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Hello beautiful spirit, its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Heres something to think about.
Heres a affirmations I created says
“I am worthy of so much in the world”

I know some of us experience life even days ,not so great. We feel beat up by the world or we do it to ourselves

Heres kind reminder, our life cant always be perfect. We must choose to uplift ourselves, shake off the toxic words in our minds.

Remeber you are unique and special dont let the words of negativity ,tell you any different, you matter in the world.

Please Dont negativity creep, into your soul. Esp on bad days or if you in drama. Make a point to move forward from this commit to do something positive for your self.

Each of us are worthy in world, we must love ourselves first, take of yourself, nourish your mind, body , spirit. Take it easy for today cuddle up with someone special partner, furbaby, your children even grandchildren. These idea make me feel good on off day.

I believe you can do it. Blessings of love and light-n

#trasformational quote



Hello its Norma you know Forevrgoddess
Today Transformational quote is “Remember to be Courageous ”  this came from my Brigid heart pocket tokens.
This quote inspires me to write  this small post.  Each of us have set or have challenges in life. That we need to overcome or a challenge we need face that can set us back. I remember going thru a tough time ( who cause alot of problem) with ex finance and his grand ma told me ” God gives you these challenges not because you cant handle them . But you actually can handle and overcome it”. The struggles I had that I felt would defeat me. I took a moment  . Told her” thank you for your knowledge. ” I move forward and left my ex for better life else where.
But I realized let my fear that was holding me back .we need to move forward
We can each allow our own fears and insecurities to set us back when dealing  with challenges in life . But I may have some ideas that help work pass the obstacles in life.  or even see why if happens again and again why it.

• Say prayer for spiritual guidance pray to Angel’s like Raphael , Gabriel or Michael.  God, Goddess, universe.  Ask for signs to be given to help work on solution for your challenges.
• Journal your thoughts ,focus on fears or insecurities what keeps you from facing this challenge. 
• Ask for help from  friend, or some one who offers to support.
• Consider talking to a therapist to help your sort thru thoughts and be they can help you see pattern and how to move past it.
• Do tarot , oracle cards reading
• Use empowering  affirmations to help you focus on positive outcome
• I am worthy of good life
• I deserve the best in life
• I am successful with any challenge
• I release my insecurities. I am strong
• I release my fears that holds me back
• I release my self doubts
• I am confident. I am strong

* I am Courageous
I hope some of this will Inspire  you to overcome any challenges.
I’m here if you need me . Belove be light-n

#tuesday transformation

“Remember to find joy”
Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess
Here another positive transformational quote ”  Remember to find joy” this come from my pocket charm called brigid heart.

Today let’s talk about finding joy in life. We may find joyful moments inlife and not realized it. This quote can be consider being thankful for things in life.

As summer comes to an end next week I thought to be fitting to create a small list to create to start to enjoy the changing season. I love watch our leaves on tree begin to change colors. And with cool temperatures at night I feel the beginning of fall.my favorite time of year.

List of some ideas you find joy or be inspire to think of moment to be joyful for.plus feeling bit witchy is fun
• Find joy enjoying the first sip of coffee in morning while sitting in sunshine on cool day

* using crystal grid to invite positive enegry in for fall
• Enjoy a autumn picnic  with you loves one, talk positively and laugh.
• Going shopping to find some unique items for autumn, witchy  or Halloween decor for your home
• Having a uplifting conversation with friend or love one.
• Go picking for Apples in orchard with loves ones
• Go for walk in nature , in nature park , forest or even country side collect autumn leaves and acorns  .find some autumn crafts ideas
• Take a moment to do self care for autumn season
• Curl up with good book for spiritual enlightenment,  I can refer some just ask
• Sip a cup of  pumpkin spice mocha or hot coco .I love to get my cup at my local coffee shop.

These are small ideas I will present more in our article for enjoying witchy  autumn season. Have any questions im here to help.

We have autumn box sets as well brigid heart gift set within our Forevrgoddess boutique.  PM me with questions

Go to our contact page to find a link to my boutique.

Be love be light-n

Tuesday transformation

Hello , its norma you Forevrgoddess
Let’s talk about 5 ways to raise your vibration in your home. I’m excited this month of August. Were slowly getting closer to my favorite month September. It’s been crazy this summer here in Paris, Idaho . With many tourists passing thru, our town was non stop busy. We have a few tourist places for people to explore and museum to look at our history of our town.

With town winding down from summer rush. Its beautiful to feel calming end of summer. Many of us have busy world with family, work, online school or summer college , spending with children , partner, even loves ones. Busy with summer activities to choose from.
But as this month, days slowly moves to September. Now Time to cleanse the home of stagnant energy and invite peace and harmony. For coming season of Autumn.

  • smudge and cleanse the the home. Set the intention as you cleanse the home. I like to use Palo Santo I love the smell of woodsy burning
    I do “peace and calm” to help soothe and calmly 2 hyper children. I use power symbol or sigil to protect the room from negative energy
  • Create a crystal grids in your home , I love to use : crystal quartz, citrine, rose quartz, black tourmaline, selenite, amethyst, celestite or Angelite.
  • using Tibetan singing bowls or ring hand altar bells through out the house. I have the kids help me cleanse the home by ringing my hand altar bells
  • I have in past I used clean home professional and as I cleaned the older homes for my bosses I would clear the negative energy and even some yucky things that would stay after tenants left the rental property. It was beautiful cd with Tibetan Buddhist monks reciting prayers . It was beautiful to hear the prayers echo thru whole house. I feel leaving the home better than it was before.
  • essential oil diffuser humidifier I love to create some beautiful blends. I love to use lotus and lavender, or Palo Santo and lavender. Just to bring a beautiful fragrance in the home.
  • 1 more idea . I love to bake fresh chocolate chips cookies in home when I need to change energy. Smells heavenly, and who does smile when smell fresh cookies in their home it bring the home a warm fuzzy feeling. I like to do this for family. I’ll share recipe for cookies soon hugs

These are just some simple ideas to share with you how to invite positive energy and raise the vibration in the home.

If you need anything from my boutique for home PM ,I’ll be glad to show you some of my items. Blessings of love and light-n

#tuesday transformation

tuesday transformation

Positive quotes for transformation
Hello its norma you know Forevrgoddess

Today positive quote for transformation for today is
“I love and appreciate myself just as I am”

Today let’s talk about appreciating yourself, many have a hard time loving ourselves.  We forget to love ourselves.  As I always have said were each unique, we  are bless with different qualities. 

Many people have other that uplift them to feel positive and loved. But so.etime we need to first appreciate ourselves. Even when were have our bad days, we feel out of sort. Depressed ,even mad at ourselves .

But remember we each have opportunities to learn a lesson each day.  each day we can be inspire to understand and move forward from the lesson. 

We each possess Free will, we can make our own choice. Some lesson may comeback again if you didnt fully understand or give meaning to lesson answer is. 

But remember universe, God,Goddess, Angels each want to achieve the best possible life. Your never alone when the problem comes, they are always with you. But you must ask them for help, in signs, symbols even with asking in a prayer to help shed light where to be inspired from.

Remember to love and appreciate yourself.
You should be the first to uplift yourself,  give yourself permission to love you.

If you have any questions im here to help.
Be love be light-n

#tuesday transformation



“Listen to your heart,  above all others”
Hello it’s me norma , you know Forevrgoddess.  I hope your having a good day? This week for Tuesday transformation.  

I wanted to share this quote. I attain pewter pocket charm , I have these and other in my box sets for my boutique.  To help Inspire my clients  in their life. We each need to be encourage to live our dreams ,even do something we’ ve always dreamed of.

I know I’m not the only to  have people in our lives, try to control us or tell us our dreams foolish , or even worst give self doubt for bein g dumb to go thru with our vision,  we want to suceed in life. We are each bless , we also blessed with unique dreams to inspire us.  Remember  no one can take that from us.

Maybe you’ve considered any of these: going back to school, change your career, become home based business owner, change to healthier view in life, or even go on spiritual journey. I know there is more dreams out there , the sky is limit.  Here  some ideas to try. Dont limit yourself  just this list . 

1) if someone  try to argue  with you about dream , you could say” I’m sorry you feel this way,  but I’m going to still try to accomplish my dream.”
2) remeber to create your dream into reality  set 3 small goals, then when you accomplish those 3 , set more to reach your goals. 
3) goals ideas can be : research your dream, study, read books and articles, journal your thought and ideas, create dream /vision board, try new things and ideas.
4) look for positive support from family, friends love ones in life.
5 ) consider  to get psychic /intuitive  reading with friend or some one .to help you focus on your goals . I offer readings to help find inspiration to your goal ,if needed.
6) dreams aren’t always so easy, we need to put hard work into it . To bring to life

7) ask for divine inspiration and  blessing to help you find your life purpose and maybe inspire you.
8) use crystal healing to help. Research and create crystal grid crystal kits to help manifest your goals .
9) we crystal and stone to give you protection and attract abundance  to your desired goal
10) take time to meditate , consider learning about the law of attraction to help bring about positive enegry  I to your life and goals.

Hopefully these ideas can help. If you have any questions.  I’m here to help
Be love be light-n

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