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Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Today let’s talk about , affirmations.

We each can benefit from saying little  affirmations to our selves , throughout our day and life.

when we get up in the morning to start our day. as we get ready in front of mirror to get our makeup or brushing  our teeth.

You can affirmation as your drive to work go for a walk do errands  around  town.

Make it as easy as you need. The affirmations, does not need to be long sentences. So quick to remember are easy.

The ones you like take sticky note tape to your mirror in you bathroom or bedroom.

Put it in you car or day planner to remind  you.

You could even  make calendar  post on phone for it to pop each day for certain time period or just certain  days.

Here some affirmations you may like.
I manifest abundance inmy life.
I am grateful for…(fill in blank)
Work, food, roof over head, Bill’s  paid
I am grateful for love of family.
.i am grateful to have positive and uplifting friends
I am.grateful for lessons I learn this day
I am beautiful woman
I am handsome man
I am full positive enegry
I am grateful for food on my  table
I am.grateful for my home I live with my family.

These aRe just few to use
Feel free to look online or pinterest to find more that resonate with you and your life purpose. anyone can do it.

We are each divine beings, we can communicate with higher realms.  We are connected to universe And all who live there . 

May you find light within,  to maybe share with others , to inspire others to soar as far  you go or beyond

Be love be light-n



Hello it’s norma you know Forevrgoddess
Its Thursday  and we always talk gratitude.  I know for a while you’ve heard what I’ve been grateful for in my life. Which give you a perspective to my life.

Today I’m curious to know what your grateful for?  If you list 3 things what would they be?
It can be anything, that makes you happy .
Or if you feel silly and not sure what to say .here  short list  grateful for job to pay Bills , food on table and roof over my head.

When I was going thru a rough time I was told to write gratitude journal.
Each day write 3 things your grateful for.

Consider buya pretty journal and creating a gratitude journal . Write 3 things a day for week.

Those who make you smile? book you love to read?, favorite dish? what’s season of the year your love? What inspiration are you grateful for?
whats gives you comfort? favorite people?, who gives the best hugs? , who’s support your grateful for?.  Who  or what makes you smile or laugh? What’s best part of the day ? 

Dont be surpise within a week,  how long of list you have.   Dont forget to tell those in your life how appreciate them.  Find ways of showing them , maybe do dinner party. Summer perfect for outdoor gathering. Or just take a few friends out for coffee.

Spend time with those who support you
There are many things to grateful for..
So share with me. Let’s soul connect what are you grateful for?  Be love be light-n



Being thankful for little moments in life.
For many of us we get and go to work , go shopping for morning,  gardening. Or what your summer routine is . Being mom 2 special needs kids, can be tricky .esp if didnt get good night sleep.  Trinityvmy little one I worry the most , she only 5 yrs but she been known to open front door and chase after dogs, when she wanted to take them out to pee. While i was asleep, she wasnt talk ing then  it was when she was 3 yrs . She still been growing with speech each day. And such smart little girl. Very independent. 

Gabe is 10yrs  next month  he late sleeper, snuggle bunny so I’m waking the dead when he needs to get up. Lol

most morning I’m tryi g to get going check on few things for aura reading volunteers that I asked to help , so I can fine tune my process before I open for appointments.  Plus trying  to do 30  min workouts. Get everyone fed ,Then off to pack  rob my husband lunch to drop off before 11:30am

It’s been crazy esp with Tues morning speech therapy for trinity. Then back home to pack rob his lunch.
The weather been very bright and warm these last few days.  So we have stayed in Rob told me yesterday he was going to up on his dad property  to move the tractor around with gravel.  Asked if we all wanted to go.i said sure . Beautiful drive up the the property  it about 15-18 min drive up the mountain dirt roads. To his 40 acre property.  Beautiful view you will see in photos. It was just 5 of us grandpa, rob, me, gave and trinity and dont forget, snoop grandpa dog.  Me and kids roamed around the property.  We collected wildflowers. I use them with  blessings bottles and custom smudges. We saw lots of bugs and enjoyed the view.

As walked with kids , it was beautiful time to spend enjoy the land, getting out of the house, clear the mind from all work or house chores, etc. It felt good to get out.

Rob says some time I get so deep with my work I forget to do the simple things. We do from time to time go for drives up I to the mountain s to collect smudging herbs and wildflowers that I dry, and   use for my boutique year around.

Or just drives to go for short walks around in hills with corgies and family.

Remember to enjoy the little things, I’ve been thinking and thinking about work , I know rob felt I need to break from normal routine.

I’m grateful share these little moment with my kids.gabe said as we walked were going on adventure . We took different path around the property.   Rob had good break from asphalt working for city. 

The point here is to take a break, from your normal routine.esp if you family, friends,  or love ones you share life with.
Its summer time. Go out get some ice cream cones, go for dip in lake or pool, go short hike up in hills or walk in park. Take moment enjoy your life dont get busy. Take break. You may enjoy.it



I’m am thankful fo my friends, clients and followers.
Hello it’s norma,  you know Forevrgoddess.
Its thankful Thursday,  I’m always grateful of my family, friends, alot are women who are spiritual open , generous hearts , funny,  uplifting  and  loving.  I consider them as close family and feel so connected to them.  They are supportive when I have moment of self doubt or frustration with thing I need a different  point of view., and have taught me things ,I’m grateful for. Many I met thru pagan space years thru a few groups, connected thru facebook,  met as friends within areas I lived and have bond to be alot into my soul tribe, as I continue with this path of becoming and accepting my role light worker.

Many were excited  to see where my spiritual journey will lead me.  Many have come for spiritual guidiance  to help them move forward with their life. I’m grateful for them , and I am here for them when they need me, as sister and friend.

To my clients I’m grateful those who have been with me with Forevrgoddess boutique  and it has grow 7 years now,  and some of my clients have become good friendships and family to me . 

This  next phase of life with my Forevrgoddess intuitve reading services .
I’m grateful for new clients and follower s I have inspired many to seek the light within and give thoughts to those need support and spiritual guidinace on their healing journey to find purpose in their  life. And are happy to share my knowledge with others.

I’m always grateful so much each day?im amazed how many people lives I have touch and how I helped them even if only for just advice. I’m excited to see how things change as time goes by. I wonder where I’ll go next in this journey of light worker.
Thank you everyone , smile your loved.
Be Love Be Light-n


Hello it’s me norma, you Forevrgoddess.
How do you show Appreciation to your soulmate or love ones?
Thankfulthursday,whew what week I ve had so far, trinity my daughter is done with preschool today. She’ll go back next year and son gabe gets out of school next Thursday.  This been a blur.

I’m grateful of my husband Robert, who helps me every morning Robert gets  gabe ready for school for me , as I take care of little trinity . Rob has been uplifting me such inspiration to find my dreams in life. I’ve gone thru many struggles in life. I’ve gone thru few unhappy marriages, to finally find my Rob.  Rob and me , met at a little cafe in paris, idaho.i came in with ex of mine my ex talked to owner about me getting a job there to help keep me busy when he was going working out of of state.
Owner agreed, Rob was the cook and I was waitress.  I work there and became good friends with rob we had a connection. We parted ways, after while but we had friend ship.we’d see each other, but we had others in our lives .we still had a connection, I have done reading for him, it was funny when he asked for job reading ,the cards would talk about love with us.  8 years later we met up again at a store in town he was ready go divorce his wife he wasnt happy . A d was ready to move on with my life with my divorce. As we talked again an d spent  time together we spoke up our interest.

We both divorce in 2010. And dated for a while then after rob asking me to marry him, we were married on around time  of autumn equinox[ Sept 23 ) in  2010. This year we’ll be 11 years. I adore him, he sweet,  handsome, loving, passionate a d loving father to his children. I appreciate what he does to help me , in the our life.

Yes were different in age I’m 47 yrs this year and rob turned 37 yrs this past april . I realized as I did my past life  reading, found out  we had many past lives together which was beautiful .

Today point for thankful thursday ,being grateful to those in your life. Have you told your partner,  husband, wife,soulmate  etc how much you appreciate them? Do you find ways to show them you care? Do you try to romance your soulmate? Surpise your soulmate with coffee or tea and sweet treat? Or make them their favorite foods? Sprinkle love notes around the house. Buy little surpise gifts.   I like to  buy 1 red rose to show my love to Rob . Don’ t wait for holidays to show love. Do it today , find a way to show your love and appreciation to your soulmate.

If your single, share love with family or friends .
Or even better share self love. Spoil your self or others to make feel good. Take your life to next stage in life. By sharing your emotions and communicating your appreciation to others others how make you feel ,raises your vibration. Make you feel complete. 

Every day some every moment I spend with rob we tell each other ” I love you” , we kiss ,we hug, we snuggle if we dont pile on by the kids.lol

Take a moment consider writing a love letter to your soulmate. Why you love and appreciate them. I hope some of these ideas inspire you.

So tell who do you appreciated in your life? I’d it your soulmate, family, friend. Share your reasons why .I would love to hear about it. Be love Be light-n



Hello I’m late posting to day sorry.
Yesterday on wednesday our family experience a low moment and heartbreaking. One of Cats we own El short for eleanor. Be fore we found he was he..lol I took my poorlittle guy in to dr., he one of my 5 outdoor cats. Who roam in my trailer I live in. He he owns the trailer keep strays out of our area esp bigger animal skunks or raccoons.

El unfortunately had developed since last vet visit more health issues, it better to let him go than suffer. Our family will miss him. I know he up with heaven with our other furbabies. That passed away. My point here is , were lucky to have furbaby in our lives is life changing . We tend them feed them , clean her box, play with them, snuggle them, to play in the yard, bathe them etc. They are our emotional support animal. I love my pets I’m a sucker for furry face. Even if a new stray comes I alway offer food. I share with them . Trust me the magpie know where cats food outside is and they come grab a bite. I felt connect to animal all my life. Feeling love from pet is different from person. They dont judge you, they listen you even when ugly cry.( my cat judges me , lol I snuggle him) Unconditional love is so beautiful.

I’ve rescued many pets from the streets. Heck robert my husband rescued a salamander from freezing sewer water from pipe explosion.this winter

Today I’m thankful for all the love I feel and share with family with our pets. I’m so appreciated of their love they shared. Every wag of tails, head bump rubs, woof or meow . Every moment I cherish yes even when got poop inhouse or pee .I still love them.

I had 1 pup named little boy, I brought him home after finding him little under a car smiling. It was hot day . So vet next door I took him got him check out, found he was abandoned from shepard bring sheep down from weight station. He came home with my 2 girl dogs. They were fixed so they cant get pregnant. First I cooked my self steak and made nice salad. . I sat down to eat dinner alone , I forgot drink in kitchen . Cholee and maggie were good girl laying on their pillows. By the couch. I left my steak and salad on couch when to fetch my drink came back and little boy was licking his lips. I thought”wow your happy” then I turn to my plate to eat dinner my steak was gone..lol little boy ate my steak and left the salad. Lol well I learned to watch my food after that. Too funny he was good boy he lived long life.

I’m thankful everymorning I see wagging tail or purr from animals saying” hi mom feed me ” I love my all furbabies . And I’m thankful for unconditional love they give what they with our family.

One thing I do is for our local animal shelter. I make jewelry , pet pendants and gifts to donate animal shelter. They sell them.on facebook to raise some money for shelter and my Hope’s maybe someone will adopt a pet from them. I love doing it,and sharing some back for petsand animal of our valley. Maybe consider donating to your local animal shelter. Even if just food and litter. Even a little bit helps .

Show me a photo of your furbaby or furbabies?
Beloved be light hugs-n

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