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Hello , its norma you Forevrgoddess
Let’s talk about 5 ways to raise your vibration in your home. I’m excited this month of August. Were slowly getting closer to my favorite month September. It’s been crazy this summer here in Paris, Idaho . With many tourists passing thru, our town was non stop busy. We have a few tourist places for people to explore and museum to look at our history of our town.

With town winding down from summer rush. Its beautiful to feel calming end of summer. Many of us have busy world with family, work, online school or summer college , spending with children , partner, even loves ones. Busy with summer activities to choose from.
But as this month, days slowly moves to September. Now Time to cleanse the home of stagnant energy and invite peace and harmony. For coming season of Autumn.

  • smudge and cleanse the the home. Set the intention as you cleanse the home. I like to use Palo Santo I love the smell of woodsy burning
    I do “peace and calm” to help soothe and calmly 2 hyper children. I use power symbol or sigil to protect the room from negative energy
  • Create a crystal grids in your home , I love to use : crystal quartz, citrine, rose quartz, black tourmaline, selenite, amethyst, celestite or Angelite.
  • using Tibetan singing bowls or ring hand altar bells through out the house. I have the kids help me cleanse the home by ringing my hand altar bells
  • I have in past I used clean home professional and as I cleaned the older homes for my bosses I would clear the negative energy and even some yucky things that would stay after tenants left the rental property. It was beautiful cd with Tibetan Buddhist monks reciting prayers . It was beautiful to hear the prayers echo thru whole house. I feel leaving the home better than it was before.
  • essential oil diffuser humidifier I love to create some beautiful blends. I love to use lotus and lavender, or Palo Santo and lavender. Just to bring a beautiful fragrance in the home.
  • 1 more idea . I love to bake fresh chocolate chips cookies in home when I need to change energy. Smells heavenly, and who does smile when smell fresh cookies in their home it bring the home a warm fuzzy feeling. I like to do this for family. I’ll share recipe for cookies soon hugs

These are just some simple ideas to share with you how to invite positive energy and raise the vibration in the home.

If you need anything from my boutique for home PM ,I’ll be glad to show you some of my items. Blessings of love and light-n

Inner witchy goddess series

Innerwitchy goddess series

Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess

We are each divine, we can connect with our goddess within. In some of us she hiding, since we dont accept her or dont honor ourselves.

Even in this fast paced world. We need to step back and reflect within to learn about inner rich world.

We are each loving, nurturing , smart, talented, sensual ,intuitive Goddesses.

We are strong within, we are beautiful in goddess loving shape, no matter size we come every color.

Remember we are most perfect women in this world. No body can change that. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

You are smart, beautiful, funny , romantic, brave within this world.

Be the beautiful Goddess you born to be.

Blessings of love and light-n

#tuesdaytransformation #trendytuesday

#tuesday transformation #trendytuesday

Hello I hope your having a good ? For today topic;color magick ,empowering your day with color

Many of dont realize how important it can be to empower your day with colors and gemstones. You may have heard some people saying my favorite is yellow. It’s so bright cheerful like the sun. And yes it’s True, this color is known for cheerfulness, happiness, and clarity. Maybe another time you may hear of baby nursery /bedroom to use soft or muted colors. Even blue to calm and soothe a baby to rest., instead of vibrant colors .

You got job interviews and want to work at a bank you want to wear orange for attracting the job opportunity you want.
Or Green for money.

We have certain colors of week you can use for work, self healing, love, inspiration, calming mood swings. Nothing is ever set in stone.

Let’s start with sunday: yellow/ Gold just for gold means attraction, beauty, confidence, divine connection, consciousness, money, happiness, healing and more .

Monday: white or silver let’s look at white meaning: change, calming, clarity, awaken, creativity, love, light, peace, harmony , healing and more.

Tuesday:red / scarlet / orange : orange means: attracting,transforming, freedom, justice, intelligence, money, balance,business, success.

Wednesday: violet / purple : meaning for purple : blessings, power, passion,calming manifesting, healing, self work, spiritual, transformation, wisdom.

Thursday: green : abundance, healing, independence, well being, sleep, optimism, fertility, generosity, balance

Friday: pink / blue /Aqua blue , I , let’s look at blue meaning : healing, business, change, home, friendship, knowledge, forgiveness, wisdom, hope, sleep, spiritual, transformation,

Saturday; black/ grey/ Indigo
Let’s look to black: acceptance, dignity, ending, protection, transformation, power, grounding, control, grief, authority.

Look to pinterest for color ideas to combine.Now know these are only a small portion of colors.

I can refer a book or two to later in this article , about power of color magick.
There is my favorite witchy calendar by Llewellyn worldwide publishing they carry 1 calendar and day book that shows color of the day. .
Llewellyn Witches calendar or date book they make each year I’ve try to buy my every year. But know they sell out quick.
I love the Information it give plus gives lunar cycle, astrology, solar eclipse s and more .

I will present more info on trendy Tuesday,next week we’ll talk about healing and empowering gemstones , how they can empower your day or week .
Got a question, I’m here to help
Be love be light-n

Books : color magick for beginners by Richard Webster.
Practical color magick by Raymond Buckland

Halloween charm

Hello I wanted to share this beautiful Halloween charm i discovered years from one of my favorite Authors Gerina Dunwich.

Her book, “The Pagan book of Halloween “

It’s simple Halloween charm to recite before doing any divination or scrying this Halloween or Samhain. this from her book

May the Answers that you seek , with this charm be fruitful. Be love Be light-N

Forevrgoddess boutique metaphysical and jewelry items

Hello here some our unique hand made items for spiritual path

We celebrate the wiccan , pagan holidays and are open to all beliefs

We carry various items , incense smudgesticks, custom smudge blends, candles,crystals,gemstones.

We carry various divination, jewelry .moon /eclipse boxes, chakra sets, goddess sets. Mind body and soul sets and so much more. Come explore Forevrgoddess boutique


Raise your Vibration

Raising your Vibrational enegry
Hello sometimes in life you get into a flunk and need a new breath of air or enegry to raise your personal enegry. Also called raising your vibration.

With that in mind bringing in more positive enegry and vibration in life help create blessings enegry change your eviroment enegry. there are things that can drain you sometimes being online seeing alot of negative media , negative social media, home filled with tension or stress, being around toxic people. Or worse psyhic vampire whom can drain you enegry making you feel flat and drained.

We each need to make effort to cleanse your auras to help raise vibrations . Cleanse yourself with healing crystal and gemstones. Even if you meditate for 10-15 mins , you can have your headphone and listen to pandora for at 4 song the make you feel good feel white light surrounding you and thru you .

Smudge yourself with Palo Santo ,White sage, lavendar, create essential oil blend and use it throughtout the day.
Go sit outside if weather permits, sit morning sun see the sounds of morning around you or evening rising moon. And gaze at the stars.if you take time to notice all the life around feel the positive enegry within.

Find meaningful positive affirmations “This morning im Blessed by (Goddess, God,Universe, etc) all is well” ” I am one with universe, and universe talks to me” “Smile I am Loved”

Say prayer or Blessings for your day ,ask that and guidance, inspiration and maybe a lil wealth be sprinkle throughout your day. Dont forget to give thanks when divine blessings happen. Look books to help inspire your spirituality .

Here some ideas to enjoy . Ask questions I’m here to help
Goddess bless-n

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