’s me Norma, you know Forevrgoddess, today let’s talk about,
What has inspired you on your spiritual journey? What started it all? What do you feel you’ve learned?

Heres alittle about me I be been practicing the magickal path and wiccan, since a teenage, im will be 47 yrs this December. I grew of up spainsh catholic , a little stricter than most. I always loved the saints and virgin mary .I learn earlier that my path with church wasnt for me. BUt I dont bash the church I believe for many it can help them find peace with God.

Over the years I learned what it meant to be wiccan .

I consider my self eclectic wiccan I gather much knowledge and experience working with many Goddess and Gods. My altar is mixed of greek, hindu, celtic, Buddhist , santeria and now Norse. I dont claim to know it all or think I’m above others. I’m willing to share with other my knowledge and offer insight for them to look for within themselves.

In the recent years I’ve accepted on being a light worker, to help other find inspiration to their magickal path with in the craft. I try to find inspiring words of wisdom or share positive thoughts and enegries with others.

We can each learn from each other, learn and observe other experiences. Even if come off different or unusual. Each of us have a divine purpose in life .
Remember never stop learning , be humble in your path, be appreciated of others and Goddess who bless your life, know you are loved by me and Goddess

Share with me your journey? What inspires you go beyond? Where do you want to be in year? Or even a few months?
. If ever you need help or insight my door always open. Be love be light-n



Who is your favorite Goddess you worship?

  We are each Bless by Goddess. Us women are bless with her loving shape. It doesnt matter of color skin, or how big our hips , doesnt matter what spiritual path we follow be it wiccan ,christian, hindu, Buddhist,  santeria, Norse, etc. Were each unique, and even some of us . who are not woman at all ,can be in touch with their feminine side no matter the gender preference. 

We can look to heaven for our Goddess, our mother, who in spirit helps us, guides to find our true purpose. Or give the keys to inspire us to find our true happiness. She share our moments of sadness, and give us comfort when we grieve, she shed tears of happiness when we find love, and joy in our lives esp when we work to so hard to accomplish the hard trials in our lives. .

I have a rather large pantheon  of Goddesses and Gods, That I worship. For this I   will select only 2  Goddess Aphrodite  and Goddess Hekate. 

Greek Goddess Aphrodite ,Goddess of Love and War, Goddess of beauty, pleasure. She rules marriages and the love within them.  She Teaches to love one’s self. Such beautiful Goddess, she prefect if you need spice up your love life with your lover or partner . She comfort those who suffer broken heart, and she  give us  inspiration  to find true  love and give ourselves self love.

Greek Goddess Hekate , Goddess of fertility, moon magick, Queen of the underworld, protectess of witches, she’s known as Goddess of Death and Crossroads. She guides those who have departed from the land of the living to spirit world and beyond.  She teach the knowledge of moon cycles, help us understand our darker sides,  understand death,  guides us  to true potential  we each possess,  be at one with our self to understand ,what balance of darkness and light is.

  I have many more Goddess to look for Gudiance , I refer many of my Goddess to my clients, friends,and many to find their Own special Goddess. .

Goddess Aphrodite: I  grew up not understanding my sensual side , and not  giving myself any love.  She gave me the confidence  to learn to love again, she helped  understand  that what a woman was in every day.  I felt her strength, give me inner strength  so I can inspire to find better relationship with my self and now husband.  She inspires my love life to new heights and playful side too.

With Goddess Hekate I had some spiritual experiences  with spirit that pretended to be my mother spirit , which turned out to be something darker. It was trying to form an attachment  to me.  Goddess Hekate  would show me the true foace of creature the pretended to be my mom . Who sadly past years ago.  She gave me the strength see thru the lies and face  this spirit and give me the knowledge to banish it  and remove its influences  over me.

So may I ask , which Goddess  do you worship ? There never is wrong or right answer. We each experience our Goddess guidiance  in different ways . Some can be simliar, others  not so much.  

Tell me about her ,what experiences have you had with her?



Hello I hope your having agood day?
I wanted to see if I can get some of you to soulconnect with me. Let talk about Gemstones. If you have 2 gemstones that’s your favorite which ones is it? Why? I’d love to hear a out it.
Do you know their meaning? I provided some info in the photos. But I know alot about them too.

Let’s start my favorite gemstone is
Amethyst and labradorite

Amethyst -my favorite purple gemstone
Means inner peace, serenity, help with psychic protection, help increase psychic awareness ,connect mind and body and soul, all healing. Know for chakras
3rd eye, crown. I have many jewelry pieces with it.

Labradorite:- is my favorite greenish blue stone. I’ve always love its color of blue or gold sheen caught inside this stone. Meaning connects with spirit world, increase psychic awareness, help connect and purifies with enegry of light, opens all chakras.

So what yours favorites? If you know meaning no worries i can help. I’m excited to learn your 2 favorite gemstones .

Blessings of love and light-norma

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